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10 Ways to Keep Herons Away From Your Pond

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in this video I'm going to be talking to

you guys about how to keep great blue

herons and just herons in general away

from your outdoor ponds and how to stop

them from eating your fish your koi your

goldfish whatever you guys keep inside

your pond so herons are definitely the

most notorious pond predator and chances

are if you're watching this video you

probably just recently suffered a heron

attack on your pond I'm not gonna give

you guys one method or two methods to

keep them away but ten different methods

in this video to keep herons away from

your pond now these ten methods are not

going to be in any particular order

besides method one because I think that

one's definitely the most important and

method one is gonna be pond design

before you even make your pond do you

need to take some things into account in

order to keep herons away from your pond

one thing that's very important to know

about herons is that they will typically

refuse to walk inside of a pond that's

any deeper than around 18 inches or 2

feet so if you make your pond deeper

than 2 feet in all areas you have now

eliminated the ability for the heron to

walk around inside your pond now he can

obviously still hunt from the sides but

you've dramatically reduced the area

that he's able to hunt so you want to

make your pond deeper than 2 feet and

you also want to make the sides very

steep that way he can't stand on any of

the sides to hunt the sides that are

shallower now this will eliminate your

ability to make plant ledges you can

still have the plant ledges if you want

but you will need to completely fill

them up with potted plants that he's not

really able to stand on so for pond

design you want to go deep in the pond

and you want to have very steep sides to

make it impossible for him to stand

inside of the pond now one other thing

you can do in your pond planning is you

can make the sides that you're not going

to view from either have some shrubs

some bushes or very high rock walls that

way he's not able to hunt from any of

those ledges on the sides of the pond

and you've now eliminated those as

options for him and he's only able to

hunt from the

one little area on the ledge that you

view your fish from so moving on to

method two this one's probably the one

you see most commonly and is also one of

the least expensive methods to stop

herons and this is the fishing line

method and this one just involves

setting up a bunch of small stakes

around the edges of your ponds and then

wrapping fishing line in between the

stakes in zigzag formations and what

this does is it limits pretty much the

ability for the Heron to navigate inside

the pond if he is able to walk inside

your pond he will get caught up in this

fishing line and eventually just leave

frustrated and also if you do it a lot

around the edges of the pond

it will also kind of get his feet caught

in it and it might startle him enough to

make him leave the pond because he

doesn't see it there and then he feels

it on his leg and he might just fly off

however this method has been outsmarted

by many herons and you will see lots of

videos of herons actually just stepping

over the line

so I usually only suggest the fishing

line method if you're gonna do it in

combination with some of the other

methods that I list here and if you are

gonna do the fishing line method I would

also suggest that you get either thirty

pound or fifty pound test that way it's

not easily broken by a large animal like

a heron moving on to method three this

one is also very cheap and easy and will

additionally improve the water quality

in your pond this one's gonna be

floating pond plants things like your

water lettuce water hyacinth frog bit

lily pads and duck weed all these types

of plants will sit on the surface of

your water and help improve the water

quality and they'll also provide the

additional protection of covering the

surface of your water from a predator

like a heron a heron can't hunt what it

can't see so if you have a bunch of

surface plant so you've made it that

much harder for a heron to locate your

fish in the pond and grab them however

you are also making it more difficult

for you yourself to see the fish so

there is that added drawback but the

plants will improve your water quality

and also make your palm look a lot

better too now pond plants aren't always

gonna be possible especially when you

get those larger koi that love to tear

up all the plants in the pond so you can

do something like what

have here I put all my floating pawn

plants besides the lily pads inside

little nuts little floating pond nets

and I'll put a link to those in the

video description if you're interested

in those and I try to strategically

place them around the edges of the pond

the edges that I see the heron visit

most and those floating pond nets will

allow me to have pond plants that will

thrive and not get their roots eaten so

moving on to method for this one will

cost you probably around fifty to sixty

dollars and is somewhat effective this

is gonna be the fake Heron method so

this one's pretty simple and

straightforward you're just buying one

of these fake herons and you are setting

it up somewhere around the edge of your

pond in order to try to fend off the

actual Heron because real herons are

territorial now you can see that mine

has this kind of pole coming out of his

backside that's an adjustable height

feature because herons are territorial

and they will dominate another Heron

