How to Get 1000 Followers on Twitter Without Scamming

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getting your first 1,000 followers on

Twitter is way easier than you think

what's up everyone its ash if you're

just meeting me for the first time hi I

am a full-time content creator

entrepreneur livestream coach I am also

an author and a little bit of a public

speaker and I'm really really passionate

about helping you pursue your dreams in

the content creation and

entrepreneurship business space part of

being in this space means you learning

how to blow it up on social media when

I'm working with clients one of the main

things that we talk about is growing

their brand on social it seems like

everyone on YouTube is talking about

Instagram and that's awesome Instagram

is great but what about Twitter which I

find arguably it to be a better and

easier platform Twitter is incredibly

underutilized which means that it's a

great space for you to actually stand

out and meet more community members or

customers so I'm going to give you my

best advice as someone who has worked

with hundreds of creators to grow

themselves on Twitter let's get you to

your first 1k baby the first thing we

want you to focus on is building your

own identity I can't tell you how many

times I've gone to a creators Twitter to

see that all they do is retweet other

people's tweets there's not really a

great bio section and they don't have

great photos to represent who they are

so how do you build this identity there

are a couple of rules here the first is

know your audience don't just tweet for

everyone pick a niche and really deliver

for those people very well make sure

your bio profile banner and profile

picture represent this audience really

well you want someone in that audience

to come into your Twitter and say oh

this person can help me if possible

build some authority by using relative

acts in your bio section to show people

a little bit more about what you do even

if it's just at twitch affiliate or at

YouTube partner it will help you stand

out the most important part of you

building an identity on Twitter is

curating a feed when someone new comes

to your Twitter and looks through your

profile you want them to get a good

sense of who you are based on your tweet

this means don't just retweet other

people have a good ratio of retweets to

creation tweets I usually say aim for a

ratio of about three to one meaning

three tweets from yourself and one tweet

from someone else we'll get into what

these tweets should look like here in

just a second but the last thing that I

want to say about building your identity

is don't just automate everything I

can't tell you how many business owners

or content creators I see that put very

very little effort into actually

responding or creating unique

information to put out into the Twitter

world so many of y'all are just

regurgitating quotes that you've heard

100 times

so we've built our identity but what

should we actually be tweeting there are

three tweets that I want you to worry

about the first one is questions so I

want you to specifically think of your

audience and what conversations those

people care about then just ask a

question text only don't over hashtag it

make it very aesthetic and pretty and

easy to respond to the second is

retweets so thinking of that audience

you chose again what's maybe a fresh

perspective that you could give them how

do you speak on behalf of that entire

group of people to say something that

matters enough that people want to show

it off to their friends and followers

the third type is sharing about your

life it's great to go for all of these

engagement based tweets and to really

speak towards a specific audience but

people want to connect with you as a

person too they want to see what's going

on behind the scenes now with these

three different types of tweets I also

want you to mix up the media types that

you're using so instead of just plain

text throw in photos from time to time

use video and use gifts the Twitter

algorithm is actually going to serve

those specific media types to the people

that consume them someone who really

loves watching videos on Twitter is more

likely to see your tweet with a video in

it if someone really likes looking at

gifts on Twitter they're gonna be more

likely to see your tweets if there is a

gift there yes it's gif not jiff don't

at me so now we've got our identity and

we've got the types of tweets that we

should be creating

but let's talk about the amount of

content what I see with a lot of

traditional digital marketers or

traditional businesses is that they

think Twitter is basically a spam system

the more tweets that you create the more

likely people are to find you right

u-unless you're just absolutely no

lifing twitter like our friend trouble

truck then show me where in the rules it

says a dog can't play support people

know that you're automating everything

and it can come across a little robotic

what I tell my clients is to aim for one

main tweet daily switch it up between a

retweet able a question or sharing about

your life responds to every single

person who interacts with that tweet

also it's really important that you're

making sure to get involved in

conversations and responding to people

in that specific niche that you've

chosen to be part of I can't tell you

how many people don't do that and

because of that the Twitter algorithm

doesn't end up sending their tweets to

anyone the algorithm will send your

tweets to people that you interact with

you get to control whether or not people

see you on their feed now getting to

your first 1k followers is a slow burn

at the very beginning of content

creation on any platform is really hard

because you just don't have the

attention yet you can definitely feel

like you're screaming into the void but

be patient it's going to take some time

but respond to people get engaged talk a

lot and it will come I know it's really

frustrating to feel like you're ignored

at first you might want a result to

using a ton of hashtags or getting

involved in like retweet groups or just

other kind of scummy ways of trying to

grow but you don't have to get desperate

it will come it just takes a little bit

of patience and you play the long game

did I miss anything here is there

something that y'all would add to help

someone get to their first 1,000

followers on Twitter let us know in the

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love you so much