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How to Cure a Cold, Cough, Stuffy Nose, or Sore Throat Naturally

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hello everyone this is V fit here

bringing you another video has the coal

got you down this season are you feeling

a little bit of that flu bug

well I'm gonna show you a natural remedy

to rid yourself of the common cold or

any other symptom you may be having sore

throat runny nose chest congestion I'll

show you what you need to get rid of

that and to make you feel much better

you don't have to go to the pharmacy all

you have to do is just go straight to

nature and get these ingredients to rid

yourself of the common cold get yourself

some ginger root also get you some

lemons a couple onions and some honey we

want all this to be organic that way you

can avoid any pesticides or any residue

chemical residue that may be on your

plants and so forth so the first thing

that we're gonna do cut the ginger up

into small pieces you can leave the skin

on but just slice up the ginger and once

you have about a sizable amount about a

cup full sliced up of the ginger you're

gonna put it into some water and you're

just gonna boil it just like you would

do a tea ginger contains ginger roles

which are anti-inflammatory and it helps

boost your immune system the

anti-inflammatory properties in the

ginger actually helps get rid of the

viruses that cause you to have a sore

throat in the first place so you're

gonna slice up the ginger you're gonna

slice up some of the lemons and you're

gonna boil it in some water and then

you're gonna pour it in a cup and add

your honey and you're gonna sip this

right before bedtime

we're gonna use some lemons also because

they are high in vitamin C they're a

natural antioxidant they have antiviral

and antibacterial properties as well

lemons are also high in potassium so

they can help regulate the kidneys as

well lemons also help to alkalize the

blood and the urine to give your body an

alkaline environment lemons also enhance


in system and they help you to fight off

the coal and the flu

lemons also help reduce the phlegm that

builds up in your body as well we're

also gonna mix some honey in the tea

because the honey is going to help

soothe your throat if it's itchy or dry

or you have a cough this honey is gonna

help with that and help you feel much

better the honey works because it coats

the throat and it soothes it to make you

more comfortable if you have a cold or

the fool or whatever it may be

honey can also make you feel very

energetic and it helps you to stay

healthy so when you combine the linens

the ginger root and the honey when you

put all those three ingredients together

into a tea is gonna do wonders for that

coal and you're gonna be feeling much

better as soon as you're done drinking

that cup of tea so basically what you're

making is a cup of honey lemon ginger

tea the natural way and drink you a cup

right before you go to bed now the next

step to getting rid of the common coal

and to help you feel much better and to

clear up that congestion what we're

gonna do we're gonna take an onion and

what you're basically gonna do you're

just gonna slice up this onion into a

whole bunch of pieces just gonna slice

it slice it all up and get you a little

Bowl and put all those slices of onion

and the bowl then you're gonna take the

bowl and set it right next to your bed

and when you go to sleep you're gonna

have that bowl of onions right next to

you and you're going to be inhaling the

smell of the onions while you sleep and

what its gonna do it's actually gonna

clear the congestion from out of your

chests out of your nasal passages and

you're gonna feel a hundred percent

better when you wake up in the morning

the sulfur content that's in the onion

draws out the mucus and the phlegm that

you may be congested with it's the same

substance that you find in the onions

that make you cry when you cut it up

everyone knows that when you're cutting

up an onion it makes you want to cry to

get your tears start coming out and

everything what a same thing that's in

an onion that makes you cry that same

substance and the onion is gonna drain

out all

the mucus and all of the phlegm that

your congested with it's gonna break all

of that up that's in the chest and then

the nasal passages so once your nasal

passages are open you're gonna be

breathing much better onions also are a

natural antioxidant as well and I know

you hear a lot about different fruits

and vegetables that are high in

antioxidants basically what that means

is that your cells in your body when

they become oxidized they begin to

deteriorate and that causes all type of

problems diseases cancers and so forth

in the body so when you have something

that's antioxidant what it does is

prevents those cells from becoming into

that oxidized state causing the problems

so you want to ingest a lot of fruits

and vegetables that are high in


so just to recap this is what you need

to do to fight that common cold or that

flu that you're faced with this season

you're gonna make you some honey lemon

ginger tea drink that right before you

go to bed and then also you're gonna cut

up an onion put that onion right next to

your band and when you go to sleep and

you're gonna be inhaling all of those

aromas while you sleep and when you're

wake up you're gonna be feeling a

hundred percent better now I did this in

the past when I've had a cold and let me

tell you it works wonders so give it a

try and let me know what you think next

time you have a cold

here's your ingredients this is all you

need to fight the common cold if you

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see for future videos once again this is

V fit here with another video stay fit

stay healthy and remember your bodies is

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