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How To De-Tick A Wild Bluetongue Lizard!

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I'm scarlet animals and this is a blotch

bluetongue I'm gonna be showing you how

I do tickle wild blue tongues from my

backyard I get an old towel or tea towel

and I place it down on my legs so then

the lizards claws don't scratch my legs

when I'm removing the teks then I get a

Hard Rock and I put paper towel over the

top so when I'm using my tweezers

pulling out the ticks I can squash them

easier onto the hard rock using a torch

makes it much easier to see the ticks in

the lizard's ears having a headlamp just

makes it easier for a one-person job ah

during the Blue Tongue I like to stick

my first finger underneath the lizard's

head it just makes it easier for me to

hold the lizard they might move around a

bit at first but after you start taking

some ticks off they get used to it and

they know that you're trying to be kind

to them a tip is don't grab clusters of

ticks at the same time so if there's two

ticks next to each other don't try and

grab both of them because they will just

squish together and blood will split up

once I pull it took out I sit it on the

paper towel next to me and then I squish

it blue tongues get lots of ticks inside

their ears and it's sometimes hard to

get them out you need to use tweezers to

pull the ticks out and grab the ticks on

the back and you just just pull you

might take a while sometimes but you get

them out when getting ticks out you

think you might be hurting the lizard

but you're not really hurting them that

much they really appreciate it when you

get the ticks out because ticks can

cause pain and irritation and after

they're out of the ears

they can hear bitter blue tongues having

large scales makes it easier for ticks

to get under some blue tongues may have

loose scales and that means that a tick

has either been under there or is under

there when I'm getting the ticks out of

the scales I like to hold my tweezers up

like this and pull them out from

underneath when they're sideways like

this it's hard to get them up and grab

the tip if they have a little point at

the end like mine I can just easily pull

them out when I hold my tweezers getting

ticks out of the ears

I just go straight in and I pull them

out sometimes I have to turn the

tweezers around to different sides and

angles when you're trying to put ticks

out of the ears you pull out dead skin

that's alright the skins just been in

there for a while and it hasn't been

able to get out because of all the



at the end I like to give the blue

tongue a nice fruit treat if you have

any questions about anything about the D

taking about the blue tongues itself or

just how to handle what to use or

anything just leave them in the comment

section below or you can find me at at

scalloped animals on Instagram I post a

lot of pictures of animals because it is

an animal page they're mainly all found

in my backyard and I usually put where I

find them but if you want to see more

animals just go to my page at scalloped

Anna thank you for watching and I hope

that this video can help you help the

blue tang