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How To Get Rid Of A Gum Dental Abscess Oral Infection On GUMS Instant Pain Relief From Home

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hey everybody thank you for watching

this video today and this video is gonna

be about how to get rid of a excess so

if you have an abscess inside your mouth

and you have a lot of pain and it's

bubbling it's red that's a sign of an

abscess it's gonna be like a bubble

sometimes the bubble has pus sometimes

it doesn't sometimes you have an abscess

within your cheek if you look in the

mirror and you see that your cheek is

getting swollen it's because your your

veins travel through your mouth and

sometimes infection makes its way into

the vein and it gets stuck right in the

middle so you'll see it right in the

middle of your cheek bubbling so there's

two forms of abscess you have the one

that's on the tooth and then you have

the one that's inside the body okay so

today I'm going to show you guys a

remedy that works and it's going to get

rid of it I promise you this is really

going to help you there's a lot of

videos out there on YouTube showing

people how to get rid of an abscess

tooth but I'm gonna show you the exact

steps to do it properly so the first

thing we're gonna do here is we're gonna

get some water inside of a bowl okay I'm

gonna put this down right here this is

one of the ingredients that we're gonna


but you want to add some water inside of

a bowl so what you want to do is add

some garlic to it some minced garlic

okay what that's going to do is the


it has antifungal properties so it's

gonna help you to calm the nerve because

I know that's that you have to calm the

nerve force and the reason why we're

going to take the garlic before we take

the oil because we're gonna use an oil

here in a bit so or you may burn if you

use it after if you use the garlic after

the oil so basically that's not a good

idea so we're gonna take some garlic and

you're gonna put some garlic into the

bowl and once you do that let me see if

we could do it trying to hold a camera

at the same time so I'm gonna just show

everybody how to do this let's put the

camera down for five seconds and lift

the camera back up and here we go again

okay so you just want to take some


and put it inside the water just like

that okay and you also could add salt to

this if you want but today we're not

going to add any salt we're just going

to put some garlic in the water and

after that if you have any type of

cooking oil not a lot because you know

sometimes it's not really good to put

oil cooking oil in your body it's

fattening but if you have any type of

oil a lot of people recommend olive oil

because it's clean or grapeseed oil

because it's cleaner but we're gonna use

this cooking oil today and this is the

only cooking oil what I had in my

kitchen it's vegetable oil so a lot of

you may have canola you know a different

type of cooking oils but I'm gonna try

to open this bottle here and what we're

gonna do is we add a little bit of oil

probably about two tablespoons into the

water and we're gonna let that marinate

now if you have a spoon you can mix this

with a spoon I'm gonna use a dropper

I'm gonna use a dropper and you don't

have a dropper I recommend if you have a

q-tip in your medicine cabinet you might

want to use that but because I have a

dropper I'm going to use a dropper today

so what you want to do is you just want

to mix that and I'm gonna suck some of

this up into the dropper so you guys can

see okay there we go

that's kind of oily and the reason why

we put oil in there is because if you

was to add this to your abscess it

wouldn't stick to the gun and then when

the medicine wouldn't crawl and make its

way through into the infection you

understand if you just take it with

water it's gonna drip down onto the

tongue and it's not gonna make it up so

the oil kind of supports it up there it

keeps it you know greasy alright so what

you want to do is take some of this and

if you don't have a dropper like I have

you could use a q-tip or if you don't

have a q-tip you

use a piece of tissue and roll it into a

little ball with your fingers and and

stuff it within that area

but you could take this dropper right

here and add some onto the tooth okay I

would say about I would do the whole

thing and I would do that for the first

five minutes you're gonna do that for

the first five minutes every every

probably every 15 to 20 minutes you're

just gonna keep adding more onto the

tooth and you're slowly gonna start to

feel it soothe and the nerves gonna be

able to relax but what happens after

that the infection still there and what

does that mean it's gonna come right

back okay

so this here is just gonna get the nerve

right okay all right what we're gonna do

next now I'm going to show you guys

another liquid and this is an essential


it's called oregano oil it's made by now

but there's different companies that

sell it cheaper than this brand right

here this is an expensive brand but

that's because they have good quality

I'll put a link at the bottom of the

video where you can actually buy this

and I think it's $15 if I'm not mistaken

fifteen sixteen bucks somewhere around

there but I'm gonna put a link on the

bottom with with the cheapest one the

most expensive one and which ones are

better to use but I actually think all

of argan oil is pretty good this stuff

here has antiseptic antibacterial

properties so it's really good for you

know killing that that abscess so what I

would do with this let's open this real

