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How to get rid of broken capillaries on the face| Dr Dray

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well hey guys happy Friday welcome back

to the QA today I'm gonna be talking

about a topic that I get many questions

on which is what to do about broken

blood vessels on the face and dilated

Tila inject asia's is a what you guys

refer to as broken capillaries they tend

to occur around the nose and on the face

I get a lot of questions about this so I

thought today I would address this topic

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with that let's get started so blood

vessels on the face are referred to as

teal inject Asians they're actually

quite common and they tend to occur

around the nose they're really um

offshoots if you will of some of the

bigger arteries that profuse or bring

oxygen and blood to the face that's why

they tend to be around the nose you know

sometimes around the cheeks areas where

there's a higher density of blood

vessels and they're not broken actually

what they are are just kind of offshoots

of the main vessel that is down deeper

and the reason you see them and the

reason they're so prominent is that

they're very superficial on the skin as

opposed to the the main vessel that's

down deep doing most of the work and in

terms of bringing blood flow to your

face but occasionally and not not

uncommonly so little little baby shoots

and sprouts can can sprout out kind of

like a potato you know when it sprouts

those little things blood vessels can

sort of do the same thing and make

little baby tiny blood vessels that pop

up close to the surface of the skin and

so why do they occur well they tend to

happen more so as we get a little bit

older but they can really happen in our

younger years as well and you know it's

a variety many many factors play a role

here okay so as we get older in the

underlying collagen framework of our

skin starts to

down just related to cumulative sun

exposure throughout our life as well as

expected age-related changes in the

deeper layers of our skin and as that

deeper collagen framework is kind of

breaking down and becoming altered that

support is no longer there and now some

of these blood vessels become a little

bit more prominent appearing to the eye

furthermore any sort of sun damage on

the face that you know accumulates over

our lifetime also will exacerbate the

appearance of these little blood vessels

people who have a personal history of

like asthma seasonal allergies really

sensitive irritated skin you know you go

out in the springtime and pollen is just

not your friend oftentimes these folks

are a little bit more predisposed to

getting more prominent capillaries on

the face just kind of from chronic

irritation and you know rubbing of the

skin perhaps as well as you know just

inflammation in the skin that can bring

about some of the growth factors that

promote a little bit of this sprouty

blood vessel growth if you will and then

the other group who really is plagued

with little blood vessels on the on the

face our folks with rosacea okay I have

a whole Q&A on rosacea and I'd like to

do some more rosacea q and A's sometime

this year I don't know exactly one

rosacea is a skin disease in which

individuals have for whatever reason a

hypersensitivity in the skin of the face

to otherwise innocuous stimuli that come

in contact with the skin like you know

your face washes very very sensitive

skin and their skin responds by flushing

and turning red okay as well as stinging

and burning sensations and there's a lot

of inflammation in the skin of rosacea

when that occurs that inflammation

brings in little growth factors that

kind of contribute to some of the the

redness and those same little growth

factors can lend themselves to sprouting

of blood vessels that with each flare of

rosacea can become more likely to form

and more likely to be a persistent okay

so people with rosacea are at risk for

developing little blood vessels on the

face it's not uncommon to develop little

broken capillaries and blood vessels on

the face during pregnancy because during

pregnancy the growth factors for blood

vessel formation appropriately so are

amped up and so you know sometimes that

appears on on the mother's face and of

course who would we be without our

genetics so genetic certainly plays a

role in your risk of developing these

little blood vessels you know as we get

older the subcutaneous fat tissue in our

skin starts to we start to lose that it

goes other places but our face it

migrates away from there that's kind of

why you know the aging face has some

changes related to fat loss and one such

change related to fat loss is actually

more prominent appearing little blood

vessels in the face because they no

longer have that kind of support of

fatty tissue around them to to kind of

make a little bed for them and hide them

in the skin so they become a little bit

more noticeable and you know and people

who have a tendency towards blushing and

flushing kind of sort of in the same

family of rosacea right if you turn red

easily your face turns red that that

persistent increase in blood blood flow

to the face

you know sometimes can encourage a

little blood vessel growth as well so I

think it's a common misconception

however you know I got a lot of comments

and a lot of my different tips videos

