Blood Cancer (Leukemia) - Symptoms, Causes & Treatment | Dr. (Sqn Ldr) HS Darling (Hindi)

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Hello! My name is Dr. H.S. Darling.

I am a Cancer Specialist in Narayana Super Specialty Hospital, Gurugram.

We treat cancer with the help of chemotherapy.

Today we will talk about Leukemia that is blood cancer.

We will talk mainly about blood cancer in adults.

So in adults there are two types of blood cancer

One is A.L.L and other is A.M.L.

AML is more common in adults.

60-70% people get AML and 30-40% get ALL.

Amongst kids, ALL is more common.

For diagnosis of blood cancer patient comes with the symptoms such as fever, bleeding, blood spots on body,

blood coming in urine or in stool and while coughing, weight loss, appetite loss and getting tired quickly.

This is the cancer of blood cells.

So when haemoglobin cuts down then tiredness comes,

if blood fighter cells which are known as TLC \ WBC if they reduce, infection happens more often

and if platelets are less bleeding occurs.

So patient can come with any type of combination.

When we get doubt of patient having blood cancer,

we just take sample of blood with the help of needle and test it.

In 70-80% cases we get idea from that test whether patient has cancer,

after that we do complete evaluation of patient.

For complete evaluation of patient we do bone marrow evaluation.

Many a times we need to do the CT Scan of the chest & abdomen

and we need to do few genetic tests.

Based on this we can diagnose the type of blood cancer and how much it has been spread out.

Apart from that we can check if the patient has any infection which during the time of treatment,

can cause trouble. If yes, then that needs to be treated before treating cancer.

When we do cancer treatment mainly we give chemotherapy and antibiotics.

In AML treatment we have to give strong medicines

which is a course of 5 to 7 days. After that patient stays in the hospital for 15 to 20 days

because chemotherapy cuts down the immunity of the body and after that new cells form.

When new normal cells increases, patient starts improving.

During this period chances of infection are very high hence this period is very crucial.

In such times we keep patient in the hospital

and we restrict people from meeting them so that patient does not catch any external infection.

Success rate is 50 to 60%.

Many a times we have to do bone marrow transplant in this. For that one month’s separate admission is there.

Second cancer is ALL.

In ALL, treatment is more successful than AML but lengthy.

ALL treatment goes up to 2 years but for first 15-20 days,

normally we keep patient in the hospital for the same reason.

Initially we give strong medicines and there is a fear of infection.

Once patient passes through those first 15-20 days,

one month later we check with bone marrow to see the response.

If the response is good we give further medication which lasts for 2 years.

And in few cases even in ALL we need to do transplant.

That transplant is of one month.

Success chance is around 70 to 80% in this. Thank you.