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Cherry Angioma Removal (Hemangioma, Campbell De Morgan)

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hi guys it's Tuesday tutorial and today

I'm going to show you how you can remove

cherry angiomas yourself at home now I'm

not telling you to do this so you may

want to consult a doctor and you can get

this done at clinics where they will do

electrolysis to remove it or even laser

but you can do it at home and I'm going

to show you how I'm going to do it okay

so first of all I'm going to wipe the

area with some alcohol just to make sure

that everything is clean and we're just

going to dry that off

and this is completely optional I have a

Bridget true organic magic stick that

I'm going to use afterwards to help the

healing of the scar because there will

be a little scar and this is a stick

that contains calendula comfrey st.

John's worked and lots of healing herbs

so just let the focus there that's the

Bridget true organic stick I'll put that

on after so what we're going to need is

just a paper clip and a lighter I'm just

going to squeeze in here next to the

patient so I'm going to get this the

paper clip as hot as I possibly can

once I get a good hot then I'm going to

cauterize this little spot here as fast

as we can here and you just hear it pop

and there it is it's disappeared and as

you can see all that's left now is a

tiny little mark and I'm just going to

let that sit for maybe five minutes and

let the skin heal first a little bit and

then I'm just going to apply some of

this magic stick over top

hi everyone thanks for watching my video

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