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hello everyone welcome to my channel and

if this is the first time watching

welcome in today's video I'm sharing one

of my grandma signature recipe for

getting rid of boys under the arms and

also on the groin now my grandma is like

a little herb lady she could whip

anything up in her kitchen if you have

bellyache I did sort short fever come

true boys you name it she will a remedy

for it and not only does she ever remedy

for it but it actually works so today

I'm going to share one with you that the

entire never would swear by so if you

have boils under the arms boys on the

grind or boys just about anywhere this

video is for you so continue watching

boys a boil is a red swollen and painful

pump under the skin it often looks like

an overgrown pimple boys are often

caused by infected hair follicles

bacteria from the infection form an

abscess or pocket of pus a board can

become large and cause severe pain for

this recipe we're going to use a grater

a sieve bandages are cotton cloth and

the ingredients are garlic castor oil

and either basil leaves are pepper

leaves whichever one you have so today

I'm using basil so you want to wash the

basil leaves then you're gonna pat dry

and then you're going to remove the

leaves from the stem you could toss the

stem or you could save it for your stew

no need to waste the stem

now this is where the fun part begins

there's no chopping what you do gonna

take a few leaves I'm gonna start with

two and this is what I saw this is what

I notice she's gonna look an abrupt

little chopping

no no chopping whatsoever I notice what

is happening see that it's not chopping

and I'm reaching for a bowl


not Dawson put it to the side we're

gonna get a couple more so you get the

idea and I'm just following the method

okay I don't know what is behind this

process but this is what it is so now we

have this is what the leaves look like

when I'm done okay

and this is the juice that is from the

leaves so we're gonna put the juice

aside and now we're gonna cut this in

small pieces what ask me why she did it

like this I don't know but they are

something behind this madness because it

works all right so so I'm gonna put this

to the side and then I'm gonna prepare

the garlic so here is the garlic but I

don't want we need just about a clove of

garlic so I'm gonna strip the garlic or

if you choose to call it peach peel

strip whichever you prefer here we have

our garlic they don't wash the garlic so

I'm not gonna wash it okay so this is

our grated garlic and now and I'm going

to put a few drops of castor oil stuffy

the drops no measurement

so I'm gonna put some gloves on I'm

gonna take my clock

then I'm gonna take some of the leaves

basil leaves and then I'm gonna place it

on the clock and on top you want to put

the garlic mixture just like that so you

want to place it right over the boy like

that and you're gonna hold it and make

sure it is in place once it is in place

you want to tie but before you tie

you're gonna lower the arm nor your arm

okay great

and then you're gonna tie and that is it

now the person can walk around with this

all day also the person can choose to

put their shirt or their blouse with a

sleeve over the treatment so you could

go about your daily activities with the

treatment on the boil

okay you want to wear this treatment for

about 10-12 hours and then you're gonna

remove you can choose to wear the

treatment overnight which is best and

the next thing you wanna take it off and

you want to check the boil by the next

day the boil should burst by itself

you're not gonna force it it should

burst by itself or if it's not yet then

you want to apply more treatment and

you're gonna wear it for another 12

hours and guarantee by the second day

the boil is gonna burst and run in and

then you could choose to squeeze it and

once you get all of that pus from the

boil it is gonna basically shrink and


the same thing apply you put a small

amount of the visa leaves you put a

little of the garlic treatment over and

you're gonna face it on and this is it

so there you have it thank you all for

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