how to read whatsapp message with single tick (No double tick)

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hello and welcome to this video tutorial

brought to you by w3 Academy in this

video I'm gonna show you the way by

which you can read a message with a

single tick usually when you read a

message the sender will get two blue

ticks with alongside a message even even

if you have a working internet

connection and you you have got a

message you have received a message then

the sender will get two great ticks how

can you do that okay I will show you I'm

gonna go ahead and show my whatsapp and

from here I will send this person a

message this is my other number on

whatsapp and I will send this person on

message and okay

hi okay as you can see that I've got the

message but here it's it's still a

single tick okay I'm I will open my

other whatsapp account and you can see

that I've read the message and I can

reply to this person from here and I

will open whatsapp and I have the sender

has a still a single tick so what I need

to rival to apply through this message I

okay I have replied to this person and

from here I still have a sink a single

tick from here yeah as you can see that

so how can I do that so for that you

need to download an application from

Google okay go to Google and from there

you need to write download

gbwhatsapp APK you need to download this

application from Google

okay download apk by this one you can

download this application from here I've

already downloaded and installed this

application to my mobile phone and after

that you'll get this application

whatsapp so it's similar to whatsapp and

it has a lot of new features or more

than a vat of official whatsapp so you

need to download this and put your

number and we do installation of your

number from this whatsapp and after

after opening the whatsapp you need to

go to hiko here and from here you can

see that it has a lot of options here ok

so what you need to do is go to privacy

and point privacy you can see that your

online status blue take second tick and

much more features you'll never get on

whatsapp official whatsapp so what you

need to do is 2nd tick and I've already

hide the trick ok I will show you how to

do that privacy and second tick height

for contacts what you need to do is you

you'll click on hide for contact so ok

ok after doing that the sender will not

get a double-take on along with his

message and I will get a single single

tick ok so that's how you can read or

even reply to a message with a single

tick but let me tell you that this is

gbwhatsapp is moderate application of

official whatsapp which means

developer of this application used

official whatsapp code and added and has

added some more features and had added

some more code in whatsapp official

whatsapp application so we cannot say

that this application is safe so you

need to use this application at your own

risk because it is a risky so we we

never know that what what developers are

putting in that code there might be

there might be putting some key logger

or something else or spying applications

so it's it's it's a risky and use this

application at your own risk so might we

never know that this application might

be very safe and secure to use and the

developers might be trying to give some

more features of whatsapp just like this

so you can use it or not it's it's on

your own wish so that's how you can use

your whatsapp more features so okay

that's all for you this tutorial if you

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