that is smaller than them so if the

Heron that visits your pond is taller

than your decoy he's not gonna be afraid

of it so I can take off those fake legs

and I can actually mount him on that

pole and I can adjust his height to make

him taller in order to make the real

Heron think that this is a larger bird

now this one also has mixed results a

lot of times herons will catch on that

it's fake and they've even been known to

attack and peck at the fake one in a

territorial fight one way to defend

against this is to move your fake hair

in two different locations once every

couple of days or once a week or however

often you need to and this is gonna stop

the real Heron from thinking it's a fake

it will make him believe it a bit more

method five is gonna be air bubbles air

stones any type of surface ripple that

you can produce with air and this is

very helpful because this kind of

produces the same effect as the floating

plants it obscures the surface of the

water it makes it tougher for the Heron

to see in at the fish underneath so if

you strategically place some air stones

around the edges of your pond where the

Heron is hunting it'll make it a lot

harder for him to get a clear view of

your fish now if you are having extreme

Heron problems

an idea that you could do is you could

set up a ton of air stones around the

edges inside your pond and you can have

them switch activated so that whenever

you come over to the pond to observe

your fish you can turn off the switch

and the air stones will turn off and

you'll be able to see your fish and then

when you leave the pond you can flip it

back on and your air defense system will

keep your pond safe method six is gonna

be dogs if you have a dog that is either

on an invisible fence so our fenced off

in your yard or just knows not to leave

the yard this is a great defense system

against herons the dogs that will go

after birds like herons are an amazing

way of keeping herons out of your yard

and away from your pond if a heron gets

chased away by a dog at the pond even a

handful of times he's not gonna want to

go to that pond anymore he's gonna deem

that pond too dangerous to hunt in and

your pond will be safe and I also think

it's a pretty good excuse to go out and

give a shelter dog a new home now

hopefully your dog doesn't actually kill

or catch the great blue heron hopefully

he just scares him away method 7 isn't

necessarily a way to keep the herons

away but more of a way to protect your

fish if a heron does show up this is

gonna be the koi Castle method and these

koi castles come under many different

names you can build your own or you can

buy one but it's basically a structure

that sits at the bottom of the pond that

allows your fish to swim inside of it or

under it in the event that a predator

shows up and this way a predator will

not be able to get at them it's good to

have something like this in any pond to

protect them from something like

raccoons herons maybe even otters if an

otter manages to get into your pond so I

would definitely suggest trying one of

these out this next one is one that I

haven't personally tried myself but I

have heard many people recommend it and

that's the use of sound many people will

suggest using radios maybe on some type

of speaker system next to your pond when

you're not home and set it to something

like a talk radio show where there's

constant human voice because the herons

will try to stay away from human voice

they won't really be comfortable with it

so this will help deter them and some

people have also suggested using wind

chimes around your pond between the

noise that the wind chime makes and the

shininess of it when it blows in the

wind it will also help deter them no

like I said I haven't tried either of

those out but I have heard from people

that they are good ways of keeping

herons away from your pond number nine

is a method that will not only

determines but it will also determines

Fisher Cats anything that's picked up by

motion this is the motion sensor

sprinkler method they sell these motion

sensor sprinklers to help protect ponds

and gardens and it's basically just a

sprinkler with either a power cord going

to it or a nine volt battery and water

hooked up to it and when any animal

passes within its range it just starts

shooting off a couple of bursts of water

maybe for a couple of seconds or a

minute some of them have adjustable

timers but basically this will scare off

any predators that enter the vicinity of

your pond and these sprinklers usually

go for anywhere between fifty to maybe a

hundred dollars and you do just have to

be careful the way you angle it because

you could also end up spraying yourself

by accident so a little bit tricky

setting them up but they definitely are

effective and number ten is probably the

most effective method but also the

ugliest method and that's netting that's

just entirely covering your pond and

netting to protect it from all predators

it will also stop debris from falling in

your pond so the effectiveness rate of

this is pretty much gonna be 100%

against herons it's gonna take a very

very smart Heron to get past this but

like I said it also really really takes

away from the beauty of your pond so it

comes at a cost saving your fish will

come at a cost but if all else fails and

nothing is working you might have to

resort to this now that is the 10

methods that I have on how to keep

herons away from your ponds I would love

to hear from you guys in the comments if

you have a method that I did not list

and I'd also love to hear your

experiences with herons and your ponds

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