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hey guys oh he said today I'm going to

be sharing my current ab workout routine

that I've been doing for the past month

I've gotten a few questions asking if

I'm still doing the 105 challenge and

the answer is no I was too routine of

exercises that I've personally found

work best for my body and today I'm

gonna show it with you guys so I would

say that my goal was to get the 11 abs

and how I would describe that as is

you're not super ripped off on six-pack

but at the same time you do have define

abs so those two lines that are shaped

like an 11 I believe the term first

became popular in the kpop industry with

FX's crystal I remember I would always

watch their live performances I just

couldn't take my eyes off of her abs

there is something so attractive yet

still feminine about them all so I'm

going to keep the workout portion in

real time in case if any of you guys

want to do the app workouts with me but

let me know what style you preferred you

guys like follow along workouts or would

you prefer just to see a hyperlapse

version of the exercises so let's get















so that was like your and every teen I

hope you guys on this video helpful and

I'll see you on the next one bye