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every time I upload today all one of my

virtual BFFs reached out to me and asked

me if I knew any home remedies for

treating boils and you know I didn't

know specifically at that time but I've

done my research

and I would be remiss not to share this

information with that individual and for

many others who may be suffering from

boils up calling them boils but they can

also be considered as abscesses or a

carbuncle so first let's talk about what

these actually are boils abscesses

carbuncles this is what I have found out

moles and abscesses are red pus filled

bumps that form under the skin they're

often painful and they grow larger until

they are drained boils are caused by

bacteria that infect and then inflame

hair follicles they can grow to the size

of a baseball and the area surrounding

the skin can be red and painful a

carbuncle is a red swollen and painful

cluster of boils that are connected to

each other under the skin one thing you

should not do is pick and squeeze a boil


doesn't drain properly it could infect

nearby areas and push the infection even

deeper into the skin and if it does that

it can definitely cause more boils we're

mighty fine balls balls most commonly

affect areas around the neck on the face

the shoulders armpits and the buttocks

now let's talk about how to get rid of

boils and how to get help and relief

from boils the first thing I found out

apply heat heat helps to increase the

circulation in an area bringing white

blood cells and antibodies to the area

to fight the infection so applying heat

to a ball is one of the best home

remedies you can use apply a warm

compress like this one or you can also

use a towel use that warm compress for

20 minutes at a time do this three to

four times a day every day until the

boil is gone oh my gosh we've talked

about this time and time again on my

channel if you don't have this essential

oil it's now time to click the link

below and get you some tea tree oil tea

tree essential oil has strong

antibacterial and antiseptic properties

this can help to treat the bacterial

infection causing the boil tea tree

should not be applied directly to the

skin as it can have a burning effect mix

5 drops of tea tree oil with a teaspoon

of coconut oil or olive oil put the

diluted tea tree oil on a cotton swamp

and apply it to the effect

area two or three times per day do this

daily until the boil is completely gone

here's another item we've talked about

time and time again on this channel and

that's turmeric powder turmeric powder

has both antibacterial and

anti-inflammatory properties both of

which can help heal a boil and get rid

of it quickly it's been used as a

natural blood purifier for thousands of

years in Eastern medicine as a result

you can choose to ingest turmeric powder

use it topically to treat boils or you

can actually do both to ingest it boil a

teaspoon of turmeric powder in water or

milk and drink it three times daily once

it has cooled to use it topically mix

turmeric with water and/or ginger to

make a paste and apply it to the boil at

least twice a day

this is Epsom salt I just simply have

removed it from its original container

so that it can remain fresh this is

something I use on a regular for my foot

baths Epsom salt y'all this is epson

salt it's not just for relaxing it has

numerous health benefits including the

ability to treat boils the salt can

actually help to dry out the puss

causing the boil to drain dissolve Epsom

salt in warm water and soak a compress

in it apply the compress to the area for

20 minutes at a time do this at least 3

times daily until the boil is gone one

quick and easy over-the-counter

pointment is neosporin if you're looking

for fast acting and suit

nice boring is it as many people keep a

tube of neosporin in the medicine

cabinet you might not even have to look

far to get it it is right there

it helps keep the infection from

spreading apply this neosporin pointment

to the ball at least twice a day until

the boil is gone now I told you all to

pick up you some casserole because

casserole has some great great uses and

here's another one for you

casserole contains a compound called

ricin oleic acid which is a natural but

potent anti-inflammatory this combined

with his powerful antibacterial

properties make it a great natural

treatment for boils apply a small amount

of casserole directly to the boil at

least three times a day until the boil

is gone and the final thing that I found

that is great for a neem oil y'all this

is not the first time I've talked about

neem oil on the channel listen neem oil

also known as Indian lilac has

antiseptic antibacterial and

antimicrobial properties that help treat

skin infections including boils and it

treats them fast to treat boils with

neem oil apply the oil directly to the

boil three to four times a day make sure

you wash your hands before and after

application now you know as I told you

on a previous video name all it don't

smell all that great but it works

wonders now beautiful babies I've given

you this advice but you know I am NOT

your doctor I am NOT your physician if

your case is more serious and no matter

what you've tried it did boils the boils

just don't go away please please please

always consult your physician

or a medical professional definitely

seek medical help if the ball keeps

getting larger

despite the home treatment the ball

hasn't cleared up or diminished after a

week of treatment the ball is as large

as a ping-pong ball

the skin surrounding the ball is bright

red or has red streaks extending from it

the boil is extremely painful there are

other lumps near the boil you have

recurring boils over several months or

if you have diabetes beautiful babes

This Is It this is information that I

definitely wanted to get to you today so

if you're suffering from balls try one

of these treatments all of these

treatments if something on here is

available right in your hands go ahead

and start your treatment today and again

if you've been suffering for a while

please do consult your physician I am

your girl sweet angel please like

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