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The BEST Way to Get Yellowing Out of a Boat Hull! | CHEAP & EASY!

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hey y'all it is Catherine here with salt

fresh fishing and today I am going to be

sharing a cost-effective way to clean

the hull of your boat so we have a 21 70

blazer bay and after you know 50 hours

in the water last weekend during the

Alabama deep sea fish and Rodeo our boat

is disgusting the hull is completely

yellowed and just definitely looks like

it needs a good cleaning so today I

wanted to share a cost-effective way to

get the yellowing out of your hole with

some simple products you can pick up at

your local store so without further ado

let's hop right into it this may sound

super weird but the secret ingredient to

cleaning your boat is some toilet bowl

cleaner so I know that there's some

toilet bowl cleaners that don't work but

this Lysol 10 times the cleaning power

power toilet bowl cleaner this will do

some insane things to the yellowing on

your boat I haven't tried any other

brands but let me show you what it's

going to do to just change up our

yellowing on the whole I have one of

these spray pumps right here and we're

just gonna dump it in here spray our

entire boat let it sit for probably 20

to 30 minutes and then we'll wash it off

and our hull will look good as new

let me show you a before video of what

our hole looks like right now

it's gross here is what our boat hole

looks like currently it is definitely

gross and yellow which is not good as

you can see our gel coat is definitely a

little bit cloudy but we're hoping to

change that

soon in the future we're gonna buff our

entire boat and make it look good as new

but today we are focusing on this nasty

yellowing all over the hole so yeah as

you can tell it's just gross

look at that nastiness right there

let's get started on this right now


I sprayed the toilet bowl cleaner all

over the boat and then we went behind

that and rubbed it in with a sponge now

we're gonna let that sit for about 30

minutes and hopefully it gets a lot of

that yellowing off of our hull so here

is a little before-and-after of the hull

this is obviously the side I've put the

toilet bowl cleaner on and this is the

other side so I guess you could say it

made a wee bit of a difference

isn't that crazy what toilet bowl

cleaner does in about two minutes blows

my mind all right time to keep working

on the boat before we put the toilet

bowl cleaner on the back of this boat

was straight up just solid yellow and

brown and just look at that

transformation it works so so good look

at that it looks beautiful I can't

believe how good of a job that did Wow

she is shining like never before y'all I

am just absolutely blown away by how

good that toilet bowl cleaner cleaned

our whole it looks almost brand new it's

wider than the day we bought it it looks

so so good so if you are looking to get

that yellow out of your hole be sure to

go check out that toilet bowl cleaner

I'm sure there are other brands that

work as well I just know that this one

works and it works really good and

really fast let me know down below what

you use to clean your hole thank you so

so much for watching and we'll be back

again super soon with more videos bye