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or SEDs BMW of Murrieta presents the

benefits of leasing a BMW and the

all-important lease return information

for many leasing can be the most

financially advantageous way of driving

a BMW perhaps that's why more than half

of BMW drivers lease BMW is committed to

providing the most competitive leasing

programs so you can drive a larger more

powerful better equipped BMW leasing

does not require the same cash

commitment you only pay for the value of

the vehicle you use during its lease and

at the end of the lease term you have

the flexibility to turn in your BMW for

another release for an additional term

buy at a set agreement price or turn in

and walk away leasing with BMW financial

services add the security of keeping it

all under one roof from test-drive to

lease in the BMW family meets all your

automotive needs personalise your leads

to fit your calendar your lifestyle and

the way you drive gap protection the

benefits of having a lease with BMW

extends far beyond saving money with the

ultimate lease comes peace of mind at a

time of total loss payment options BMWs

financial products offer exceptionally

convenient payment options for your BMW

you have enjoyed your BMW now it's time

to give it back but not all BMWs are

returned at lease and in showroom

condition to assist you 90 days prior to

your lease maturity date you will

receive a mailing from BMW which

includes a Dino meter

it measures dings dents the tire tread

and helps predict any potential lease

and charges during this time you are

encouraged to work with your BMW dealer

centre to complete a pre inspection BMW

lease return specialists are more than

to help guide you through the process if

your BMW has excessive wear and tear you

may be a test reasonable charges in

accordance with the provisions of your

lease if there is any damage or repair

as needed please check the availability

of your warranty or of any insurance

service and/or maintenance agreements

you may have purchased in regards to the

leased vehicle BMW Financial Services

works hard to simplify your lease and

process and looks forward to working

with you as you consider your next BMW

purchase the dingoo meter is a terrific

tool that helps you measure dents dings

scratches chips or cracks as well as

approximate your tire tread in order to

predict potential lease and charges

beings less than two inches result in no


beings measuring between two and four

inches are considered small dings and

beings outside of four inches are

considered large things all of the

interior and exterior mechanical systems

must be in good working order your BMW

should be up to date with all scheduled

maintenance no service interval

indicator or warning lights illuminated

the brake system must be functioning

properly with no warning lights

illuminated cracked or inoperative

headlights taillights or fog lights all

airbags should be fully functioning

anything that compromises their

functionality must be repaired

aftermarket tinted windows void the BMW

lease and inspection form and may

require an additional inspection by an

independent inspection company so if

you're getting close to the end of your

lease agreement or just ready for a


contact BMW to assess your options for

returning your lease they are happy to

assist you with the return of your lease

BMW of where you lease the vehicle at

least 90 days before the end of your

lease call to schedule a lease in

consultation with one of our lease

and specialist at that time they will

discuss all these end options do a pre

return inspection of your current

vehicle to assess any needed repairs or

maintenance this inspection is free of


also there is a mileage adjustment

program how it works if your account is

current and you're in good financial

standing you can purchase additional

miles at a discounted rate you can do so

at any point up until one day prior to

your scheduled lease maturity date or

the day you're turning in your vehicle

if you're planning to do so before the

maturity date arrives BMW makes it easy

understanding that your driving habits

may change

BMW allows you the flexibility to

purchase additional miles more than once

during the term of your contract if you

are more than 120 days away from the end

of your lease the cost of additional

miles may be paid and pull or

incrementally with your remaining

monthly lease payments either online or

with a customer service representative

within 120 days of your scheduled

maturity date mileage may be purchased

in a lump sum payment mileage purchases

are subject to sales tax and are

non-refundable if the first additional

mileage purchase is applied

incrementally payment for any other

request for additional miles must be

made in a lump sum payment if you did

not have the opportunity to use all the

mileage you purchased BMW will apply

credit to any outstanding balance with

BMW financial services including but not

exceeding excessive wear and use charges

please note BMW leased vehicles can be

returned at any authorized BMW location

for more information on leasing a BMW

and guidelines for returning your BMW

lease vehicle please contact BMW

marietta whether a BMW center of

excellence award five consecutive years