Doctor Reviews OMAD (One Meal a Day)

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OMAD or one meal a day is a form of intermittent fasting where you only eat... well, once a day. pretty self-explanatory

OMAD has become really popular. in fact i got a lot of requests to talk about it So I looked at all the science on OMAD

let's look at the main positives and the potential concerns

1st the positives. #1. OMAD is simple. not easy (we'll get to that in a second), but simple

You eat once a day, within a 1h window, and that's it you’re doing OMAD.

No counting calories, no cutting out entire food groups, no complicated meal plans

simple. ok, I Iike simple. what else you got? 2.

OMAD can help you cut calories.

unless you're 1 of those competitive eaters you're probably not going to eat as much in one meal as if you ate all day long

So it naturally cuts calories even if people aren’t focused on them.

That can help with weight loss and the usual metabolic improvements that come with it (better glucose, etc)

3.OMAD saves time

Less time spent eating and cooking and doing dishes and whatnot

I like it so far. simple, saves time. sounds like my kinda diet

ok let's look at the concerns. you're gona ruin it aren't you?

not necessarily, they're not negatives per se. more like a heads up. something to bear in mind

I don’t have a horse in this race. i don't have anything personal for or against OMAD.

As long as people are healthy and making informed choices, whether it's OMAD or IF or whatever acronym they like, fine with me.

stop softening the blow. let's just hear the negatives

#1: OMAD can be hard. some people may find it difficult to fast 23h/day. you might feel very hungry

But it's a personal thing

some people may find it super convenient and doable

#2 is the issue of quality. I raised this in the 1st intermittent fasting video.

Fasting focuses on quantity but the main issue with food in our society is quality

the last time I mentioned this some of you brought up an interesting point

fglend73 said

most people who promote fasting promote healthy foods. that's great!

if this is clear to everybody out there, great news! and I have no doubt this is obvious for most of you who watch my videos

my concern is I keep seeing these diets marketed to the general public as cheat codes

as this article says: ‘You can eat or drink pretty much whatever you want on OMAD, even pizza burgers and beer

and as much as you want, as long as you do it during your scheduled mealtime’

so that's what I'm talking about

Fasting won’t fix a bad diet. like I said last time,

the main issue is not the fasting, it’s the feasting.

It’s possible to lose weight and remain unhealthy. here's another issue

someone goes on OMAD and loses some weight.

then what?

OMAD doesn't teach them how to eat healthy so they're a little trimmer and they think 'problem solved'

and they go back to eating the way that created the problem. it's a vicious cycle

several studies show the weight lost during fasting is often regained unless there is an overall change to how people eat

So I hope that viewer's right and everybody who’s fasting is super clear on this and eating really healthy!

everybody wins! moving on. #3: if you're gona do OMAD,

I suggest you make sure your nutrient requirements are met. maybe run your OMAD meal through cronometer

to make sure it covers all the vitamins and minerals and fiber and even protein

which normally is one of the easiest nutrients to get enough of but at one meal a day, you might wana make sure

4. if you have conditions like type 2 diabetes talk to your doctor before you start any form of fasting (OMAD or otherwise)

So: make sure I eat healthy foods between fasting, make sure I get my daily requirements

and make sure I don’t have a condition that makes it dangerous.

Anything else?

here's a concern I've seen raised but I don't necessarily agree

this video by a big channel makes an interesting observation

that OMAD may worsen glucose metabolism based on this study

I love that he's showing solid scientific sources. I wish more people would do it. but I'm not sure about that interpretation

the study compared eating 3 meals a day with eating all the food in a big dinner

the negative effects could come from eating only one meal a day but there's another possibility

it could come from when the meal was eaten

as we saw in the time restricted feeding video, our circadian rhythm has a strong effect on our physiology

and on how we react to food

It’s part of a whole field called chronobiology

crown of what?? speak English, son

if people eat a snack late at night, they can have higher cholesterol

and burn less fat than if they eat the same snack in the morning

your body uses up more calories to process food in the morning than at night, so when you

eat earlier you end up with less calories even if you ate the same amount of

calories. I'll say that again in case it's confusing

if you eat the same amount of calories earlier and later in the day

your body uses a higher percentage of calories earlier

so you end up with less even though you ate the same amount of calories

crazy, right? researchers call this effect diet-induced thermogenesis

thelma what?

here we go. he's gona start with the nerd fest

back to cat videos it is!

and that's not all.

research has shown we tend to get hungrier, feel less satiated and crave more fatty foods at night than in the morning.

many studies point to this circadian effect and suggest we front load our calories, a

strong breakfast and lunch and lighter meals later in the day

so personally if I was going to do OMAD

I would do the OMAD meal in the morning or early afternoon

that will give you the benefit of cutting calories from OMAD plus

the chronobiology benefit of eating earlier in the day

this is why it's important we make sure we look at all the data in a field

we normally call it the totality of the evidence but I don't wana get too nerdy on you

ok no risk of that...

in general, with any new dietary trend we're not gona have a lot of data, precisely because it's new

so it's always a bit of an educated guess with these novelties

so there's a lot of unanswered questions with OMAD

as long as we're honest about we do and do not know

because the marketing is always gona be hypey and the new diet is always gona be a miracle

that gives you wings and immortality and great hair

so as long as we have the data and we don't fall for that, that puts you in a good position to make an informed choice

here’s the video on intermittent fasting and the one on meal timing in case you missed them

let me know if you have any questions, see you next week