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how to get your first 100 active

followers on Instagram listen if you're

watching this video you probably have

under 100 followers or maybe you have

just a little bit more but you're trying

to figure out how do you scale that

first hundred maybe even how to scale

that first thousand listen guys it's

super super easy as long as you have the

correct information and as long as you

take action so on this video I want to

show you guys the easiest ways both paid

and free to get to your first 100

followers and even more hey what's going

on guys welcome to the video of your new

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first 100 followers on Instagram first

I'm going to talk about the easiest ways

to do it and this is gonna take some

money and then I'm going to talk about

the free ways to do it which you could

also do it pretty pretty quickly so we

give you guys both free ways and pay it

ways so the first way the easiest way to

get a hundred followers and literally

one single day is to just buy some

shoutouts okay I think with probably

about 50 bucks of budget you could go

ahead and get a good amount of shoutouts

and probably gain over a hundred

followers in that one single day or

however you go ahead and shut your those

shut ups a few shoutouts across a few

different accounts or one shout-out in

one really big account you could easily

gain 200 to 300 followers on your

Instagram account as long as your

account is set up properly as long as

you have good content as long as your

name is good as long as your logo is

good as long as your bio is good and

long as everything is good and you're

providing value or entertainment that

shout-out will work it'll be the easiest

way to gain followers for a really out

of budget however I know some of you

probably don't have that budget or some

of you just want to know the free ways

of how to do it as well and for a

personal brand the easiest thing that

you can do is what a lot of people call

the dollar 80 strategy now if the dollar

80 strategy is is essentially you're

just leaving comments on people's

pictures and you're being part of the

community now it's not to be mixed up

with spamming comments okay you don't

wanna say hey great picture come follow

me that doesn't provide value it doesn't

provide anything and actually you don't

want to tell people to follow you at all

your goal is to leave a comment that is

so valuable for so entertaining that

people just trickle back to your profile

organically okay

they come back because they want to see

more because of the value you provided

when you say hey follow me or hey check

me out the reality is nobody checks me

out when you drop a knowledge bomb or a

value bomb or you say something super

funny people check you out because they

like that stuff and people only follow

you if they're getting something in


nobody will follow you just because they

feel bad for you now these next two tips

pertain moreso to viral pages you can

use it on a personal brand but if you're

a viral page let's say you're growing a

travel page and say you're growing a

luxury picture anything like that this

is what you want to use to get your

first 100 followers and it's gonna be

super super quick you could probably do

this in a few days if not a week so what

you want to do is find viral content

within your niche so if I was in the

travel niche I would go now to find

really viral travel videos to somebody

made and I don't ask them if I could go

ahead and use those videos and post them

on my account and if they said yeah then

I would post those videos or pictures

give them credit and I would make them

go viral so now you're probably asking

but wait Anthony you know posting the

VAR cons is that seems easy how do I go

viral it's a little harder to go viral

if you don't have big TM groups at your

disposal so if you're starting from

nothing you're like I want to start

growing today what is the best thing

that you can do the best thing to do is

to go ahead and start forming DM groups

so that you can go ahead and drive tons

of traffic to your picture now if you

can't form the efforts with big pages

you're really trying to just get this

done quick then you want to form the M

groups with other people that are within

your niche so other people that are in

the travel image very niche specific to

youngers general Danvers will work but

they will only work if they're with big

accounts if you're small and you have to

use small accounts then make sure they

are a niche specific because general

stuff just won't work for you guys if

you are wondering what DM groups are DM

groups are essentially a group chat

filled with people and every time you

post you post that post into the group

chat everybody goes ahead and they likes

and comments on it and then every time

they post they'll put their post into

the group chat you will go and like and

comment on that along with everybody

else in the group and what this does is

drives a lot of engagement to your posts

very very quickly in a short amount of

time and I actually made to turn on the

explore page and that's how you see

videos going viral know these here can

be applied to both a personal brand or a

viral page and this is gonna be s for

ads okay now when you're small s for s

it doesn't really work and I don't

really I wouldn't really recommend it

bothering with it but look like if

you're on a budget and you just need a

hustle it needs to get these first 100

followers then start doing some s for s

preferably the best s for s that you can

do this would be a little bit of a tweak

to it is to do story asks for s and pin

that on your stories now what this will

do is if you did that with you know a

few other people you have your base hing

down their story so you're not just

there for a day where they're not gonna

get too much traffic but as their page

grows you have a pin story on their page

that people will watch that has a

call-to-action to go and follow you so

at first you're not gonna gain much but

as their page grows as your page girls

and as anybody else that you're doing

this with grows it's kind of like an

alliance and you're all feeding off each

others and you're all basically growing

together then you can even amplify that

by doing random stories that don't get

pinned just to drive more traffic make

more people see and even do a normal

post and my final tip when you're small

engage back on everyone look when you're

small you don't really have that luck

three of oh you know I'm not gonna reply

to comments today okay that's like the

big guy stuff where they have so many

comments where they can't really even

get to them they don't have the time but

when you're small look you have to

create that sense of community you have

to make your followers know that you

care about them that you're thankful for

them and that you can't wait to keep

producing more content for them that's

the community that you have to create

and the easiest way to create that

community is to simply engage back on

everybody that comments on your posts

provide more value to them provide more

entertainment to them and help them on

their journey help them on wherever they

are whatever your Instagram page is

providing value for so guys that is how

to get your first 100 followers on

Instagram again if you follow those tips

you will get 100 followers very very

quickly 100 followers is now hard to do

at all you just have to follow those

tips if you guys enjoyed this video

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with all that said guys I hope you took

a ton of massive value out of this video

keep grinding keep hustling sub to the

channel and I'll see you guys all on the

next one