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How To Get Out Of Bluegreen Resorts Timeshare (The Truth About Points)

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alright guys welcome to the video Jason

here once again we're going to do a

screen capture video and this is going

to have to do with points specifically

I'm going to talk about blue green

points and the real pain in the ass that

can cause people who are trying to get

out of there blue green but just note

the same thing applies to RCI for those

who aren't familiar our CI has sort of a

points exchange system that involves

various timeshare companies and whatnot

but we see the same thing over and over

again and I'm gonna give you a quote

here that I recorded so bear with me

I'll read through the quote and in this


there's a lot of forums online with

timeshare discussion and this one

actually I pulled off of Trip Advisor

because it really illustrates for those

of you who have blue green points some

of the difficulties you're going to face

in getting out of your timeshare and

this one is by Believe It or Not Cedar

Park chump so you know interesting name

there but but what not it is a good

quote so I'm gonna read it we discovered

that one thing we would never stop doing

at Bluegreen is paying the biggest

burden of membership is paying

maintenance fees which were roughly 600

per year for us members have to pay

these fees regardless of how much they

use the facilities if you stop paying

fees you vent your credit rating because

you are legally obligated to pay these

fees in addition there are other fees to

pay after the first year passed we had

to pay blue ring again to avoid losing

our first year's points that's a big key

if you stopped paying you lose the

points that you in essence have paid for

so continuing to read however these

points lost some of their value and we

couldn't use them to stay at a Bluegreen

facility during a high-demand period now

he goes on to say the type of business

model puts the buyer at a disadvantage

you pay a company upfront to obligate

you to

what is effectively a lease that's

virtually impossible to cancel the lease

takes you the customer out of the free

market and limits your selection to the

seller stock of properties at the point

that you sign the seller never has to

win your business again because you're

obligated to keep paying almost no

matter what so let's sort of dissect

this and you're trying to get out of

your Bluegreen timeshare or again if you

have any type of point systems you know

RCI or whatnot proto so same thing

applies the bottom line is the time sir

model okay is a model let me edit this

real quick again I'm shooting this on my

iPad so just bear with me the titrant

model is a model designed to keep you

locked in to payments okay this is how

timeshare companies make their money

they must keep you locked in and one of

the ways they do this is to disguise

okay disguise I should say disguise

landmines okay in the form of benefits

in other words but they want to make

something that's actually not that good

appear really good and this is why they

use a point system okay now a point

system with Bluegreen is going to depend

how many points how many points you

accumulate greatly depends on how much

you pay okay

and there's other factors there as well

but predominantly

it's how much you pay it's your level of

membership and that level of membership

is determined by your yearly

maintenance fee okay that's what

determines it basically what what they

will do is is blue green defines points

they say that points basically equal

vacation and wrap that right up there

that statement points equal vacation is

really the disguise okay because what

does that make you want to do it implies

that okay the more points the better the

vacation the better locations you're

going to have the better the resort

you're gonna have you know and that's

how they do it and that really is true

the more points you have a Bluegreen the

better spots you can get but what they

don't tell you is there is a limited

number of vacation slots okay Bluegreen

does not own unlimited amounts of

vacation resorts they don't I don't have

the current stats and the numbers but

it's not as many as you would think and

so it is limited so you can have all the

points in the world but one of the

common things that comes up with so many

owners looking to get out of their

timeshare when I speak to them on the

phone is you know we have twenty

thousand points and we can't use them or

ten or fifteen or whatever many points

and we can't use our points because we

can't find a place to stay and not to

mention that the points are losing their

value and there's all sorts of different

ways they do this but over time they do

this but why not the frustrating thing

is you can't use your points the bottom

line and so they've paid these really

big membership fees maintenance fees

because the salespeople have told them


it will give you more points these

points will accumulate and then you can

go to better places you can fake a

tional better places and and people

believe this they believe this and so

they buy in and I can't tell you how

many people have spoke up just just some

gentleman a month ago who had a lot of

points you know well over 20,000 points

they have accumulated and the bottom

line is he wanted to get out of his

timeshare but he thought he was under

the impression that his points had value

okay in the marketplace so if you're

trying to sell my kind of thing you

might think is well we have a lot of

points therefore our timeshare is worth

more money that's not the case generally

speaking if you have a lot of points you

would have a higher maintenance fee

you also have higher fees all across the

board special assessments and things

