Black Ops 4 Glitch Tutorial: 6 Attachments and 6 Perks on 1 class! 16/10 slot used (OVERPOWERED!)

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hey what is up guys this is Dylan or

McLovin bringing you another black ops 4

glitch today we're gonna be looking at

some creative classes that are gonna

have more than 10 slots used right now

we have up to 16 slots available however

you are going to be using 21 items on

this one creative class and this does

work for online multiplayer to do this

glitch you are going to need at least

one friend as well as a weapon that you

have 5 attachments unlocked for you're

going to want to join a friends game so

that they are hosts of the lobby you're

going to create a class with your

desired primary weapon and optic 3

attachments meaning you'll use primary

gunfighter 1 as a wildcard the strife

pistol as your secondary with a red dot

of random gear as well as your desired

perk 1


after you've made your class have them

switch to a custom game

once in this custom game you are then

going to create a custom class on the

same numbered class slot that you

created your main class on for this

class you are going to use the same gun

as your main class the same optic and

the same first two attachments that you

used on the main class after you've set

up your gun you are then going to

activate primary gunfighter one primary

gunfighter two and primary gunfighter

three wild cards but you are not going

to put an attachment on those sections

after that you're gonna go to your

secondary you're gonna add the rk7

garrison with an elo site you're also

gonna add a random gear and your desired

perk one for your main class you're then

gonna want to click on your fourth

attachment slot this is the one on the

bottom middle not the bottom-left

remember you already have an attachment

on the bottom left on your main class

once you've clicked on the bottom middle

you are going to hover over the

attachment that you want to use make

sure it is not an attachment that you've

already added on your main class

while hovering over this selection have

your host back out of the custom game to

a normal Lobby once they have confirmed

that you are in the normal Lobby you

will then select the attachment and it's

gonna ask you to replace something

because you have too many items remove

your gear to make room for your

attachment you should now have four

attachments with only one wildcard

activated and 10 out of 10 slots

utilized right now after that have your

host go back to a custom game lobby go

back into the create a class and click

on your fifth attachment slot this is on

the bottom right hover over your desired

fifth attachment remember do not add any

attachment you have already added

while hovering ask

to back out of the custom game lobby

they should bring you back to a normal


once they've confirmed they're in a

normal Lobby select your attachment and

this time you're gonna remove the rk7

garrison you should now have five

attachments with only one wild card

activated and nine out of ten slots

utilized now you can select your first

perk to please note through this glitch

you are only able to use perks that you

currently have unlocked

next you're gonna have your host switch

back to a custom game lobby

from there you are going to edit your

class and this time you're gonna remove

everything from the class what you're

gonna add on this class is going to be a

new primary weapon that is different

from the glitch gun that we've been

using you're gonna add your perk 1 and

your perk 2 from your main class that

you just set up as well as you're gonna

activate all three perk 1 2 & 3 greed

wild cards next you're gonna click on

the perk 3 slot at the top right once

you're there you are gonna hover over

your desired perk 3 and have your host

back out of the custom game lobby

once they've confirmed that they are in

the normal Lobby you can then select

your perc 3 it's going to ask you to

remove an item this time you were going

to remove the primary weapon that you

have added this should give you enough

room to add the perc as well as you

would no longer have a primary weapon to

fix this simply click on primary weapon

and click on the gun that we have been

glitching the main gun this will bring

back your gun with all your attachments

although they may be invisible to

confirm the glitch is working you should

now see that you have 5 attachments 3

perks as well as 11 out of 10 slots used

at the top right with only one wildcard

being activated next you're gonna have

the host switch back to a custom game

lobby and we're gonna repeat the process

for the next three perks for each of

these perks you are going to want to

select a perk that you've not already

added to your first three perks you're

just going to repeat the process please

follow the text on screen

time you add your new desired perk once

back in the main lobby you are going to

remove the primary weapon you have added

that is not your glitched gun after that

you are always going to add back your

glitch gun to your class this should now

show you each time you've gone up to 12

out of 10 13 out of 10 14 out of 10 that

way you know that you're doing the

glitch correctly


as you can see right now we currently

have 13 out of 10 slots being used now

if you try to add a gear or something

else to the class it is going to show

you that you have to remove something

then you can confirm that you have all

of your attachments even though you only

see four on-screen


once you have repeated the process for

all three

extra perk breeds you should now have

five attachments six perks 14 out of 10

slots users with only one wildcard being

activated next we're gonna move on to

the secondary in gear which is gonna

follow the same process once in the

custom game lobby create your class and

add a secondary to the class instead of

actually selecting it you were gonna

hover over it just like everything else

and then have your host back out to a

normal game lobby

at this point you're gonna click on your

secondary it'll add it to the class

asking you to remove something and again

you're gonna remove your primary weapon

this will now add the secondary to the

class once you add your primary back to

the class you should now be at fifteen

out of ten after having your host switch

back to a custom game lobby you are

going to then go over to your gear

section here you're gonna hover over

your desired gear just like before have

your host back out to a normal game

lobby select your gear once they have

confirmed and then you're going to

remove your primary weapon and then we

add your glitched gun now you should be

at sixteen out of ten you should have a

primary weapon within optic five

attachments six perks as well as only

one wildcard being activated was sixteen

out of ten I know this was sort of a

longer video but I thought it was pretty

cool again this does work online I'm not

sure how long it's gonna be up if it's

gonna be packed soon it is very easy to

help you get your gold camos aside from

that if you guys have any questions post

them down in the comments below if you

enjoyed the video like rating is always

appreciated and I will see you guys on

the next one peace