and like might Rhett know and videos

like do topical retinoids cause broken

capillaries in the skin no they don't

actually but what I is is plausible and

what I suppose could occur is that if

you are excessively irritated from

topical application of whether it be

Tretton Owen or any anything that you're

using on your face any product if it is

causing irritation in the skin chronic

irritation brings in

nation into the skin subsequent growth

factors that you know could lead to

blood vessel formation but Trent Owen

and different do not cause do not cause

blood vessel growth in the face or you

know quote broken blood vessels teal

inject Asia's


and another group of folks who will be

plagued by prominent little capillaries

he'll inject a jizz on the face as well

as on the body are people who who have

liver disease like like really profound

liver disease you know end-stage liver

disease are oftentimes one of the skin

manifestations of end-stage liver

disease is what is it what are called

spider teal inject agents are little

blood vessels kind of scattered all

about and that is actually the skin

manifestation of an internal disease but

what can you do to prevent them okay

unfortunately there's not a whole lot

outside of whatever EQA will tell you to

do every single one of my Q&A is almost

I feel as though which is great to cut

my agenda here is to tell you that

really the best thing to do is some

protection guys I mean honestly some

related changes in the skin atrophy


you know increased redness increased

inflammation destroying that support of

collagen framework all from ultraviolet


another reason if if you if you were on

the fence yet another reason to wear

sunscreen guys is is to you know protect

yourself against the risk of developing

these sunscreens broad-spectrum SPF 30

to 50 higher is not better okay just 30

to 50 shoot for that range you know

applied to the face the neck every two

hours while you're outdoors and

periodically throughout the day that is

important for overall skin health

teal inject asia's on the face are an

example of why it's needed one of many

so definitely you know don't neglect

sunscreen don't neglect you know the

broad brimmed hat sunglasses just

protect your skin from ultraviolet light

don't be Cavalier when going outdoors

and you know crossing the parking lot

ultraviolet light reflects off of the

surfaces of cars off of the surfaces of


so not all sun protective measures on

their own or enough okay if Sun reflects

off of the ground so if you're just

wearing a hat it's

still going to reach the underside of

your face the lower half of your face

and still put you at risk there okay so

be a really protective of your skin from

ultraviolet light I cannot overemphasize

that enough and and teal inject asia's

on the face are yet another example of

why you need it the other thing that you

can do if you particularly if you are

somebody who has rosacea is to make sure

that you have a good understanding of

things that make your skin red okay and

for people with rosacea it tends to be

one of the main things that causes

increased redness or it brings brings

flushing to the face is drinking hot

liquids or you know the rise in body

temperature that occurs like when we

work out or something okay if you drink

hot coffee in the morning as as I do you

may notice that your rosacea gets so you

get a little rosacea flower okay and so

one of the things that you can do to to

help counterbalance that is it don't go

giving up coffee the world doesn't need

need that kind of crime in it what you

can do instead however is get yourself a

cold neck cloth okay we can put it

around your neck or an ice pack and when

you when you take a sip of the hot

coffee that can counterbalance the rise

in body temperature to your face and

help kind of lessen that that response a

little bit likewise when you go to the

gym when you're working out and don't

don't not work out because of rosacea

that that should not occur what you

should do instead is bring some ice-cold


and as you're working out put a few ice

chips in your mouth and just let them

dissolve there or some ice-cold water

and that likewise can counterbalance

that rise in body temperature to your

face and really help a lot having a

really minimalistic skincare routine is

another practical approach to ward off

these little little friends I mean the

less see the less stuff you put on your

face the better off you are I mean

you know don't go putting all of these

essential oils and botanicals and things

that belong on a salad bar and in in a

garden the Garden of Eden on your face

okay the skins going to react to that by

by causing redness and persistent

redness brings in those growth factors

firm for blood vessel growth leads to

teal I inject asia's so minimize your

skin care

all right minimalistic skin care focused

on sunscreen a gentle moisturizer not a

lot of serums toners essences all of

that stuff just stop doing that less is

definitely more and blood vessel growth

in the face is yet another example of

why you should go minimalist with your

skincare routine one other point about

rosacea too you know there are some

newer drugs for folks with rosacea like

Merv oz o or ro fade that are intended

to be taken on when you're about to have

a flushing or when your face is red and

the way these work is they get rid of

the redness but they get rid of the

