How To Eat 1000 Calories A Day To Lose Weight

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what's going on guys welcome back to

another video I hope you guys are doing


staying safe from this global situation

eating a lot of calories without you

knowing is easy and that's because a lot

of foods out here are just packed with a

lot of calories for example a cheese

pizza slice

just a simple cheese pizza slice is

about 200 to 300 calories and usually

when we have a slice of pizza we have at

least 2 or 3 so if we do the math and we

have about let's say one slice of cheese

pizza and has about 2 to 300 calories

and you're on a thousand calorie diet

plan that's already twenty to thirty

percent of your daily intake of that

thousand calories in 20 hits and on top

of that because it's simple carbs you're

going to be from green in next hour

meaning that hitting a thousand calories

is more like going to be hitting around

2,000 calories let's be realistic so

it's easy to consume a lot of calories

but even the right amount of calories

and even the right calories at the right

time is not so easy and that's because

majority of people that are trying to

lose weight they have no idea how so in

this video I show you how we eat 1000

calories a day to lose weight proper

every calorie meal fine or any calorie

diet plan has a strategy and so in this

1000 calorie meal plan strategy is that

we are going to be focusing majority of

our calories coming from healthy

essential fats the main reason why is

that fats it generally take a lot longer

for your body to digest because it's a

slow digestive macro so the more faster

we have more healthy fats that we have

in our diet the more full we are during

the day then we're going to move on to

proteins now proteins have almost the

same effects as fats but because we're

gonna be eating meat and chicken and all

those things that's also gonna take a

lot longer for body digests as well and

that's our ultimate goal here and the

last macro can be focusing on is carbs

now less

carpets are bad karmas are essential for

things I mean everything any food that's

out there has hearts so we can't really

avoid Harvard look we can minimize it so

in this video in this meal plan will be

minimizing it as well and if anything of

any chance that we get we would want to

substitute the carb with other proteins

or fat as much as possible that's

because carbs but just a lot faster in

your body and in your system so we're

going to be substituting carbons with

either things that have protein or fats

and as well as a few fibers here and

there so we can have that ultimate

fullness in our body so that way you

don't binge drink and go over your

thousand calorie mark if you guys are

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all right let's get into an eight

