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Ear infection home remedies (plus treatments)

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An ear infection can occur when a bacterial or a viral infection affects

the middle ear or sections of the ear just behind the eardrum. There are different

types of ear infections. The inner ear infection, the outer ear infection and

the middle ear infection. Middle ear infections are the most common type.

Symptoms of ear infections that appear will depend on the type of ear infection

that you have. Ear infections can be painful because the inflammation and

fluid build-up in the middle ear. To ease your symptoms there are a few home

treatments you can try. Popping your ears, medically known as auto inflation may

relieve the feeling of fullness and pressure in your ears. Simply pinch your

nose, close your mouth and exhale very gently. This sends air through the tubes

to help drain them. Some studies have shown tea tree oil to be a natural

remedy that may help with outer and middle ear infections.

Tea tree oil contains a chemical compound that kills off bacteria.

Olive oil is another essential oil that contains antibacterial properties. There

is no scientific evidence to prove olive oil helps treat ear infections, however

the American Academy of Pediatrics says olive oil can be moderately effective on

ear pain. Garlic is another natural remedy used by some to treat ear

infections. Some studies have shown that naturopathic ear drops containing garlic

help with ear pain. Please be sure to get a doctor to examine your ear before

using tea tree oil, garlic oil and olive oil. You can see a doctor in minutes at

your local pharmacy by visiting If you found this

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