How To Unfollow Everyone on Instagram at ONCE! (2020)

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hey what's going on guys welcome back to

false tech in today's video I'm gonna

show you guys how to unfollow everyone

on Instagram at once and this is the

quickest and most reliable version and

this is brand new

hope you guys enjoy sit back relax and

enjoy the show

let's get started all right first things

first let me show you my Instagram

account real quick so this is the

account currently I'm following one

person I want to go ahead and follow

more people so that I can demonstrate

let's say I want to target people who

are into setups right I go to the this

post likes and then start following

these people this strategy is called

follow follow but I personally think

follow for follow is dead I'm not saying

you can't grow by follow follow but it's

not organic and it is not as effective

so if this is your strategy to grow on

Instagram you have to step up your game

alright enough talking 20 people on

following right now let's say I want to

unfollow everyone I have to go to app

store the link is going to be in the

description for both Android and iPhone

the name of the app is called cleaner

for Instagram right there let's do this


all right it's being downloaded right

here let me just move this right here

all right as you can see it is fully

installed on my device is that clean

let's go ahead and click on it and sign

in with your information all right and

then you have to agree to the terms and

conditions as you can see these are all

the people I just followed this app is

more than just on following it offers a

lot more features like you can remove

all the followers that you have maybe

there are spam accounts and you want to

remove them you can do that from here

also you can see all the pictures that

you have light as well as the posts that

you have I don't have any post but if I

had I could have deleted it from here

all right back to the admission if you

want to unfollow everyone you go to

action or before we have to select all

these like this and now what I want to

do is go to action as you can see

unfollow and it's going to remove

everybody at once how cool is that just

as a proof let me go back to my

Instagram I had 20 people now it's zero

so yeah guys that is pretty much it and

for those people who say this app is

paid yes you can pay to get more

operations but there is also free

version you have to log in here daily

and every time you log in they're gonna

give you free operations so that is

completely free guys hope you enjoyed

this video if you did you know what to

do so Marcel like button up and

subscribe for more content like this now

I'll see you guys in the next one peace