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How to TREAT a BOIL on Your BUTTOCKS (3 Simple Steps) | Best TREATMENT For BOILS On Your Buttocks

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hi it's Jason from oils relief now calm

and in this video I'm going to give you

the best method for treating boils on

your buttocks and the one thing you must

never do treating a boil on your

buttocks is pretty much the same as if

it were anywhere else but it definitely

poses a challenge since it can be harder

to reach and see without assistance or a

mirror the first thing you need to do is

help the boil open naturally so the puss

can begin to drain and the affected area

can start to heal the best way to do

this is apply a warm moist washcloth

over the boil and let it sit for 15

minutes do this at least 3 times a day

you may find it easier to lay on your

stomach during this process so you don't

have to hold the washcloth keep in mind

that it typically takes five to seven

days for a boil to open so be diligent

but remain patient secondly it is

vitally important to keep the infected

area clean after the boil opens you

should wash the area two to three times

daily with the natural antibacterial

soap one great way to speed up the

healing process and clean the area is to

take a bath or a sitz bath in Epsom salt

besides the healing properties Epsom

salt can help dry out the pus and help

the boil to drain thirdly you should

apply natural topical oils that are

proven to reduce inflammation and assist

in the healing process

tea tree oil as well as neem oil are

great oils to use as they contain

antibacterial and antiseptic properties

they are also commonly used to treat

other skin infections castor oil is

another oil you should apply as it

contains natural anti-inflammatory

properties and can help reduce the

itching and swelling we believe the best

way to heal a boil whether on your

buttocks or any other place on your body

is to treat it naturally and homeopathic

aliy if you find yourself suffering from

a boil we recommend a unique formula

blend known as boil eggs which is used

by many to help relieve oil symptoms

such as stinging pain and inflammation

and speed up the healing process you can

find out more about boil X by clicking

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our website oils relief now calm