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hey you guys welcome back to my channel

so in this video it's gonna be a quick

update on my armpits um if you don't

know I have hydrated suppurativa

also known as acne inversa which is

basically really really bad inflammation

that I get in my armpits in my groin

area and it causes really really

uncomfortable boils that fill up with

pus and I have to pop them or drain them

out because sometimes are so big that

actually like drain out you guys know

I've been putting band-aids over them in

case they pop when I sleep and a lot of

guys would tell me to stop using my

mayonnaise I already bought like a big

pack of mayonnaise I'm kind of just

going through them but yes I'm gonna

give you guys a quick update y'all look

how good my armpits look right now don't

mind the hair if you guys know you're

not really supposed to be shaving when

you have hidradenitis suppurativa and i

haven't been waxing either plate look at

this so much better than my previous

video now I do have a bump that's right

here this is kind of new that just

popped up this one in this one back here

I don't know if you guys can see it but

it's right there these both just popped

up because I didn't start my period so

you guys know my hormones and stuff but

other than that like this is all cleared

up like it looks ready I can push on it

I don't feel anything these definitely

hurt but the other ones so here you

right here sorry y'all but yeah my

armpits looks so good like this is this

is the best I've seen my armpits in a

long time you guys like this is crazy

this one has completely nothing like no

bumps no irritation no nothing


if you guys are interested in me posting

updates about my hidradenitis

suppurativa please leave some comments

down below because I know I have a lot

of black women that follow me and y'all

probably go through this too because

this is actually really common with the

black women so if you don't want me to

keep y'all updated on this Dutch pain at

the same time I was gonna wash my hair

today but there's literally there's no

way I'm about to wash my hair like I


and that that one that real ugly one

that's like right there that's the one

that keeps popping like non-stop like

I've drained it so many times and it

still keeps filling that one is open

this one in the middle is open and then

that one is open too so there's so much

smaller though so I'm not even tripping

right now like they're a lot smaller

then a lot of guys who told me not to

shave like this ain't shaved and I'll

know how long if you can tell like oh I

don't shave I don't shave I like you

who's the other eight I don't use

nothing like I just be going with the

flow and apparently I need to figure out

a way to control my hormones because a

lot of this stuff is like it happens

right before my period so a little about

what I've been doing I'm still taking my

black seed oil pills I will link these

down below on my Amazon store still

using these love them so much I take two

of them a days what you're supposed to

do with a meal and I'm so impressed

like I've been consistent with these I

feel like consistency is key so if you

do try something new keep at it just to

see if it does make a difference or not

also I don't know if you guys follow me

on Instagram or not but on Instagram

I've been sharing with you guys that I

just started my fitness journey

um I officially started like January

20th and I've really been going to the

gym and working out and stuff and so

because of that I started using

deodorant now a lot of people with

hidradenitis suppurativa know that we

kind of avoid the ordering because it

just it just it just doesn't help the

situation but of course I have aluminum

free deodorants on my sharing with you

guys today so my top two favorites right

now dove

y'all dove deodorant everyone loves dove

and their products they have a zero

percent aluminum deodorant on if you

guys can read it or not hold on this is

zero percent aluminum on here and this

has been working great especially when

it comes to me working out because you

guys already know the lumina free

deodorants when it comes to sweating you

still gonna smell yourself like the

lumina free donuts really don't work


well this has been amazing with me

working out now for everyday use I use

the Brio geo let me focus it so you guys

can see the Brio GOP will this is also

has no loom in a minute

you guys know brioche it's actually like

a haircare brand a curly hair care brand

at that but they came out with an

aluminum free deodorant and I've been

trying it out this is about like month

two of me using it and I actually like

it a lot I like that it has like a

eucalyptus scent so it smells really

really fresh but nothing too strong it's

perfect for every single day use so

that's why I use the force everyday and

then again if I'm going to the gym I

just usually use the Dove one I haven't

really used the Dove one for everyday

use because I don't go to the gym

everyday I go at least every other day

and that's when I use this but you guys

know after the gym you usually take a

shower and I just wash it right off and

I don't even wear deodorant on every day

unless I'm going somewhere I find up

going somewhere I'm gonna put this on

but if I'm just sitting at the house I

don't even wear deodorant like I just

try to keep my armpits free and let them

breathe and let them do their thing and

it's it's been working y'all I really

cannot believe how much my armpits have

cleared up like it's crazy another major

thing that I really think is been

working for me is that I have really

been limiting my dairy intake

I still eat dairy from time to time but

I do not eat nearly as much as I used to

do like if I eat a salad I'm only used

in balsamic vinegar if not using no

ranch or anything like that I also have

dairy free butter that I use now I don't

use the regular butter anymore anything

I'm gonna use some oil and if I wanna

use butter again I'll use the dairy-free

butter I'd never really drink cow milk

to begin with so I'm not really worried

about the milk intake I usually drink

either almond or soy milk

and even with my ice cream choices like

y'all if y'all go down the ice cream I

like down Kroger's or Walmart there's so

many dairy-free options like I've been

sleeping on myself like I'm just I've

just been really exploring all the

dairy-free options and I really think

I've been getting the benefits of it

because I haven't had like any puss

build-up or anything like that which is

a main cause when you eat dairy you're

gonna get some possibility' so that's

one of my really really big tips is that

I've been limiting dairy I still eat it

from time to time but nothing like I

used to like I really couldn't tell

y'all the last time I had some macaroni

and cheese or like some alfredo or

something like that it's something that

has tons of dairy on cool like I don't

even mess

no more you guys that's really all I

wanted to come on here and tell you guys

is what I've been doing what's been

helping me and I really think it's been

working again these are from me starting

my period just like three days ago I'm

about to get off my period but that's

why those bumps are there other than

that I've really been chillin like my

armpits haven't had no issues and I'm so

happy about it so I'm pretty sure Barry

had a lot to do with it and then also

you know just me making sure my armpits

are always clean and then also me

working out too I feel like that's

really been helping the whole situation

because a lot of people say when you

lose fat it really does help your boils

and stuff to calm down the inflammation

to go down so that's all I'm worried

about job trying to get healthy I'm

trying to make sure I get myself

together because I can't I can't go

through the struggle no more the

struggle is real but yeah that's all for

this video today you guys um leave some

comments down below if you guys are

experiencing hidradenitis suppurativa

and anything oh my goodness someone

commented on my video I don't my boys

video it was I've only had like two or

three videos about hidradenitis

suppurativa but someone on one of those

videos told me to play Vicks VapoRub on

my armpit at night girl miracle worker

like I think that's what's been keeping

them pretty clear to like now of course

don't do it if you have an open wound or

open sore anything like that but if they

are closed

I was definitely suggest trying to put

it Vicks VapoRub on it at night I've

been doing that like every other night

and y'all I've been chilling my armpits

feel great right now I'm just so happy

that they're clearing up but yeah you

guys thank you so much for watching this

video go ahead and leave some comments

down below and I'll see you guys in my

next upload