quick what I would do with this is take

a q-tip if you have one in your medicine

cabinet and you could you could drop you

can here let's do something you could

take some of this and add it into a bowl

all right and then add a little bit of

water into it you know what I'm saying

add some water into the bowl make sure

you get rid of this or use another Bowl

but you could take some oregano oil okay

some of this stuff right here and you

can find this at your local health store

you could find it a

sometimes they have them at the gmc's

but definitely you could find it at GNC

okay this stuff's good but I'll put a

link at the bottom or you guys go order

it alright so what you do is let's just

pretend the regular oil was in here and

what I want to do is take - probably

about five drops one two three four or

five we got six but it's alright that

stuff burns and be careful dude guys

this stuff here it burns your lips don't

get it on your lips do not get in on

your tongue and do not try to get it

like on your face okay

this stuff's very dangerous I mean as of

getting it on particular areas but we're

using it for a cure and it's actually a

food product that's a spice so it's a

plant all right so you know let's just

pretend this was the oregano oil with

the water what you do is you take a

q-tip and out your medicine cabinet

and then you you dip it in there okay

and the reason why we add water the

reason why we add water with this stuff

here the oregano oil okay oregano oil is

because if you take that by itself

you're gonna hurt yourself really bad I

promise it's very dangerous so we add a

little bit of water in there and take a

q-tip dip it in there and add it on the

tooth okay and if it's not the tooth you

put it on the gum line when you do take

that q-tip and you rub it on there just

make sure you dab it one time and get it

out of your mouth without touching your

cheeks your tongue nothing you cannot

touch anything interior because it will

burn it is not a dangerous product if

you do it the way I'm showing you this

is the safe way so when you take that

q-tip and you get it up in there to the

tooth okay you just take one dab and out

some people like to go in there and rub

it all around and that's not good

because this stuff feels very strong and

and it will swell your gums up really

bad and hurt you if you do it raw so

instead of doing it raw you have to mix

it okay you could either mix it with a

little water or you can mix it with a

little vegetable oil or any type of oil

you have grapeseed

just make sure the oil that you use is

it hasn't been used to cook or fry

anything especially chicken I love

chicken but yeah so guys I just showed

you how to get rid of an abscess

okay these steps here they work I've

tried it I've had plenty of abscesses in

my mouth because I eat a lot of sugar I

need a lot of candy and I definitely

love to eat a lot Spanish food and you

know a lot of sweets so you know I get

abscesses all the time

so like I said you know you can take a

q-tip dip it in there and put it in that

area now if you don't have a q-tip you

could take some toilet tissue I'm in my

bathroom yes that's my toilet and I'm

sorry I could take some tissue and what

you do is you roll a little piece of it

you're a little piece of it into like a

ball just like this okay and then you

dip that let's pretend this is oregano


okay let's bend this bottom round let's

just pretend that's a regular oil with

vegetable oil in here okay by itself and

we added six drops of oregano oil into

here you take this tissue and you dip it

in there you don't dip the whole thing

you just dip the tip remember what I

said this stuff's wrong and what you

want to do is add this into the area

that's affected inside your mouth that

area that's affected that's hurting you

because of the abscess this is what you

do and you hold it in there and don't

hold it in there for more than five

minutes hold it in there for about if

you can let's just start off with one

minute if you can hold this in your

mouth one minute now when you're done

with this make sure you have a glass of

milk not water you want to use milk

you're going to rinse with milk why

because if you cannot take the burn that

this provides the milk is going to help

to flush this out of your mouth this way

you won't hurt that bed okay so it's

because if you use water look what


with water guys water makes it spread

all over the place okay the only reason

why we mix the water with the garlic

because that was just to calm the nerves

down but I highly recommend if you're

gonna use an oil like this you you

definitely you know want to use another

oil and blend them together the it's

called the Luke you diluted okay so you

just you add a little tip of this just

dab dab it towards the end that's it

one bad and then you put it within that

area of wherever it's hurting now if you

have an abscess and you know it's coming

from the inside of a tooth you could

always take the end of a q-tip cut the

cotton piece off and kind of push this

up in there okay make sure the q-tip is

straight you cut it you can take a pair

of scissors and cut it you don't want to

curve on it or an angle because it's

kind of it's gonna hurt you and you

could bleed you just and don't push it

in there too deep you just want to push

it enough to where you feel it's not

going to hurt you remember the the q-tip

doesn't go all the way into the tooth

you're just pushing this into the tooth

not not the q-tip into the tube okay so

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