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Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Blood Blisters

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home remedies to get rid of blood


blood blisters are blisters or bumps

which are filled with blood rather than

fluids these blisters look like reddish

bubbles on the skin they are developed

by the rupture of blood vessels

underneath the surface of the skin when

the blood vessels and tissues of the

dermis get injured in the body fluids

like blood and lymph trapped beneath the

skin since the surface of the skin is

not broken the blood cannot escape and

it stays confined to the blister the

injuries causing the blood blisters are

not serious and do not require any

medical attention it is different from

the normal blisters and having blood

felt inside the blister instead of the

clear fluid there are certain things

that you should know about the blood

blisters to treat them at home home

treatment of blood blisters is very easy

apply ice to affected area the first and

the foremost thing that you need to do

to treat blood blisters is to apply an

ice pack on the affected area for about

ten minutes you need to give some rest

for the affected area and again carry on

applying the ice wrap around the blister

this will help in reducing the swelling

of the blister as well as to prevent

internal bleeding it would be better for

you to apply ice wrap not directly on

the blister and to use a towel as a

medium between the blood blister and the

ice pack

covering blisters on feet and toes it is

highly important for you to keep the

skin over the blister intact and do not

allow it to tear off from your hands or

feet if you are suffering from mild

blood blisters then you can very well

think of using an adhesive bandage over

the affected area if it is a painful

blood blister then you can very well use

a cotton gauze pad to cover the blisters

so that you give breathing space for the

blister to breathe and to heal quickly

sandalwood paste sandalwood paste is a

very good natural ingredient that is an

answer to your question on how to get

rid of blood blisters very quickly all

you need to do is to use good quality

sandalwood powder and mix it with rose

water to make a thick smooth paste now

apply this paste to the affected area

and allow the mixture to dry on the

blister once it gets dried you can rinse

the affected area with cold water you

need to repeat this process three to

four times a day to reduce the pain and

the inflammation

turmeric powder turmeric powder is a

well-known natural ingredient that has

natural healing powers and is quite

effective for a wide variety of skin

problems including treating blood

blisters you need to make a fine paste

of fresh turmeric powder and rosewater

and apply it to the affected area you

need to rinse it off after the mixture

completely dries off on the blisters

repeat the process three to four times

to reduce the effect of blisters into

easy inflammation on your skin

aloe vera juice aloe vera is a natural

healer and can be used to bring down

inflammation as it has good

anti-inflammatory properties this is the

reason why it can be used to treat blood

blisters you need to apply fresh aloe

vera extracts and juices on the affected

skin area for a few days every day to

negate the inflammation of the blister

into ease pain you can also use the aloe

vera juice available in the market and

mix it with vitamin E oil and apply it

to the blisters you need to allow it to

dry on the blister and then wash it off

Epsom salt

Sault have pain-relieving an

anti-inflammatory properties that can

work wonders on your blood blisters you

will need to mix enough quantity of

Epsom salt with clean warm water to make

it into a smooth fine paste you need to

clean the blood blisters on your feet or

hands with this mixture at least three

to four times a day the warm Epsom salt

mixed water will help in reducing

inflammation as well as pain and will

make the blister pop out naturally