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REDUCE BELLY BLOATING: 8 tips to improve digestion + reduce bloating

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loading is one of the most common

digestive issues and it causes a lot of

discomfort especially when you're trying

to fit into jeans in this video I'm

going to share eight tips to help reduce

bloating and to improve your digestion

if you're interested keep watching hello

hello welcome back to the whole happy

Lake my name is rhea and i'm a holistic

nutritionist with an applied science

background for today's video i wanted to

talk about bloating because it's such a

common digestive complaint for a lot of

women and a lot of the women in my

practice deal with this issue and many

times simple diet and lifestyle changes

can make a big difference but before we

dive in i wanted to say one very

important thing if you suffer from

chronic bloating which is really

uncomfortable and it's outside the norm

of what you've been experiencing before

talk to a doctor because it might be a

bigger issue and it's always a good idea

to get bigger issues ruled out before

you make those diet and lifestyle

choices the first tip is to eat more

mindfully and try not to overeat when

we're eating in a mindful way we're

paying attention to the food we eat as a

result of that we're chewing well we're

eating slowly we're eating in a more

relaxed way and all these things

combined can actually help our digestion

but when we're eating mindlessly let's

say we're behind a desk at work or we're

on the go we have that tendency to eat

very quickly and we don't chew and we

just feel like we can keep eating we

tend to overeat and all of those things

combined can result in floating so if

you want to improve your digestion try

eating in a more mindful way tip number

two is to reduce your stress and anxiety

in general when we are stressed out when

we're in that stressed out mode we're in

something called the flight-or-fight

world and in that mode digestion does

not happen efficiently that is why there

are so many studies that show that

there's a link between stress and

digestive disorders there is also a link

between stress and bloating so if you

happen to be bloated quite often it

might just be your stress so try to

reduce your stress now we can't

completely eliminate stress it's not

possible but you can manage your stress

in certain ways and the way that I think

works best is meditation

I will talk about this again and again

in my videos if you watch my past videos

we'll know meditation really does help

reduce stress there's actually study

that shows that meditation can reduce

bloating I'll put that in the

description but honestly just find

something that works for you some sort

of a stress relief some sort of stress

management that works for you that you

could incorporate into your regular

routine and that may help you with the

bloating tip number three is to be

cautious of sugar alcohol so what's the

sugar alcohol basically it's a type of

sweetener that you can find in

sugar-free foods and also in chewing gum

for most people though their exposure

will be through chewing gum so examples

of sugar alcohols would be sorbitol

mannitol xylitol for most people these

sugar alcohols don't cause any digestive

discomfort but for some people sensitive

people it can cause some bloating and it

really depends on how much you're eating

so if you're struggling with the

bloating check the labels of your

chewing gum check the labels of any

sugar-free foods you have and see if

they have any sugar alcohols cut them

out for a while and see if it makes a

difference I cut out chewing them a

couple years ago and the bloating just


so I happen to be one of those people

that is sensitive to sugar alcohols and

maybe you are too number four limit

carbonated drinks so this is one thing

that everyone's a bit different some

people can have carbonated fizzy drinks

and have no bloating whatsoever I think

they're really good at burping out the

air but some people can't burp it out as

well and then that air stays in the

stomach and that causes bloating so if

you're struggling with bloating try

eliminating some of those carbonated

drinks or just reducing them and see if

it makes a difference number five

probiotics so we've all heard that good

gut bacteria good gut health is

important for digestion and part of that

is probiotics now there are studies that

show that certain probiotics help with

bloating I'll put those studies in the

description so you can see the specific

strains that help of bloating but my

philosophy is try to get probiotics from

food first and if that doesn't help then

consider taking a supplement so if

you're trying to get probiotics from

food a couple good options would be

things like sour

crowd kimchi yogurt it could be

plant-based yogurt or regular dairy

whatever works for you and there are a

few other foods like kefir I'm going to

put more information in description so

you can learn more about probiotic rich

foods number six deal with constipation

not exactly the most glamorous topic to

talk about but it is important to talk

about it because if you are struggling

with constipation you're more likely to

be bloated there is a link between

constipation and bloating so a good way

to reduce the bloating is to do with

that constipation I'm not going to talk

much about that in this particular video

because I have a whole other video on

constipation I will link that in the

description number seven make gradual

changes to your diet especially when it

comes to fiber one of the biggest issues

that people struggle with when they

start a healthier diet is the increase

of fiber and the resulting loading when

our bodies aren't used to that much

fiber and we're just kind of stripped

bloat it's absolutely normal it happens

to a lot of people there's nothing wrong

with it but it can be uncomfortable so

if you're starting a new diet and you're

increasing your fruits and veggies

you're increasing your legumes a good

idea is to do it gradually so you give

your body time to adjust to that and

that will help reduce the bloating now

sometimes no matter how gradual the

change you will still struggle with

certain foods for example I struggle

with raw cauliflower I cannot eat raw

cauliflower do you not feel comfortable

but if I have cooked cauliflower I have

no problem so sometimes it's just a

matter of cooking it now when it comes

to beans a lot of people do struggle

with bloating I have a video on how to

reduce the bloating and beans and

involves things like soaking so it's

just a matter of figuring out how you

can cook and prepare those foods in a

way that your body can adjust to it

number eight notice if your symptoms are

related to any particular foods a good

way to do this is to write a food

journal so write down what you're eating

and then write down your symptoms and

see if there's a link between certain

foods and your bloating a lot of times

you'll notice there's a link between

certain things for example a lot of

people have issues with dairy and they

don't realize that there is a link until

they actually write it down in their

food journal a lot of people are lactose


and that can cause bloating that's very

common another common issue is something

called FODMAPs so FODMAPs are

short-chain carbohydrates that some

people struggle with I'll put some more

information in the description box in

case you want to learn more about it and

when people have those FODMAPs things

like mushrooms and onions they feel very

uncomfortable so going on a low-fat diet

can help fodmap low fodmap diet can help

another common issue is fructose some

people cannot handle too much rectus or

fructose in fruits so they end up with

bloating so sometimes it's just certain

foods that you're eating and it's just

your body can't handle them but for most

people those things are fine so once you

figure out that there is a link between

what you're eating and how you're

feeling so it was a good idea to talk to

a qualified professional and see if they

can guide you through the process that

pretty much sums up the eight tips I

hope that these help you improve your

digestion and reduce bloating and as I

said earlier if you have chronic

bloating go see a medical professional

if you liked the video and you learn

something new give it a thumbs up and

before you leave please let me know in

the comment box below if you had any

tips to deal with bloating I actually

forgot one tip which I do use

occasionally that is to have peppermint

tea there's actually studies that show

that peppermint oil can help reduce

bloating but I feel like peppermint

oils it can be a little hard to get your

hands on so peppermint tea is a good way

to help reduce bloating so if you have

any tips like that and let me know in

the comment box below I will see you in

the next video bye