How To Get Under 10% Bodyfat Naturally

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all right what is up guys Fred Wilson

now I hope you having a fantastic day

now today what we're going to be doing

is focusing on body fat percentage and

namely trying to get your body fat

percentage below 10% because that

threshold guys is usually pretty hard to

get down to but with the tips and the

things that I'm gonna share with you in

today's video it's gonna make it a lot

easier with that being said guys getting

below that 10% is usually a very

desirable thing it's usually when your

abs start to pop like a mofo like here

your muscles start to really get really

defined and that is something that's

extremely desirable because you know

everyone can kind of bulk up everyone

can eat a lot of food everyone can go to

the gym workout hard and put on a little

bit of muscle it's usually the easier

part of the actual equation ok the

harder part is actually losing all that

fat and getting under that 10% threshold

because that is where your muscles

really start the pot and you start to

look pretty damn crazy and shredded so

the whole idea of this video guys is to

teach you exactly the process that you

can go through to actually get under

that 10% threshold because there is an

actual equation and things you'll need

to do right this isn't an option there's

things that you have to do to actually

get down to that 10% threshold guys so

without further ado let's hop into it

now Before we jump right into it guys I

need you to understand that every single

person is going to look different at a

certain body fat percentage now I'm

going to use me as an example I stuff

that's typically in my face in my back

and all that kind of stuff

I don't really store it in my stomach or

any of those kind of areas and that's

such at like 10% body fat I look very

very lean whereas some people might get

to 12 percent 10% and still not look as

lean because they store so much fat

around their belly and that is typically

where people are going to use as an

example of how low body fat percentage

someone is so with that like the way

guys you need to understand that you

will look drastically different to the

next person being at temp said 12% for

10% and that's why it's not a really

good thing to focus on fat percentage

alone because everyone is going to

reflect a different body and physique at

certain body

percentages now to get into the things

you can actually do to get there there's

definitely a few things you need to nail

down and the first of which is going to

be a calorie deficit okay so if you're

at 50% body fat the only way to get down

to 10% body fat at least the easiest way

to get down to it is to lose fat so in

order to actually lose fat you're going

to need to be able to consume less

calories than you expend so when you do

that guys say I have a thousand calories

coming in and I'm burning 1,500 calories

there's 500 calories unaccounted for

so that 500 calories has to come from

somewhere okay it's not just gonna

evaporate so it comes from your you know

your energy reserves and that's gonna be

fat muscle or you know our glycogen in

the muscles stores now preferably it's

gonna come from fat and depending on how

much fat stores you actually have it's

more than likely going to come from fat

so being in a caloric deficit is a must

if you want to trim back your body fat

percentage to get it under 10 percent

now another thing you could do to

actually you know make your percentage

of fat lower in your body is actually to

build muscle mass because let's say you

know you weigh 200 pounds and then you

put on 10 pounds of pure muscle mass

guys you and our weigh 210 pounds but

you have 10 more pounds of muscle mass

so essentially the percentage of fat in

terms of body weight is going to be

lower than it was when you weighed less

ok I know they might have been a bit

confusing what's your back I guarantee

we'll make sense the next thing you need

to nail down guys is to actually train

and to have enough muscle mass to

actually be at an acceptable level of

body fat percentage now if you get down

to 10 percent body fat and you've never

lift it away do look scrawny you look

skinny you look frail consider that

being a 10% body fat you're going to be

quite lean you're gonna be quite a liar

so if there's no muscle enough to make

up for that

you know loss of body weight you're

gonna look extremely skinny so you need

to actually have some muscle mass to

work with guys before you want to trim

back down and get to that 10% body fat

percentage because as I've said

everyone's gonna look different and 10%

body fat percentage

well then all this or that and that's

all based off their genetics and how

much muscle mass they have where the

muscle mass is and all that kind of

stuff guys so getting down to 10% body

fat is not the name of the game it's the

beard 10% body fat and actually have

some muscle to work with and as such

you'll look much much better as long as

you take those boxes so those are the

essentials that you actually need to

nail down to get down to a body fat

percentage that's lower than 10% so if

you are you know hit the embers then

body fat the only way to get that down

is to lose body fat or to put on more

muscle mass so those are the two things

that you must do to actually lower your

body fat percentage now there's some

things that you can do to actually make

that process easier because it isn't as

easy as people seem to make it out to be

you know even though the equation is

simple you eat less you move more it's

still not as easier to do man you know

you don't eat a burger but that's easier

said than done once you get into a

situation where there's food around

there's pizzas parties drinks alcohol it

makes it a lot harder than actually

saying it right now to you or you

hearing it here and being like you know

that's possible but it's still not that

possible because it's it's different

when you're in it so I'm gonna give you

five things you can actually do to make

that process a little bit easier if

you're trying to lose weight or put on

muscle mass so the first thing you're

going to want to do guys is clean up you

die okay you need to be watching when

you're eating and you want to be

selecting foods that actually allow you

to get this so what I mean by that guys

is if you're trying to lose weight and

you're eating McDonald's every day and