redness for a short period of time okay

so you may be wondering like are those

good to potentially prevent the the

little blood vessels from from forming

the teal inject asia's and I would say

no not necessarily because what can

happen with those medications is that

they really only work for a short time

right they're kind of intended for you

to use right before you go out to an

event or something and you don't want to

be red okay but if you use them enough

there is a risk of what's called rebound

redness where after you know the skin

responds by by getting an even redder

after after the drug has worn off so I

wouldn't say those those are the go-to

but if you have rosacea not only

identifying and avoiding those triggers

for your rosacea that that's key but the

other key is to make sure you're

following up with your dermatologist

regularly because there are quite a

spectrum of treatments for rosacea

outside of you know more vaso and retro

fade but using your rosacea medications

consistently along with your treating

dermatologist can kind of

sure or help you stay away from that

path of developing persistent teal

inject Asia's on the face so but if you

have persistent teal inject ages on the

face and blood vessels on the face what

can be done about them well usually it

is a laser called the V beam or the

vascular laser it is a pulsed dye laser

and the way that this works is it

targets the blood vessel specifically

okay and ignores everybody else in your

skin okay it's very important that the

appropriate wavelength to be used as far

as the laser but a vascular laser can

target these little blood vessels that

lie up up top to the skin and what it

does is it kind of it kind of burns it a

little bit on from the inside causes it

to the blood inside of it to coagulate

okay to form like a little clot and the

blood vessels are kind of shrink up and

then your immune system comes in and

says oh okay well let's make a funeral

for this and carries it away and it gets

resorbed by the body and goes away okay

I got some questions in my laser video

like how exactly can laser work for

broken blood vessels or teal inject

asia's on the face that doesn't make

sense that's how it that's how it does

it okay coagulate quite it's the little

blood vessel the blood vessel dies it's

not it's not a critical little blood

vessel okay it's not critical for

perfusing your face it's just an

offshoot yeah I mean think of it sort of

like lawn care right you can you can

trim a few branches off of your tree but

the whole trees not gonna die that's

similar to how laser targets teal inject

Asia's a teal inject Asia's like like a

little branch that doesn't quite look

right off of a main main trunk okay and

so you trim it off and throw it throw it

in the composting pile and that is it

and the trimming off and compost pile

that's the vascular laser that can be

performed by it by a dermatologist it is

considered a cosmetic procedure but you

know you got one or two of them it's

really not oftentimes that expensive

out-of-pocket to be honest with you as

far as cosmetic procedure

years ago and the the laser procedure

takes about 20 minutes usually need

about three to five treatments just to

ensure that that little blood vessel is

kind of adequately targeted and goes


minimizing bruising around the face so

that's usually what what to expect and

even with the laser though it can be

hard to get rid of them permanently they

sometimes can't come back so do know

that that sometimes the laser doesn't

work 100% okay so be aware of that

you'll see lots of ads for vitamin K

creams to take care of these little

challenge ectasias and those don't work

for t inject asia's so don't waste your

money on those vitamin K is a fat

soluble vitamin that you know people

with liver disease actually have to take

and I'm a topical vitamin K has been

shown actually to be helpful in in in

bruising specifically in bruising that

occurs after a cosmetic procedure

sometimes you know a lot of cosmetic

procedures an unfortunate little trance

eyed effect of them is it caused a

bruise okay and so physicians don't like

to bruise their patients and then they

like to make that go away as fast as


we have some studies to show that if a

vitamin K cream is put on around the

time of the procedure that those

individuals will have a bruise for a

shorter number of days but the same does

not hold true with Tina inject asia's or

blood vessels in that you see with your

eyes in the skin okay they are not the

same thing and that just doesn't make

any sense that that would work nor does

it so don't waste your money on that

save it up and you know consider the

laser treatment if you're really

bothered by them but be proactive about

preventing more from coming hopefully

some of the tips that I gave you in this

video are helpful I know it can be

incredibly frustrating to have something

like this on your skin so you know do

you see a dermatologist to to consider

getting it treated if it really bothers

you is you know keeping you from doing

the things that you you want to do but

anyways guys I hope this video is

helpful to you and that you liked it if

you have any questions about lasers make

you check out my laser video that I

posted a few weeks back I'll list it

down below in the description box for

you guys but yeah if you liked this

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