thousand calorie meal plan but before we

do let's take a note that all calories

and macros are rounded to the nearest


all right after we wake up from our

lovely sleep and we brush our teeth and

have our warm water we're going to go to

our first meal of the day and the first

day is we're going to be having three

eggs we're going to be boiling

three eggs now the reason why we're

going to be boiling it rather than

frying it is that some reason and

somehow boiled eggs just keeps you full

longer generally I thought that frying

it keeps you full longer because it adds

more facts to it but for some reason I

get more hungry after eating that so

we're just gonna keep it with three

boiled eggs that the Mac receives the

three bro eggs is that it's going to be

18 grams of protein 3 grams of carbs and

15 grams of fats total of 240 calories I


you want to be having immediate potato

as well as an average cucumber now that

mini potato has about 1 gram of protein

5 grams of carbs and 2 grams of fiber

total of 20 calories an average cucumber

has about one gram of protein 7 grams of

carbs to the water gram of fiber total

of 30 calories overall this full meal

has about 270 calories and you should be

full further three hours now moving on

to our second youma our second me I

would not be having nuts what are we

having 20 grams of almonds which has 4

grams of protein 4 grams of carbs 11

grams of fats and 1 gram fiber total of

a hotter than 30 calories with the

addition of 1 banana which is 1 gram of

protein 24 grams of carbs 3 grams of

fiber and a hundred calories total of

230 calories almonds are fantastic that

is full of facts full of fiber and very

good and protein and they will keep you

full for a very long time with the

addition of the banana that has 3 grams

of fiber that will also keep you full

even longer so you should be full for

the next hour and a half to two and a

half hours now the third meal of the day

is actually going to be a very tasty one

that's going to be a chicken fajita now

this chicken feed how about to show you

how to make it is so filling I think

you'll be good for the next two to four

hours so the beginning 100 grams of

chicken breast and we're going to be

seasoning it Mac was here is that 30

more grams of protein and about 4 grams

of fats which has about 160 calories

then we're going to be frying this

chicken breast

rather than baking it we're going to be

using 1 tablespoon of olive oil and that

has about 13 and a half grams of fats

total modernist and 20 calories now

olive oil is fantastic to have and the

more you can have it the better because

again it has that healthy essential

fatty acids just by all minted up just

like eggs does so it'll really really

help out with that whole digestive rule

that we're trying to get so we don't get

hungry often so once you put the chicken

in the pan

be chopping our vegetables and the

vegetables that we have here is one bell

pepper well it's three different types

bell peppers but they equal to 1 o bell

pepper and because they're in the same

family they have the same calories and

protein carb ratio very similar and the

macros here is 2 grams of protein 10

grams of carbs 3 grams of fiber and 50

calories then we will be chopping 50

grams of onions and that has about 1

gram of protein 5 grams of carbs and 1

gram of fiber total of 20 calories once

the chicken is nice and fried I'm gonna

be pulling that out immediately and

we're going to put in the vegetables and

we're gonna stare at every about 30

seconds while we try the satiric 10 to

30 seconds well we will chop up the

chicken breast after 5 minutes that has

passed we're going to be putting the

chicken the sliced up chicken this time

back into the pan for a good four or

five minutes we're gonna stare that up

as well so all that flavor can get mixed

up the chicken as well and vice versa

after that's all done you don't even

need to get a plate for it you can just

take the whole pad and eat it from the

pad we're also going to be having one

whole wheat of pita with this and that

has about 3 grams of protein 16 grams of

carbs and 1 gram of fiber and that's a

total of 70 calories don't weep eat up I

know it has some carbs but that's okay

it'll help you keep cool for the next 4

hours despite the fact that we have a

lot of vegetables here and a chicken

breast a very good protein here you

should be full for about 3-4 hours the

total calories here of this meal is 430

calories the last meal of the day is

going to be 150 grams of Greek yogurt

with 20 grams of blueberries on top now

the 102 grams of Greek yogurt has about

15 grams of protein 5 grams of carbs and

1 gram of fat for all 90 calories and

the 20 grams of blueberries just has

about 2 grams of carbs just noting and

boosting around that up it's eight

calories all rounded up 210 calories

because of running

tenth and overall this full meal plan

has about 100 calories

voila you did it overall in this meal

plan you've consumed about 1030 calories

now regarding the macros you've consumed

about 77 grams of protein 76 grams of

carbs 44 grams of fats and 12 grams of

fiber which is amazing I mean we tried

our best to get the carvers lower than

the proteins and we did now you may be

sent that oh you're thirty category is

over come on man that's on a thousand

calories it's a thousand and thirty

calories look guys you don't need to be

exact every day you guys can be up 50

calories you know you guys can eat 90

calories in a 1,000 calorie the next day

it's okay but averagely you should be

having thousand calories within the week

it doesn't have to be perfect now if

you're picky and you guys need to be

eating a 1000 calories a day

that's definitely find you can remove

the blueberries or you guys can just you

know reduce the nuts that said it looks

like five or six pieces of nuts and

you're fine now regarding the back

corners you may be asking yourself wait

hold on a second

protein is 77 grams carbs dissin is

Express and fast is 44 I thought that

majority of her calories village we're

going to be getting from fats and it is

the case here one gram of fat is about

nine calories while protein and carbs is

what one gram of protein and one gram of

carb is about four calories so if you do

the math here we're getting majority of

our calories from fats as promised so

coming down applause you guys learnt

anything or if I helped you guys out

this is my expertise and I do love

making meal plans so if you guys want to

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I shall see you guys the next meal plan

video peace