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Bloodshot Eyes | What Causes Bloodshot Eyes and How to Get Rid of Them | Doctor Eye Health

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so what causes bloodshot eyes? in this video I'm gonna be going over some of

the reasons people develop red bloodshot eyes as well as how we treat bloodshot

eyes in the clinic and some of the things that I think about as an eye

doctor when I see somebody with this condition let's take a look. hello and

welcome to dr. Allen here from the Doctor Eye Health show helping you learn all about

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you don't miss any of my future videos and today we're talking about a blood

shot eyes actually fairly recently a few weeks ago former Vice President Joe

Biden during an actual like live event he was talking about climate change he

actually developed a red bloodshot eye on screen live and it looked pretty

sinister now when this happens we actually call that a sub conjunctival

hemorrhage and then it's actually we're one of the blood vessels underneath the

soft conjunctival tissue on the front surface of the eye one of these blood

vessels actually bursts and because of that front membranous tissue of the eye

again called the conjunctiva is actually clear the blood ends up pooling

underneath that tissue and it kind of looks as just like blood on the eye and

yeah this looks pretty nasty usually when people have this they're

pretty freaked out they're worried that something terrible has happened with

their eye but for the most part it's really just a pop to blood vessel that's

really all it is then one of the blood vessel bursts and now the blood is

pooling so yeah it's not usually as bad as it looks

Phillip most people who come into the clinic for one of these bloodshot eyes

they actually will say that they rubbed their eye because there I felt kind of

weird and then eventually somebody else or themselves looked in the mirror and

sad whoa with my eyes all red now so it kind of comes in that question is it red

because they poked themselves in the eye or rubbing it or was it feeling

irritated because it was swelling with blood and then they were rubbing their

eye and then they just happened to notice so it's kind of one of those

chicken or the egg sort of things but it's true that by rubbing or poking the

eye it just believed that yes you can burst some of the blood vessels on the

eye and that can actually cause this whole problem in the first place but

actually one of the more frequent causes of having a bloodshot eyes anything

causes increased pressure of your upper body cavity this includes things like

coughing sneezing maybe lifting weights in fact even just bearing down while

going to the bathroom can cause this problem I actually had a gentleman come

in who had a really good time the night before hanging out with his buddies I

think they were celebrating his birthday but he drank too much and he actually

vomited and that next morning he woke up with two bloodshot eyes yes both of his

eyes were completely bloodshot and he was freaking out but yes you can get

these bloodshot eyes from doing something very simple such as sneezing

or lifting something heavy but there's actually some systemic issues that I

actually have to worry about when I see you in the clinic for this condition

most notably is blood pressure so if somebody has elevated blood pressure

then this could actually be an early sign that they're having problems so if

you're having this issue and maybe have a family history of blood pressure

issues or you yourself haven't checked their blood pressure and wallet you

don't see a regular your family physician on a regular basis that could

be an indication of why you'd have a bloodshot eye like this and that's also

more of a concern for us because if you have elevated blood pressure you're at

higher risk of things like heart attack and stroke so ya need to check the blood

pressure now with bloodshot eyes most people don't get them that often it's

just once in a while but sometimes people actually come in there saying hey

I'm getting like three or four of these a month that's a little bit more

concerning for me when I start hearing that's happen more frequently that's

when I start ordering blood tests to kind of rule out other major issues with

the blood itself maybe that person is anemic or maybe in a worst case scenario

they could even have leukemia and that's cancer of the blood that's something

that we have to be really alert for but thankfully that's very rare and I've

only had to order blood tests for that maybe like two or three times know when

it comes to treating or getting rid of a bloodshot eye and I mean that a

subconjunctival hemorrhage that's again that blood pooling underneath that soft

tissue of the eye that's very different from just treating a red eye that's

caused by dryness or a allergy or something like that and I do have

another video covering more of that topic if you'd like to see that I will

hook that up in a link up here but when it comes to a true subconjunctival

hemorrhage or bloodshot eye doctors really don't do much because these

naturally resolved on their own just a couple of weeks usually most

people notice the blood starting to basically resorb into the tissues and

the redness will kind of gradually go to a pink and then sometimes even leave a

little bit of a yellow brown spot kind of like it's resolving bruise or

something like that but in more severe cases the blood can pool a little bit

and that causes swelling and so people will feel it as they blink and so often

times it's giving an artificial tear people will use some sort of lubrication

on the eye that will help improve comfort same thing with using cold

compresses that often times makes things feel better as well I can think Philippe

for most people when they have these bloodshot eyes it's not as bad as it

often looks however if somebody has elevated blood

pressure or they're getting them more frequent that's when we start to get

more concerned and we start ordering extra tests so last question of the day

have you ever had a red bloodshot eye like the ones we've shown here if so do

you know why you had it was it because you sneezed really hard lifted weights

or is there something else going on go ahead and connect in the section below

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