I'm gonna make a video on this very

shortly so make sure you subscribe if

you're eating McDonald's everyday or

pizza or this or that and you're only

allowed to have say 2,000 calories in

order to lose fat you're gonna use that

up very very quickly because a Big Mac

guys is like 800 calories you know if

you get a full meal it's gonna be like

1200 calories you get a shake you get

this you get that you have a coke

you like used up all your calories in

that one meal and you're gonna be

absolutely starving so what you don't

want to do guys is watch what you ate in

terms of applying foods that are lower

in calories and higher in volume so by

that I mean like vegetables I mean

fruits broccoli green veg all that kind

of stuff legumes beans grains rice

potatoes all that kind of stuff guys

incorporate that because that's going to

fill you up and allow you to actually

eat more and you're more than likely

gonna get to your goal that way

second thing guys is if you are trying

to lose weight you're just going to want

to move more okay because that's so

critical that you nail down the actual

expenditure part of the equation you

have tackled the intake okay the the

what the food that you're actually

consuming you've sorted that out now you

need to understand that in order to be

able to eat more you're gonna move more

and to actually perform well it's very

very important to actually look at a

certain body fat percentage so as I

mentioned before you don't want to be

frail skinny and all that kind of stuff

at ten percent body fat and if you're

just focusing on losing weight from a

consumption perspective okay where

you're eating then you might actually

end up in that situation so what you

want to do is tick all boxes and now

everything from both perspectives from

the eating and the training and that

comes into your cardio so that's the

second thing guys incorporate more

cardio client a city interval whatever

it might be get outside go for a walk

you know just don't try and do it from

diet alone you'll drive yourself

absolutely crazy and you'll be very very

hungry the thing is to actually

incorporate a proper program that's

going to allow you to progress and get

better lift more move more become more

athletic anything what have you girls

might be needs to be mapped out to your

goals so if you're going to the gym you

just do whatever you kind of half-ass it

you don't really stick to a program

you're more than likely not gonna make

too much progress and progress is it

very very important to actually

maximizing your muscle mass potential

now if you're a brand new D you're a

brand new beginner you need to nail this

down to a ten you need to get something

that works and actually stick to it

because you're in such a fantastic

position well let's say you're a fifteen

percent body fat percentage and you've

never gone to the gym if

you actually apply a proper program and

you stick to it you work harder that you

make sure you nail down the basics you

get your form right and you actually

push yourself you can transform your

entire body very very quickly because

you can actually lose body fat

percentage whilst gaining muscle mass so

you can end up being ten percent body

fat with a whole lot more muscle and

drastically change the way you look in

like six to eight months and I guarantee

you guys if you know that down from the

beginning you'll set yourself up for a

very very long term progression number

four guys is to limit the amount that

you actually go out to drink or if you

do go out to drink try not to drink as

much and the reason is guys if you're

trying to lose body fat okay you're

trying to trim back your body fat

percentage to under 10 percent it's

going to be a hard long arduous process

and if you do it you know it can be done

whilst drinking I'm not going to dispute

that I've actually done that I've drunk

every weekend and lost fat over that

process do you lose muscle mass in that

process as well because alcohol is so is

terrible for actually muscle

preservation because when you drink any

food that you intake to the next 24 day

you know 48 hours depending on how much

you drank is not going to be prioritize

it's not going to be broken down it's

not going to be used effectively because

your body is primarily focusing on

getting rid of the toxin that alcohol

and that's not fun

that's not fun at all you're gonna be

losing muscle mass over the process that

you're losing body fat and that's not

that's not cool so don't do that

number four is actually readjust the way

you think about losing weight now what I

mean by that guys is so many people have

the very very ingrained idea that they

need to get it done now they want

everything now I know I understand it

we're in a very you know instantaneous

kind of situation in terms of society

okay you want to watch a movie but watch

a movie you want to you know have a

burger have a high calorie dense food

but but you want to lose fat just

doesn't work the same way unfortunately

so what you need to do is take a step

back and decide that instead of trying

to lose so much weight in such a short

amount of time you know within like one

month you want to lose twenty pounds of

fat instead of doing that say you know

what in one month

I'm just going to lose five pounds of

that it's pretty damn doable and you'll

more than likely actually hit it and

stick to it and be able to actually then

lose more whereas if you try to lose 20

pounds in a month not only will you more

than likely not achieve that not get

there but if you do get there you're

gonna freaking relapse because you're

gonna hit a wall that's way way way too

much weight to be losing so just to

clarify guys a very very good amount of

weight to lose is about one pound per

week of body fat that is a very

sustainable rate of weight loss and I

guarantee if you stick to that you're

actually more than likely achieve the

goals of getting underneath 10% body fat

that is these five things you can apply

to actually making that 10% body fat

journey have been easy for yourself so I

hope you enjoyed this video if you did

drop a like coming down below what your

favorite tip was if you have any tips

for me or everyone else who watch this

video please leave it below so we can

all help each other out so with that

guys subscribe if you're new here guys

and I'm gonna get you in the next one

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