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Runny Nose | How To Get Rid Of A Runny Nose | How To Stop A Runny Nose

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Tushar Wankhede he looks like Messi who agrees then like tushar thank you for

your comment it's got my attention because one I'm

the massive Messi fan and two I really don't think I look that Messi hey

everyone welcome to another episode of responding to your comments I honestly

do think this is one of my favorite series to film we're gonna be looking at

health questions we're gonna be looking at fun questions so while waiting for

let's dive in infinity numbers my nose is running like a tap right now infinity

numbers thank you for your comment I'm sure we've all been there I was actually

there a couple of weeks ago as well this is from me how to treat a cold video

it's also very common question well comment I get which raises another

question which is how can you actually stop your nose from running as much

because we've all been there when you have a really runny nose you've been

blowing your nose all day all week you've used like three packs of tissue

your nose has got an entirely red and sore so we've all been there and as a

health care professional the first thing that I always think of is what's causing

this what is causing this runny nose you know because there could be various

different reasons that's causing this inflammation in the nose which is

causing it to run and the inflammation we call it rhinitis that's the fancy

scientific term for it when it basically just means means inflammation in areas which is

causing it to run so what's causing it so for example when I'm speaking to a

patient a few things always come to mind are so what could it be could it be

viral the cause of it could it be environmental factors you

know for example temperature differences you're going from one room that's cold

to a warmer room and it's causing this rhinitis and could it be bacterial could

it be a hormone imbalance there are many different reasons that could be causing

this runny nose so the first thing you need to think of is what's causing it

and by the way that wasn't a full list and I will leave more information about

this in description below for you if you want to look at the reasons of what

causes rhinitis so the first thing that I recommend to any patient is to speak

to their health care professional to find out what's causing their runny nose

whether it's that nurse whether it's their doctor whether it's a pharmacist

it doesn't really matter you just need to speak to a healthcare professional so you

can find out what's causing it now let's say for the example for the comment that

I've got this is from cold video so let's say you've been diagnosed with a

cold and the cause of your in nose is viral

so the cold is viral and it's causing your nose to run so for this example

generally speaking for most patients I was said to recommend them and nasal

rinse now it's called many different names some people call it nasal

irrigation so people caught nasal douching it's all the same thing but the

beauty of it is that what it's going to do it's going to wash away that mucus

and any irritants that are in your nose which is causing this inflammation and

then making your nose run and the reason that I like this so much is that one

it's inexpensive two everyone pretty much has these ingredients at home and three

is very easy to do so it's a win-win really and the way you do it is very

simple you just get one teaspoon of salt one teaspoon of bicarbonate soda put

them in a glass boil the kettle and then pour the water in there about a pints

worth of water and mix it in then let it cool let it cool to a sensible

temperature that you're not going to burn yourself and you're going to use it

to irrigate but once again I want to repeat let that water cause it's a

sensible temperature so it's cool so it's probably like body temperature so

it's not going to burn you let that cool and I repeated a lot but you need

to let it cool and now that you've made your great solution you need to first

go stand over a sink because it is quite messy when you're doing get wash your

hands first and then get one hand form it into like a cup like this and pour it

into your palm then cover one nostril like so and then sniff it up okay sniff

it up that one nostril and then let it run back out I probably say do it about

three times in each nostril and then swap over but if you need to do it more

often than that to get more comfort then do it more often that's not a problem

now when you do the nasal irrigation you may end up getting some of this solution

traveling into the back ear throat or into your mouth and this is completely

fine it's completely harmless if you do get any of this solution in

there just spit it out it's harmless another thing that I'd like to mention

is each time you do the nasal irrigation let's say you do it once in the morning

and once at night you need to make a fresh batch you can't use that old batch

so repeat the whole cycle again when you're about to do another nasal

irrigation session another option which I'm just going to touch very slightly on

is a steroid nasal sprays they can also be used for a runny nose for

example in a cold but again I would always recommend everyone speak their

pharmacist first before they purchase a steroid nasal spray

just so they can check that you're suitable and safe to take it and also

so they can advise you how to use it I did make a video as well not long ago

about a nasal spray on how to use it and trust me it makes a massive difference

if you're using it right compared to when you're using it wrong so I will

leave a link up here and in the description below for you so if you are

using a nasal spray or if using it's great for anything else I highly

recommend you to watch it thank you question thank you for your comment

may I say and if anyone's got a runny nose right now I really hope these tips

help you thank you Ingvar san Ingvar before I read your comment I just want

to say thank you for your honesty because I appreciate it

when I was circumcised my dad used to take both shells off and put the powder

with mangoes on a spoon so this is a comment that ingvar has put from the how to

swallow tablets or capsules more easily video once again thank you for your

honesty but with regards to doing that because I have heard of patients doing

this in the past as well of getting a capsule sort of opening it in half and

taking the powder inside I will just always recommend anyone who's

wanting to do this to check with their pharmacist preferably pharmacist because

they know medicines a lot better or your other health care professionals because

certain medicine you can do this and certain medicine you can't do this at all so

please please please always check with your pharmacist before anyone opens up

the capsules pause the content whether it's on mango whether it's on yogurt

whether mixing it water anything like that just check with your pharmacist

first but thank you comment and thank you for your honesty but if anyone

thinks I look like Messi leave a comment below let me know but if you don't think

I look like Messi also leave a comment and let me know

well maybe let me know who I do look like a few times people have said I look

like everything apple pro that's probably the most common one that I get

I'm a massive fan of his by the way but I still don't see that resemblance either

but if anyone's got a good resemblance or a good look alike let me know thank

you for comment tushar have a great day Elichi which is easier to swallow a capsule or

a tablet elichi thank for your comment this is from the how to swallow a tablet

video it really got my attention so I thought I'd mention in today's video and

it really depends on the size so firstly if you've got a massive capsule

and a tiny tablet obviously the tablet will be easy to swallow but then you

have different sort of shaped tablets so you have a normal tablet which is

circular but then you have caplets which are a capsule shaped tablet and a caplet

generally speaking is a lot easier to swallow than a tablet so that's another

point to consider and then lastly tablets you have a film coated tablet

normal tablet so normal tablet is sort of powdery on the outside whereas a film

coated one the best way to describe it is it's like a smartie so you have

Smarties and this will have like film coated on the outside and they're smooth

and that's what home coated tablet is it has that sort outer surface on it makes

it smooth and easy to swallow so that's a really sort of long way of answering a

question but thank you for your comment once again it looks like we've run out

of time I really enjoyed interacting with some of your comments this week and if I

missed your comment I am really sorry we get so many comments so it's quite easy

to miss a few so if I did miss it please leave another comment I'll try my best

to get back to you in a future episode of responding to your comments always

remember the all awesome and I will see you next week

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