How To Invest One Million Dollars For Retirement

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1 million dollars can pay out a hundred thousand dollars a year in

tax-free income. In this educational episode,

i'm going to address the question that I've been asked numerous times.

"How to invest 1 million dollars for retirement?" Well, it assumes you have

a million bucks and now you want to know what is the best place to put that money

so you do not outlive your retirement. So, get ready.

I'm going to show you absolutely the best place to invest a million dollars

if it were me. And I've advised thousands of people on how to

generate 10% payouts on a million bucks. That's 100 grand a year of

tax-free income.

So, I'm Doug Andrew. I'm here in my radio studio. I produce a weekly radio show.

I've been doing this for 12 years. And in a one hour radio show,

that's divided up into 4 segments. I usually answer a specific

question that people have asked anywhere from 30 to 300 or more times

a month for the last several months. This question here has been

asked thousands of times in my 46 year career

of being a financial strategist. So, let me tell you a little story.

And actually i could tell you dozens like this one.

But I had an individual come to me that had

a million dollar settlement. They got a million bucks

from I can't even remember whether the settlement came from a lawsuit or a car

accident or whatever. And they said, "Doug, I have a million

dollars. Now, I want to make absolutely sure

that i do not lose this million." Well, I knew immediately i would never

recommend you put that in the market. Okay? Because i've seen people with a

million dollars one day and a year later they only had 600,000 to

show for it. That happened in 2008. So,

no you don't wanna put them in the market. See,

money in the market is designed to keep it there.

When you ask Wall Street, when is the best time to take money out of the

market, they will always say, "Never." When the market dives, they say,

"Hang in there. Hang in there." The market always comes

back. It was never designed to provide safe growth and tax-free income.

Most of the people that came to me wanted to preserve

their principle. They wanted to have safety of that principle.

So, this gentleman I said, "Well, I would recommend

wherever we put this, it passes the laser test." He goes, "What's the laser test?" I go,

"Well, it's an acronym that stands for liquid assets safely earning returns."

But laser is the order of priority on prudent investing. Wherever I

recommend people put money serious cash that they don't want

to jeopardize like you just told me, you want to make sure it's liquid, number

1. See, people get these in reverse order.

Liquidity is number one. The ability to access the money when you need it.

With an electronic funds, transfer phone call. He goes, "That sounds good to me."

Number 2, safety. He said, "Safety of the institution?" I said, "Yeah, I put my

money in the institutions that have whether

the great depression with flying colors. The las industry that would collapse

if the american dollar became worthless." "What industry is that?", he asked. And I

said, "Well, the multi-trillion dollar insurance industry. It's the backbone of

America, the backbone of the world. It's where governments go to for help

and money when they need it when they're hard up.

It's where banks and credit unions take the money we deposit into them.

And they take 30 to 40 percent of their tier one assets

for liquidity and safety. And they put that money there

into insurance companies. It's called BOLI,

bank owned life insurance." It's an acronym, B-O-L-I. And so, they borrow our

money at 1 or 2 percent. And they turn around and increase the

safety by 6 notches higher. Because most of these insurance

companies are rated triple A that I put my money into.

Most banks are only rated triple b. That's 6 notches

lower in safety. They increase the safety on the money you you gave them and then

they increase the rate of return. They're paying you 1 or 2 percent.

And they're earning 5 or 6 percent in the insurance company.

Because they don't even link it to an index. They can link to an index and earn

8, 9 or 10 percent if they want. So, I'm saying, "Why don't you do what

banks do? Bypass the middleman with this." And so you have liquidity, number 1.

Safety, number 2." Then I told him, "Number 3, you want to

earn predictable rates of return. Not pie-in-the sky rates of return. You

don't need 15, 20, 30. There will be some years you

might earn that. But you want to not lose when the market

goes down. You may not make much during a recession or a down year. But

you will make money when the market goes up and would an average return,

sir of 10 net sound good?" "That sounds too good to be true", he said.

I said, "Well, it's not. I have actually averaged

10.07% net after all costs and fees of a max

funded insurance contract for over 25 years." He goes, "Wow,

this sounds too good to be true." Well, I did an illustration.

Long-story-short, we took the million dollars. Now, there were some other assets.

He goes, "Can I put this money there too?" But let's just isolate the milion.

That million dollar strategically funded an insurance contract, a laser fund in

4 years and one day in compliance with IRS

tax citations Tefra, Defra and Tamra. I don't have time in this episode to

explain those. You can search those on my channel and you can watch videos

that explain those tax citations. When you comply with those tax citations,

under three sections of the internal revenue code, section

72 E, 7702, and 101 A, that million dollars accumulates

tax-free the rest of his life. When he takes

income anytime it's tax-free. And when he dies, that million blossoms

to about 2.5 million totally tax

free. No other vehicle does that. He goes, "Wait a minute,

you mean my million, if I don't touch it will double to 2 million and about

7 to 7 and a half years?" I go, "Yup." "What if i leave it another 7 and a

half? Will it grow by another million?" I go,

"No. It will double from 2 million to 4 million."

It doubles. 4 million will double to 8 million. It keeps doubling.

It just doesn't grow by another million every 7.2 years. It

doubles. 1 million to 2 million to 4 million to 8 million to 16 million.

Many of my clients have done that. He goes, "Whoa!

That's incredible. What if i need income?" "Well, if you need income when it only has

a million in it, it can generate 10%. Take 10%,

that's 100 grand a year. "Without depleting principal?" If you're

earning 10 and you only pull out 10, you're not

depleting the principal. "Can i start it when there's 2 million

in there?" Sure, well how much would that be? 10% of two million is what?

He goes, "200,000?" Yeah, you doubled your income.

When it's worth 4 million, it can generate 400,000 a year

of tax-free income. He goes, "This is incredible.

What else can I put in this? Where I have some other money?" But see it all started

with "What am I going to do with this lump sum?

My banker tells me to put it in the bank

where it's safe." When I told him, "Guess where his bank is

putting the money?" He goes, "How come they didn't tell me that?"

The bank said, "Well, here we don't charge fees."

Oh, yes, they do. They're hidden. They don't call them fees.

They take your money and they earn 5, 6, 7, 8 percent. What does it

cost you to put your money in the bank? 7% on a million is costing

you 70 grand. They don't charge you 70,000.

They just pay you a nominal interest rate of 1 which is

costing you 70 or 80 thousand of what you otherwise could

earn in a laser fund, in an institution

rank 6 notches higher in safety where your bank put some of your money if you

choose to put it there. He goes, "How come nobody ever told me

this before?" Well... So, he was grateful. I hope this has

given you some insights into opportunities that you

didn't know existed before. So, you can extrapolate from my example.

Whether you have 2 million, 10 million, a half a million or a $100,000,

you can take a lump sum and grandfather

yourself to accumulate from that point forward

your money tax-free, access the money tax free,

be able to take a ten percent payout and not deplete

your nest egg. I'm going to share with you how you can learn more about this.

So, if what I've been sharing intrigues you,

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chapters containing 62 actual client stories. I recommend you

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I'll pay for the book, you pay for the shipping.

There's options there to get the audio version also. And also

video courses if this intrigues you. But many people who get this book

send me thank you notes and they say, "Doug,

you just made me an extra million bucks. You just empowered me to have 100,000

a year of tax-free income compared

to the bank or my advisor only showing 4% returns instead of 10%."

Pretty significant. Wouldn't you agree?