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How to remove a boat from a trailer.

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today we're going to give you a special

how-to video on how to safely remove a

boat from a trailer without any help at

all so first things first you need to

know the integrity of this boat

I personally built this boat from

scratch I know it's built strong I know

the attachment points are strong I know

that you know there's no wood rod I know

what it weighs things of that nature

okay moving forward I'm still going to

be very careful and make sure that I

don't damage my boat all right that

being said you guys feel uncomfortable

doing this make sure you get a friend

make sure you get some help and make

sure you get another set of eyes to help


pay attention to what's going on so

let's take a look and see what I'm doing

today I'm gonna use a two inch strap

that's you know got a capacity of about

3,500 pounds and I want to use a big oak

tree all right

simple as that I am going to use a

handful of inflated car tires got

deflated ones that's okay too

but we want to make sure that our boat

lands softly we keep it off the ground

and for my personal preference since I

don't know how long I'm going to have

this boat off the trailer I want to make

sure that that drain hole has pointed

downhill okay that should work now as

you can see I've got an angled situation

going on here with my strap when I pull

this boat trailer out from underneath

this boat I want part of the load part

of the vertical load to be handled on my

straps okay I don't want to just be

trying to pull a drive weight off of a

dry trailer I want to make sure that if

the front of the trailer sticks that the

back of the trailer or the back of the

boat will lift up a little bit as we

pull it off now not a lot but a little

okay it's just gonna take a little bit

of stress off the back of the boat next

thing I'm going to do is try to position

my trailer or my tires okay

these are off an f250 underneath the

boat to where doesn't hit an obstruction

in the lands evenly I've got two tires

I'm going to put one on the right one on

the left and just put it underneath

there about as far as I need to and then

we're going to go up to the front and

we're going to unhook our boat

as you can see I've got both of these

tires directly at the back of my frame

okay we're going to have the boat

elevated for the first six or eight feet

of movement before the back of the boat

starts to tip so these might get moved a

little bit but it's going to be pretty

close for a starting point okay guys so

I know my boat and I know it's not going

to slide off of this trailer without

help so since I don't have glide Slick's

I could go ahead and proceed about three

feet or so of play has a safety

precaution just to make sure things are

going well at this point before I

totally unattach my boat okay Amy I want

you to move up four to six feet as slow

as possible okay one foot on the brake

one foot on the gas and just go ahead

and ease forward until I say stop

okay guys all in all that went

relatively well aside from my wife that

wants to cool just a little bit faster

than I had planned you want to stop as

the boat starting to lift not after it's

already lifted but once again for videos

sake it's going to work out pretty well

we can go back and we can see what our

landing position is going to look like


okay for our next section we come all

the way to where the boats are starting

to drop

now this boat has a really really short

rake on it for my specific purposes but

right before we get to there we're going

to stop our boat and we're going to

slide our other remaining two tires

underneath the front of the boat from

this point forward we're just going to

pull forward slowly and one single

movement we should have a whole resting

on four tires and a boat trailer that is

ready to work

okay Astor slow


this one here don't work guys if you've

ever fought trailer lights on your boat

welcome I'm gonna put an end to that

right now

not only that we're gonna take this

trailer and give it a little touch of

spice from this point all the way up to

the trailer tongue there's no marker

light and will that's just on how I do

things so we're going to spice it up

throw some chicken lights on there

replace all these incandescent lights

with LEDs not only that we're going to

make a little running model to show you

exactly how to wire your lights and you

know why a trailer light lays out the

way it does so you're not going to want

to miss this one stay tuned