How To Get 100k Organic Followers On Instagram Fast. New 2021 Method

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- Five ways to get your next 100,000

followers on Instagram

using these strategies that's completely free,

that's completely organic and algorithm proof.

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Hey this Peng Joon here today,

and in this video I'm gonna be showing

you how I utilized these different techniques,

over the last year plus,

in order to grow my Instagram account

to a quarter million followers.

And how when I started utilizing these strategies,

how it made all of the difference for me.

And yes it is algorithm proof, so that means

that even if you don't have an account right now,

even if nobody knows who you are,

even if you have like seven followers

in your Instagram account,

even if Instagram changes their algorithm,

you'll be able to utilize these different strategies.

Now one of the things that if you're watching this

you're probably thinking like,

"Why are these strategies super important?"

And I'm gonna be sharing with you today,

five of them in total.

And they are going to be organic, completely free,

perhaps with the exception of number five.

Number five is really a hybrid

of both paid and organic.

But the rest, they are all completely free.

So let's talk about what they are.

Number one, content hacking.

Now content hacking is basically

the understanding of the fact

that whatever market that you're in,

whether it's fitness, or lifestyle,

or fashion, or jewelry,

the first thing to understand

is that there's somebody

out there in your marketplace,

in your niche, in your industry,

that has figured it out.

Always begin with the end in mind.

Take a look at the different things

that is already proven to work

'cause success leaves clues.

And today I'm also gonna be showing you

the different things that's gonna be

technical in nature as well.

Some of the sites, different resources

that you can utilize in order to find out

what's actually proven to work and engage,

that gets the views,

that gets the comments,

so that you can always begin with the end in mind.

Okay so, let's hop over to my desktop

here for a second.

And I'm gonna be showing you a few different sites.

The first one over here is called Social Blade,

which is a great platform to look at content

that is proven to engage.

So I just typed in my buddy Jordan Yeoh,

who is huge in the fitness industry,

totally crushing it.

In fact, he made a huge difference

for me in my fitness journey as well.

And let's just take a look at his content, okay.

He's got about close

to about 700,000 followers now on Instagram.

And on YouTube, he's got like 1.8 million.

And on Facebook, he's got

over four million followers.

Absolutely crushing it on social media.

So what does this mean?

It means that if you are someone

that is in the fitness market, one of the things

that you can do

is to look at people like him.

People that built that following,

whether it's 100,000 followers,

whether it's a million followers,

and see what it is that they're doing.

Look at their captions, their photos,

their call-to-action,

their choice of images, okay.

And you can do this not just by utilizing Social Blade

to look at their numbers, their stats,

and see if these are the people

to give you different ideas,

but another tool that you can use is ViralFindr.

Now ViralFindr is actually a free tool

that you can utilize to find good content

to post on Instagram.

Now this is a great way to look

at different images and videos

posted by people in your market,

so that you can see what is trending,

what is hot, and what is viral right now.

Now there are many different sites

like that to actually give you an idea,

so that you can do your due diligence

and find out what is proven to engage.

Now whenever I say this, content hacking,

people think that, "Oh that's unethical,

"that's copying," that's not what I'm saying.

Copying is unethical, it is illegal.

But what I'm saying is that if you take a look

at what is already proven,

this gives you an idea, a benchmark,

of what needs to be done

so that you can make it better.

So what that means

is if I were to go to my Instagram,

okay so going back to my Instagram right now.

You'll see that these different images,

they are completely original.

In fact, all of these different images

are completely hand drawn, illustrated.

The different choice of words

and the different messaging,

all these different things.

In fact, some of these video compilations, right, they

are modeled

from what is proven to work.

In other words, it is both a mixture of originality

where the drawing is completely original,

but the messaging, the words, the angle,

is modeled from something that is proven to convert.

You're looking at the other celebrities,

influencers, thought leaders.

You're looking at their images,

their captions, their call-to-action

to model what's proven to work,

so that it gives you a benchmark

as your starting point of what's actually working

out there in your niche.

Okay so, that's number one.

Number two is to utilize

and post,

stuff that is viral and engaging, and finally shareable.

And the reason why you wanna do that

is because in order to grow your account organically,

one of the things you wanna do

is is get on their start page.

You want people to be tagging their friends.

So in other words, linking back to number one,

when you have an idea of what's proven to work,

what's proven to engage,

you gotta get these different angles,

these different hooks,

these different messaging methods,

and then you're gonna post it.

But the way you do it is

you wanna make it engaging.

And the way you make it engaging and shareable

is through these few different methods.

You could, number one, ask a question

that's related to your post.

So let's say your post was about

commitment and getting people to take action.

So right at the end of the post

put a sentence that says,

"What is something that you are committed

"to doing today?

"Let me know in the comments below."

You could get them to share

it by tagging their friends, right.

After you have that message, you could say,

"Tag two friends below that you feel

"will benefit from this."

So now you're posting something that's valuable,

but you're also engaging your audience

by asking them a question.

Notice that in every single post

that I put out there, 100%,

I'm giving my audience a reason to comment below.

