CS:GO - 64 vs 128 tick, do you know the difference?

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hey guys set irezumi Oak Hollow gibbehh

maxime here kinsey a guy known for his

go for the kill battle royale mode in

csgo and who also helped me with my

website has created a very interesting

experiment and I'm going to talk a bit

about it before I go into this video I

want to quickly remind everybody about

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it out in the link below so back to the

video are you able to see or feel the

difference between 64 or 128 tick your

first initial response to that question

is most likely yes duh if you wanted to

be a hundred percent sure you could just

check your net graph but what if the net

graph is disabled would it still be easy

to know hmm

I've been thinking about it but if I

wanted to answer that question with a

hundred percent certainty I would have

to use a jump throw script as you all

know jump throws behave differently on

64 and 128 tick I even have a video on

it's explaining why I'll post it in the

end of the video if you want to see it

but what if we don't have grenades or

net graph would you still be able to

know the difference

Kinzie has released some servers to test

your skills no not your raw skills as a

player your skills of knowing or

determining if the server is 64 or 128

I'll put the link in the description so

you can try it out I really like this

experiment because it might prove that

many of us don't even know what we're

talking about

especially those moments when we think

that 128 tick is better simply because

we think it's better it might even make

you revalue tick rates anyway I did take

part of the experiments and honestly I

was pretty sure I knew the tick rates

but because I know Kinsey he was able to

provide me with the results that I sent

in and apparently I got three out of

three wrong and he hits me with the

smiley just from those results I can say

how hard it is to tell the difference so

it really shouldn't be the most

important factor for a good experience

on a server I honestly think that the

server's performance should be top

priority not its tick rates and this

might be the main reason why

people complain about 64 tick on

matchmaking servers just think about it

really if you are from Europe I really

think you should participate in this

experiment it proves the good points

plus it's really easy to do

just copy one of the servers paste it

into the console finish the game and

votes simple as that arguably one of the

main reasons why you would want to play

on 128 is for the jump throws if

matchmaking is supposed to be a replica

of the competitive scene that pros are

playing on right now then jump throws

should be exactly the same on 64 but

sadly they aren't but if you want to

play on some hundred 28 take servers

with anti cheats

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