How to Get 0 Ping & 0 Packet loss! (2020 Method)

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hey guys this is dr glitch welcome back

to another video and in this video guys

i'm gonna be sharing with you a few tips

that's gonna help you guys

instantly lower your ping up to zero

milliseconds and also get

zero percent packet loss and a complete

lag free experience while playing

fortnite or any other online multiplayer

game now i know what you guys are

thinking you guys probably might argue

that it's

practically impossible to get zero ping

unless and until you move

closer to the server but let me tell you

guys that with the proper software and


you can actually achieve zero ping

without moving closer to the server

and that's exactly the reason why i'm

making this video for you guys right now

in order to help you guys

understand how this works and to be able

to get a lag free experience while

playing fortnite

so without any further ado let's just

get straight into the video and let me

show you guys how this works

all right guys so we're going to be

taking a look at four to five steps in


and these are pretty much the only steps

that you need for your ping to be

significantly reduced

and also for you to be able to get zero

percent packet loss uh in fortnite

so for the first step you want to go on

the control panel and then click on this

option right here that says network and

sharing center

click on change adapter settings now go

on to your active connection click on


now what you want to do is click on

configure go into advanced now you're

going to disable this option that says

energy efficient ethernet

and you're going to disable another

option that says green ethernet

so both of these options what they

pretty much do is they restrict the

amount of data that is being transferred

from your ethernet so for the second

step go on to properties once again

now this time you want to head over to

this option right here that says

internet protocol whatever

and then you're going to check this box

right here that says

use a custom dns and you're going to be

entering the exact same dns that you see

on the screen right now

so this is pretty much the dns for

google servers so it's

and the secondary dns is going to be

now once this is done you're going to

hit okay

in order to apply so

once this is done the next thing that

we're gonna do is we're gonna head over


the epic games launcher and then once

you're on this screen

you wanna head over to settings scroll


click on fortnite and check this box

right here that says

additional command line arguments and

you're going to be typing in a command

so just copy uh the exact same command

that you see on the screen right now

so you want to enter uh slash

and just type in allow all packets and

just go back

so these are basically all the changes

that need to be done on your computer

now for the software part you can pretty

much use any third-party application or

software that can help you reroute your


to get the best possible ping and also

to help you guys

reduce your packet loss to an absolute

zero percent

because anything above that can cause

lag and it's extremely annoying to play

an online game with packet loss so as

you guys can see you can use

this software as well it's called low

ping tunnel and exit lag and nope

internal are pretty much the same

they both execute the same actions in

order for you guys to get

a significantly reduced ping and packet


so i personally use exit lag and i'm

just gonna give you guys an example of

how this works

all right so as you guys can see on the

screen right now i'm getting a constant

two to ten percent packet loss on my


and it's really annoying when you try to

build or edit structures

since there's a delay every time you try

to do it so in order to fix this

uh what you want to do is you're going

to open up exit lag or no ping tunnel or

whatever software you're using to lower

your ping and packet loss

now just for this particular example

we're going to be comparing the

difference in

the packet loss since uh to see a

difference in our ping we're actually

going to have to restart a game

but to see a difference in the packet

loss you can just use the software

while the game is running in the

background and uh you know see a notable


in your packet loss right after you turn

it on

so just to let you guys know i'm not

sponsored by any of these websites

or softwares but i'm using exit lag just

because it's my personal preference

so in order to fix the packet loss

or ping in your game what you're gonna

have to do is you're gonna have to

search for

the game that you wanna lower your ping

on so in our case is obviously fortnite

so once you select fortnite you're gonna

have to select a region which is

closest to you so in this case

um since i live in india i'm gonna

select mumbai

and just click on apply route

and open the game and let's see the


uh let's see if we have any difference

in our packet loss

so if you guys remember remember i had

uh two to ten percent constant bucket


and right now i have absolutely zero


if you guys can see on the screen right

now and this is

uh the difference that you can

potentially get uh

if you follow all of these steps that

i've shown you guys in this video

and you can restart the game uh once


done playing and you can check the ping

right after

and as you guys can see i have one

milliseconds of ping

on middle east service which is not even

located in mumbai

and i'm still able to achieve it with

that being said guys that was pretty

much the video hope you guys find this

video helpful and if you do please don't

forget to leave a like to this video and

also do not forget to subscribe to my


thanks a lot for watching i'll talk to

you guys in the next one