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Stuffed Nose in Pregnancy - 10 Tips for Rhinitis in Pregnancy

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hello I'm dr. Nicholas Cohen and I'm

here to share with you a top 10 list of

tips for rhinitis in pregnancy tip

number one let's first know what

rhinitis in pregnancy is rhinitis just

means you have a stuffy nose or a runny

nose and this topic applies to women who

are pregnant who notice that they have a

stuffy or runny nose there are three

main causes of rhinitis or stuffy nose

in pregnancy the first main cause is

called pregnancy rhinitis it happens in

30% of normal pregnancies and usually

there's just nasal congestion by itself

and usually it resolves two weeks after

you deliver so the one type of runny

nose or stuffy nose in pregnancy is

called pregnancy rhinitis another main

type of rhinitis in pregnancy is called

allergic rhinitis usually women with

allergic rhinitis already had this

condition before they became pregnant

but occasionally women notice there are

allergic rhinitis for the first time in

pregnancy this is due to allergies and

often in addition to nasal congestion

runny nose women will have itchy nose

sneezing itching and irritated eyes so

the first two main causes of rhinitis in

pregnancy or pregnancy rhinitis and

allergic rhinitis the third major cause

is bacterial sinusitis this is an

infection with bacteria and you'll

notice in addition to the runny nose

tenderness or pressure over your sinuses

here your maxillary sinuses here your

frontal sinuses you'll have pain and

tenderness in these areas if you have

possibly possibly if you have bacterial

sinusitis women also tend to have a

fever this is the one of the one this is

the one condition of the three I've

mentioned where you must see a doctor

immediately if you're pregnant and you

sinus pressure in addition to a fever

you absolutely should see your doctor

immediately so the tip number one was

the three main causes of rhinitis

pregnancy rhinitis allergic rhinitis and

bacterial sinusitis tip number two and

the remaining tips are ways to prevent

and treat rhinitis in pregnancy tip

number two is don't smoke there are many

reasons not to smoke for the health of

yourself and for the health health of

your baby you should avoid smoking and

avoid exposure to secondhand smoke

during your pregnancy smoking will make

allergic rhinitis worse as well as

pregnancy rhinitis so and it will lead

to an increased risk of bacterial

sinusitis so for many reasons in

addition to reducing your risk of

rhinitis do not smoke or expose yourself

to smoke during pregnancy tip number

three regular exercise regular exercise

is recommended for all adults including

pregnant women it's recommended that you

exercise for 30 minutes preferably every

day of the week and exercise can just

mean walking at a brisk pace when you

are pregnant it is important that you do

not exercise to the point that you

become out of breath so the way to know

you're exercising is not too intense is

to see if you can carry on a

conversation at the peak of your

exercise you should always be able to

carry on a conversation during the peak

of your exercise when you're pregnant

you should never get to the point where

you have to take a breath to continuous

finishing a sentence tip number four is

to eliminate dust and animal oh by the

way the reason why exercise is effective

not only for your health is it causes

what's called a physiologic nasal

constriction which is basically reduces

the swelling of your nose if you have

pregnancy rhinitis tip number four

eliminate dust and animal dander so this

is a very helpful way of preventing and

treating allergic rhinitis dust mites

and animal dander are two main causes of

allergic rhinitis to eliminate dust

dander it's important to avoid living in

a place where there's carpeting

if you floors are much better because

it's a lot easier to clean dust off

floors if you are not able to avoid

living in an area with carpeting so if

you do have carpets it's important to

vacuum your carpets with a HEPA filter

at least once a week if you have floors

it's important to wash your floor's once

a week you should also clean all

surfaces in your house at least once a

week and you should wash in hot water

and on a hot dryer setting all of your

bedding every week these are helpful

tips for reducing dust in your house

another tip is to use a HEPA filter an

air filter in your house that will

remove many of the particles of dust if

you only can buy one air filter the best

place to have it is in your bedroom

where you spend most of your time in

your house an animal dander is another

thing to reduce during your to reduce

the risk of allergic rhinitis so if you

do have a pet it is preferable that your

pet stay outside tip number five is a

neti pot a neti pot is something you can

buy in the drugstore and it basically

uses normal saline which is just water

with some salt in it and it's a pot that

you use to wash out your nasal passages

you should do this once a day or as

often as needed and it's helpful for

both pregnancy rhinitis and allergic

rhinitis tip number six here are two

other treatments for pregnancy rhinitis

you can elevate the head of your bed

using blocks bricks or other objects

underneath the legs of your bed

to give your bed about a 30 to 45 degree

angle so your head is higher than your

feet this will help with the congestion

that occurs in pregnancy rhinitis

another tip is to purchase

over-the-counter adhesive strips which

are specifically designed to put on your

nose and to dilate your nasal passages

these are two effective ways of reducing

the swelling that occurs with pregnancy

rhinitis tip number seven

nasal chrome so nasal chrome is the

brand name for a chromel and sodium

nasal spray this is something you can

buy over-the-counter and it's

recommended because it's very safe in

pregnancy for patients with mild

symptoms of allergic rhinitis it can be

used in your nostrils as a spray up to

six times each day tip number eight

rhinock or aqua so ryan accord aqua is

the brand name of budesonide intranasal

spray which is a steroid spray that's

safe in pregnancy and is effective if

you have allergic rhinitis and your

symptoms are moderate or severe so again

the chromel and spray which is

over-the-counter is useful if you have

mild allergic rhinitis the riot court or

budesonide spray is by prescription only

it's also safe in pregnancy and it's

recommended if your symptoms are

moderate to severe it's recommended as a

32 microgram spray in each nostril one

spray each day tip number nine is an

oral antihistamine so an oral

antihistamine is not as effective as an

intranasal steroid but it could be used

and it might help some people it's

recommended for allergic rhinitis and

the two safest forms are loratadine ten

milligrams the brand name is clarity or

City reason ten milligrams a day the

brand name of citizen is zyrtec and tip

number ten is to believe in yourself

I presented 10 tips or 9 tips for

treating for identifying and treating

rhinitis and pregnancy they are knowing

how to identify rhinitis not smoking

engaging in regular exercise eliminating

dust and animal dander using a neti pot

for both allergic and pregnancy rhinitis

elevating the head of your bed or using

specially designed tapes for pregnancy

rhinitis using chromel and sodium spray

for allergic rhinitis if it's mild using

budesonide international spray for

moderate to severe symptoms and also

considering an oral antihistamine such

as claritin or zyrtec I hope these tips

have been helpful thank you very much

for listening and have a great day