Easy Way To Get 100 Happiness In A Settlement - Fallout 4

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so I just want to make this as a quick

guide that'll show you a quick and easy

way to get 100% happiness in a

settlement and it will unlock the

benevolent leader trophy or achievement

I am gonna include a link in the

description that would be a more

detailed article on all the steps you

need to take and everything you need to

know about getting 100% so this video is

just going to be a quick overview of all

the steps that I talking give you a

visible a visual representation of how I

did it but for more check out the link

in the description and to start off I

went to a small settlement the trophy do

and achievement description says it must

be 100 percent in a large one but it

doesn't matter you can get it in a small

one it doesn't make any difference what

size it is as long as it gets 100

percent you're fine so for me I selected

this place

the red rocket outside of sanctuary

Hills I reason I chose this is because I

wanted to be able to get supplies back

and forth easy I did set up a supply

line at the end but this seems like a

handy place so the first thing I did was

I went to sanctuary Hills and I sent six

people down here because to start off

this settlement had 0 people and it was

on 20% happiness so to send someone down

you go over to them and press square and

this will give you the option to send

them to a different location so I did

this for 6 people up in sanctuary Hills

and sent them down here

one other thing then I did which was

quite handy cuz you're gonna have no

resources to build anything down here so

press r1 on a settler in sanctuary Hills

and set up a supply line so you press

over one to set up a supply line now

don't set up a supply line from here to

sanctuary Hills otherwise it's going to

waste a settler and you need to have all

six of them free so do it from sanctuary

is and you'll still have access to all

your resources so the first thing you're

going to need is food water and beds you

need six of those one for each of the

settlers now I have seven beds because I

need one for you need one for yourself

so start off build these mud fruits

they're the only plant that produces one

unit of food

and you're going to need to keep this as

as you know as efficient as possible

one settler can farm six pieces of six

plants so there's six here one for each

person assigned one settler to this and

your number of food will go up from zero

to six straight away so you stay there

work away on those plants forever

that's all you needs to do the next step

is water

now these cheap little water pumps easy

to build they don't require any power

generators nothing fancy I've got three

of them because they were just cheap I

pressed X an extra time by accident but

you can all you need is two to zoom-in

them as long as there's one for


they'll all be happy beds are the same

just build one each the bed doesn't

matter you can you can build the

sleeping bags even if you like but I

just put regular beds just looks a bit

nicer and once you there ER the trophy

now once you build six beds build seven

one for yourself their happiness will

begin to rise and you can be you'll be

on the way then the higher price over

the next thing you're gonna need to do

is defense and this can be a little bit

expensive it's not that important I've

got 60 but you don't need that much what

you really need is a number of people

plus the number of food plus a number of

water so in this case at the bare

minimum you need six plus six plus six

I've got sixty because I got a bit

carried away but it doesn't really

matter if your settlement gets attacked

for any reason it's a good idea to have

a lot of extra defense because you don't

want anyone dying anyone get upset

dropping the happiness in any way you

want to make this go as smoothly as

possible because it's annoying as hell

so 60 is what I built you don't have to

build that much but you know keep it in

mind that you don't want anyone to get

killed or hurt so the final thing then

you need are stores which you can see

I've built here now the annoying part

about these stores is they cost a lot of

caps and you're going to need to use

three perk points just to get the the

requirements to build ones so as you can

see here for the level three

ah [ __ ] outlook whatever in order to

build a level 3 clinic

you're gonna need 1800 caps just for one

and as you can see on the right then I

need rank 2 of local leader and rank one

of medic so you gotta waste your power

points if you haven't leveled up you're

gonna have to grind it because there's

no other way to get the full happiness

without having level 3 stores you don't

have to use clinics but to me it seems

these is the cheapest way to do it if

you want to use other stores you're

going to need to use 4 points your perks

clinics is the cheapest way to do it so

build 5 stores one for each remaining

settler who has nothing to do this means

you're going to need a lot of caps which

you you can use the caplets you can sell

water do whatever you need to do to get

the money but you're gonna have to build

five there's no other way to do it other

than build five of these so to assign a

settler to one of these after you built

it you do the same thing you did for the

plants so you go over to them and you

press X and as you can see at the bottom

now it says go which will be assigned

when it hovers over this so when I press

X it will assign them to this location

if there's nobody assigned to it the

little requires thing will be red and

that's how you'll know which one hasn't

been assigned to yet but it shouldn't be

should be hard to walk societies when I

got 5 people to look after so once

you've got the 5 of these built that's

all you need to do the happiness will be

rising there be no red marks on the top

and as you can see I have 6 people my

size of my settlement is quite small

compared to what people are suggesting

you should use it doesn't need to be

large use the sanctuary Hills was

probably the biggest pain in the ass for

me because I spent ages working on

sanction Hills could not get it up ok um

I also tried Sterilite driving that

didn't happen either it got to like 95%

and no matter what I did it couldn't it

couldn't get it up 200% so I started

from scratch here using this method and

as you can see it just worked a second

ago and the biggest problem you have to

do now wait and it takes ages to wait

so in order to do this you need to sleep

so you go to a bed and you sleep for 24

hours I won't you wake up you sleep

again for another 24 hours so it seems

that the the percentage that it raises

is based on the amount of in-game time

that passes but you need to spend a

certain amount of time not sleep and

actually playing the game for the the

counter to go up so by sleeping 48 hours

it appears that you get over the the

time requirement it takes to be granted

more percentage raise once you've got

the 48 hours done you're just gonna have

to hang around for a while there's no

point in me sleeping again demonstrate

it but you'll have to sleep again there

a second time in order to get that now

once you've slept for the 48 hours enter

back into the creative mode and check

out your happiness things so that the

up-arrow should be there and you're just

gonna have to wait now for me I timed it

pretty much every time up til about 90%

on an average it was taken maybe 4 to 5

minutes before that percentage raise was

was counted now I did try it without the

sleeping and it took ages it doesn't it

doesn't seem to rise at all so the the

game time is a requirement so you're

gonna have to sleep once it goes up go

straight back to sleep because there's

no point in waiting any longer it's

gonna take ages if you just sit there

waiting if you have to go away for the

day you can use the rubber band methods

I did try that for a while in one of my

other settlements and it did work

it was slow but it worked at least it

you can make some progress while you're

away but for this maybe an hour took me

to get from 20% to 100%

maybe two hours because I had to do a

bit of building stuff too but that's a

low amount considering how much it would

take to do sanctuary is so once you've

once you've waited just keep waiting

waiting over and over again make sure

everyone stays happy if if for some

reason you get stuck at 99% which tends

to happen for people go over to a vendor

and you know he arrives he'll yourself

jump off

and hurt yourself get him to Helia if

you want you can take the guy who's over

here with these mud fruits and assign

him to a shop and assign the shop vender

back to the mud fruits that should be

enough then to kind of just you know

keep the economy part of the game going

and I'll get you your your trophy or

achievement some sometimes it'll take

longer than others but just for me for

our four minutes wait after sleeping for

48 hours was enough to make it work and

that should be all you really need to do

you don't need to have anything else big

no more structures I did actually build

a few decorations inside there is no no

one seems to know if they matter or not

I had a lot of resources so I just build

lots of plants or lots of lots of photo

frames I don't know if it might makes

any difference if you're finding that

you're stuck at 99 build a few paintings

and see if it makes a difference but for

me I'm pretty sure all that matters is

well I explained previously so if anyone

has any other suggestions or ideas that

I've left out or maybe things to make

this go faster please leave in the

comments below

thanks for watching