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Causes of Constant Phlegm and Mucus in Your Throat (Clearing Congestion)

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mucus is a substance that provides not

only lubrication but also filtration and

protection for the lungs and respiratory


as you take a breath in pollutants such

as dust allergens and even viruses get

stuck in the mucus of your airways

so basically it functions to keep these

debris from reaching the lungs

with that all said sometimes the body

can produce too much mucus which makes

it very discomforting

and requires you to constantly cough and

clear your throat

since you're here you probably know

exactly what i'm talking about

and the good news is in this video we

are going to talk about

each of the causes of constant mucus and

flame in your throat

and hopefully help you get rid of that

nagging feeling

be sure to watch until the very end

because there are a few techniques that

not too many people know about

so if you're ready let's get into it


before we go any further just know that

we are not doctors this video is for

informational and entertainment purposes

only please speak with your doctor for

medical advice

and treatment so now that we got that

out of the way

let's talk about each of the different

causes of constant mucus and phlegm in

your throat

the most common cause is reflux

or if you want to get fancy lorenzo

pharyngeal reflux

this occurs when stomach acid moves

upwards instead of downwards

and ends up accumulating in your throat

the contents could be

either acidic or non-acidic as the fluid

sits back there

it causes that nagging sensation that

makes you want to constantly clear your


and another common cause is post nasal


this is as the name suggests literally

where drainage from the nose

travels down and accumulates in the back

of the throat

the cause of this could stem either from

allergies or from your sinuses

and the treatment really depends on

which one it is

and while we're on the topic of

allergies food allergies are another

cause of that mucous and throat feeling

that's correct it is very possible for

that nagging feeling to stem from a food

that your body is allergic to

common culprits include dairy products

wheat gluten

and even eggs in some cases one would

need to undergo proper testing in order

to see which foods you are allergic to

or it could possibly stem from an


that feeling of needing to constantly

clear your throat is also a side effect

that comes from a virus

or infection such as the common cold

again it causes contents to build up in

the throat

which results in that uncomfortable


and finally it can be caused by certain

respiratory conditions

respiratory diseases and conditions such

as asthma

copd chronic bronchitis pneumonia

and cystic fibrosis can cause the

feeling of constant mucus in your throat


well so now that we've covered some of

the most common causes

let's talk about some of the techniques

that you can use to make it go away

first and foremost you should take the

right medications

the most effective way to get rid of

mucus and phlegm is to take the

medications that are prescribed directly

by your doctor

this is especially true for those who

have underlying respiratory conditions

but if you're looking for other means

some over-the-counter medications may be

helpful as well

medications such as expectorants can

help loosen up mucous and flim build up

and make it easier to cough up or blow

out through your nose

also certain types of decongestants may

provide short-term relief

but they are generally not recommended

for continuous use and sometimes they

can even make it more difficult

to get rid of mucus and i have to keep

saying it guys

always check with your doctor first

about medication and treatment methods

because they will know more about your

individual condition

but another way is to make sure that you

are drinking plenty of fluids

you probably grew up hearing your

parents tell you to drink plenty of


every time you were sick or had a cold

now it may sound cliche

but they are 100 correct because it

actually does help improve the

functionality of pretty much all the

major systems of the body

not to mention staying hydrated helps to

thin out mucous and phlegm

as well dehydration causes secretions to

thicken up which makes them more

difficult to remove

so listen to your parents and try to

drink a lot of water

you can also try to gargle warm salt


this is a home remedy that feels nice


it can help get rid of mucus in the back

of your throat

another simple method is to take a hot

bath or shower

in this case the main benefit of taking

a hot bath or shower is to inhale

the steam that is produced by the warm


steam acts as a natural way to help

break up and get rid of mucus and flint

all you have to do is gently breathe in

and out as the aerosol particles enter

your airways and lungs the humidity from

the steam should work to loosen up the

mucus and phlegm

so that it can be removed it also helps

reduce sinus pressure chest congestion

and other nagging symptoms as well


in general always try to keep your

allergies under control

not only can seasonal allergies cause a

runny nose itchy throat and watery eyes

they can also cause excessive amounts of

mucus and phlegm to build up as well

so keeping your allergies in check is a


make sure that you're using your typical

prescription or over-the-counter allergy

medications in order to alleviate these


because otherwise this could lead to

increased amounts of secretions

which obviously is the opposite of what

we want

one way to do so is to avoid irritants

things like pollution chemicals and even

certain fragrances

can trigger the body to produce

excessive amounts of mucus

so if you notice that any of these are

making your symptoms worse

just try to avoid it if at all possible

and now i have to bring up smoking of


cigarette smoke contains over 7000 toxic


some of which trigger the body to create

mucus as a way to combat foreign


now it goes without saying and i harp on

it all the time

but if you smoke try to stop

and avoid secondhand smoke if you're

around others who do

you can also try to eat foods that are

good for the respiratory system

anecdotal studies have shown that

certain foods and drinks can be


in getting rid of mucus and flint take

spicy foods for example

spices such as chili and cayenne pepper

contain substances that help clear up

the sinuses

this can help make removing secretions

much easier by blowing your nose or

coughing more examples of healthy foods

for your lungs include

foods with healthy fats spices that

reduce inflammation

and fruits and vegetables that are high

in antioxidants

and of course as i mentioned earlier you

should try to avoid foods that your body

is allergic to

that makes symptoms worse real quick

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mucus and flame in their throat

and it's a very uncomfortable feeling

but now hopefully you have a better

understanding of the causes

so that maybe you'll have an easier time

getting rid of it

as always be sure to speak with your

doctor for medical advice and treatment

this video is for informational purposes


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