like that not to mention the average

person in the mark place four times

you're the points it's not the biggest

factor that they have okay

like I just explained points aren't a

large part a gimmick when you have a

time shirt and really they just change

you more because it gets you paying more

but as I said there's a finite amount of

spaces you can actually go and therefore

you're really paying more for something

you can't always lose can't always use

and and that is it's never really going

to recoup that veil but this gentleman

couldn't understand that and that will

hold him in his timeshare as he tries to

sell it again the average person that I

speak to has been trying to sell their

timeshare for two years at least those

who try to sell it with no luck and a

lot easy will have a lot of points they

just don't understand that points do not

really provide a lot of value in the

grand scheme of things I'm not saying

that they don't allow you to stay and

nicer resorts within Bluegreen but

there's a lot of issues associated with

actually being able to use those points

that people don't realize and when they

go to get out they're under the

impression that those points are worth a

lot of money and that just basically

cripples it gets them in an unrealistic

mindset when they're trying to get out

so I just wanna scroll back up and just

once again I want to handle one thing

okay bottom line if there were similar

the timeshare and going back to this

quote cuz he's right on that he's right

on the money if you stop paying okay if

you stop paying fees you endanger your

credit rating but because you are

legally obligated to pay these fees okay

if you have a lot of points generally

speaking it's because you have had a

higher maintenance really maintenance

fee and so you're scared for two reasons

to stop paying that if you get the

financial bind you're scared to stop

paying that because it's gonna hurt your

credit but also because you're going to

lose those points you've accumulated so

if you understand the psychology of what

blue green is doing here they'll never

admit it but it's really quite genius

they're trying to mentally lock you into

something you you have earned people do

not want to part with something that

they have spent a lot of money and a lot

of time to earn in a points system is

basically the way from a psychological

standpoint to lock people in to that

mind frame again after the first year

passed we had to pay blue green again to

avoid losing our first years points and

that's a problem

you can't if the vacation you want is

not available your points are there but

if you don't pay blue green again to

reserve your points to save them then

you're just going to lose those points

so there's the point system is a system

once again it is it is like

Venus flytrap it appears good to the

unsuspecting fly on the outside but it

holds an imminent amount of danger for

people and I wanted the street those

videos people just don't understand that

and at the very least hopefully this

will help you to get that that point or

at least started start to start

comprehending it because you know it's

really seductive to believe that points

are beneficial and they're just they're

really not especially if you want out of

your planner now just a few points to

get out of your timeshare okay

the bottom line is okay less than 1%

resale it's far less than that and 1% is

one out of a hundred okay and generally

speaking that those are skewed figures

when I say will you sell basically I

mean given away okay because all the

stats are factored together together so

people go on eBay and they'll basically

try to give away their timeshare and

many times they'll pay to give it away

but still the vast majority of people do

not want them even for free because of

the maintenance fees

now my point is very simple how many

points no pints that should say points

how many points you have does not

generally matter okay still they're not

gonna resell all right less than 1%

resale how many points you have does not

matter really what matters is that you

are realistic time shows generally don't

resell the best way to get out of a

timeshare again as we discussed many

times in the past is generally

a transfer okay of ownership and

basically what that is is exactly what

your study

it's basically transferring your name

off of that deed because your time sure

you're in a deed with that time share

basically and it doesn't matter if you

owe money if you don't owe money the way

you get out is through being able to

transfer your name off of that and

that's what a reputable transfer company

will do so I'm gonna end the video there

we've talked a lot about that in the

past now if you want to come to our

website and watch our video is ww3 from

vacation okay free from

vacation I'm even come there we

deal in transfer and it doesn't matter

whether you owe money on your time sure

if you want a Bluegreen or whatever time

for your own or you don't we generally

can still assist you but the bottom line

is don't contact us if you're not of the

mind frame or it I should say if you are

of the mind frame that your points and

because you have so many points that's

gonna mean a lot when it comes to

getting out your time here it really

doesn't mean for lack of a better

term how many points you out and quite

frankly if you're of the mindset that

these points are worth something and

it's keeping you in your timeshare

generally you have the wrong mindset and

I'm hoping this video actually shed some

light on that for you so again if you

want to get out visit the site watch the

video feel free to contact us you know

and we can share some options with you

that you might not be aware of

basically so until next time I truly

hope that you found this beneficial