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How To Clear A Stuffy Nose Instantly

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if you have a stuffy nose and no amount

of blowing is helping try these odd but

effective ways to clear your sinuses

first way seems really silly but I

promise it works try pressing the tip of

your tongue against the top of your

mouth release your tongue and then press

between your eyebrows on your forehead

or keep that press and tap press and tap

for about 20 seconds what it does is it

rocks a bone called the vomer bone back

and forth and it actually clears

everything that's congested here's

another thing you can try tip your head

back and pinch your nose and hold your

breath as long as you possibly can take

a breath when you finally have to and

your sinuses will clear here's why it

works your brain realizes that you're

not giving in enough oxygen so your

survival mechanism kicks in during your

sinuses so that you can get in air how

cool is that check back to prevention

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