The Sims 4 Money Cheats!

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hey similes it's de liquor see here with

a video on how to use money cheats in

The Sims 4 we're just going to go

through a couple of different ways you

can increase or decrease your family

household funds first of all this family

are the cuny's or the Kearney's I think

they're from The Sims 4 base game and

you know that's why we okay they've got

twenty thousand simoleons and household

funds but we're gonna up that a little

bit so without needing to have any

cheats enabled yet we just go ctrl shift

C to get up the cheat box and just like

The Sims 3 you can type in mother lodes

to instantly get 50,000 simoleons added

to a family family or household funds

now if you don't want to jump that for

our head you can either use the cheats

are coaching to add an extra thousand or

rosebud which some of you may be

familiar with from the sims 1 other sims

2 so there you go that adds another

thousand to the household funding but

anyway if you're a wanting to have an

exact number you can do that all you

have to do is enable cheap serger ctrl

shift c and you're testing cheats as one

word truth to enable cheats and it'll

tell you that cheats are enabled and

then all you need to do is enter in

money and then put in whatever amount

you want so let's say we want them only

to have four thousand simoleons

there we go it's just minus sixty eight

thousand all right sir if we want to

maybe add a certain amount of money to

that but we don't want to do the fifty

thousand or the one thousand jump we can

instead girl sims dot modify underscore

funds and you can either use a plus or a


to add or subtract from their current

fund so let's go put space in and plus

and let's give them a dinner

another six hundred dollars so there we

go now there's four thousand six hundred

available or you can - and do whatever

you like

very guys hope that's helpful and that

you're having a lovely morning

not evening wherever you are and I will

speak to you soon thank