Either I'm always saying tag a friend,

either I'm saying post X, Y, Z below if you agree,

let me know what your thoughts are,

so now I'm getting people to comment and engage.

And when you do that,

in Instagram's eyes, in the algorithm,

it looks as though you're putting out

good quality content because people are engaging,

therefore giving you more visibility.


Number three is to engage with top pages.

So remember when you were doing your research

by looking at what's proven out there

in your market, your niche?

So what you wanna do next

is go to these different pages and engage with them.

And one of the best ways

to do that is to first

switch on your notifications

when you are following these pages.

So what does that mean?

Whenever I make a post,

and whenever the pages that you follow

on Instagram make a post,

you would the first to be notified.

The reason why you do that is

the next time they post,

instantly what you wanna do is to go

to this fresh new post and make a comment

that either gives value,

that is funny, that's witty, that's engaging,

so that people see it straight away.

And if you can get that initial momentum of likes

in that first 30 seconds,

60 seconds, three minutes,

what's gonna happen is now

it's going to be at the top of the comment.

And guess what?

If this post from this influencer

has visibility, if it goes viral,

your comment will always be number one.

This is how related pages and followers, who are following

a related page in your market, in your niche,

will now be able to find your page

and follow you organically.

So engage with the top pages

in order to get visibility for your own page.

Which brings us then




And number four is consistency.

One of the most common things

people will tell me is, "Well Peng Joon,

"obviously it makes sense for you to be consistent

"and post, you know, two to four times a day,

"because you have the following

"and you have a few 100,000 followers.

"And obviously if I had your following,

"I would do the same thing."

Now this is not a chicken and egg thing.

Most of the time people say,

"Oh when I have the following

"and when it makes sense,

"then I'll start doing it."

But if you think about the logic

and the reasoning behind that,

that makes absolutely no sense.

That's like saying, "I will start

"publishing my music when I have

"that platinum record label with 100 million fans,

"and then I'll start putting out the music."

It doesn't work that way, right?

You put it out there, you put your work out there,

even when nobody knows who you are.

You're being consistent with it.

And I know we're again, this sounds super basic.

But somehow this is not common practice.

If you take a look at my Instagram,

I literally have been posting

consistently every single day,

four times a day for about the last two years.

That's when I started being consistent.

And that's when I kind of really started on Instagram.

Maybe slightly about two years ago.

And you can see from my numbers,

I only started getting results

when I started being consistent.

And what separates legends from the average

is really just consistency.

The one skill set that you have right now,

that you're pretty good at,

just think about that for a second.

Whatever you might be pretty good at in life.

Are you good at that thing

because you did it over a weekend

with total immersion?

Or do you have that result today

because you were consistent with that activity

over a long period of time?

That itself should give you an answer.

Finally is shoutouts! (bomb exploding)

Now there's going to be, of course,

both a mixture of paid and free elements in here.

But I have to mention

this because shoutouts was something

that made a huge difference for me,

and therefore, I needed to mention it here.

So shoutouts, of course,

could be straight up engaging influencers

out there who would do shoutouts for you,

there are many sites out there.

But beware as well.

I don't wanna recommend any because there's a lot

of scams out there where it's just like weird bots.

But shoutouts with legitimate influencers,

and if you watch my other videos,

I always say that there are a lot of broke

influencers out there.

People who have a following,

but they have no idea how to monetize.

And they monetize using shoutouts.

So one way to actually build your following

is to engage these different pages

to do shoutouts for you.

Now that would be a straight up paid method.

But also there is free shoutouts.

And when I say free,

obviously there's some sort of barter involved,

but this method could be you utilizing

perhaps some sort of JV,

where you cross-promote each other.

Now obviously this would require

you to have some sort of visibility,

some sort of following,

so that it also benefits the other party.

But ultimately, this is a hybrid method

that could be free or paid,

but is another great way

to grow your account organically.

The reason why I say organic, here's why.

I believe that, based on the Instagram algorithm,

one of the things they wanna see

how notable your account is.

Is literally how many accounts

out there are linking to your account?

So think of it as like the traditional

search engine optimization method.

So on Instagram,

it's pretty much the same thing.

They wanna see how many other third party

Instagram influencers, well not influencers,

but other accounts in general,

link to your account.

And the weightage they give

to each different account will differ,

based on the number

that is associated to that account as well.

So obviously an account, for example,

with six followers that link to your account

is not going to be as powerful as an account

that has got 370,000 followers

that does an Instagram Story,

or a shoutout, or a post that tags you in it.

So understand that shoutouts

are not just for the instant

following that you will get

because people click on your account,

but also the fact that there's this link

that you are getting that changes the way

Instagram sees your account

when another account links to your account.

Does that make sense?

So this is something that I speculate.

By the way, Instagram will never reveal

exactly how they're calculating.

But definitely these sort of things

will change the way Instagram looks at your account.

And how notable, and how important,

they think your account is.

So literally, these are the five different methods

I've utilized over the last two years

in order to grow my following

to about a quarter million followers right now.

And I believe that if you utilize these strategies,

it would make a huge difference for you as well.

Let me know in the comments below,

which ones you like most,

what you feel is your biggest takeaway.

And as always, click on the subscribe button

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