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REDUCE BLOATING OVERNIGHT: 8 Tips to Debloat in 24 Hours

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Wow look at her who is she I literally

don't recognize this person

am i pregnant nope just eating good

drinking good everything you can think

up Mexican sushi in Vegas we did it all

but honestly I'm not trying to look like

this so we're about to get rid of

bloating in 24 hours



hello YouTube welcome back to my channel

where we talk about everything health

and fitness

I'm Maddie gray and today crystal we're

gonna take these off today we're going

to talk about how freakin bloated I am

because this is absolutely insane so

went to Vegas had everything you can

ever think up to eat ever all the sugary

drinks feeling great having a good time

no sleep stayed up all night long

came back gained eight pounds how do you

even do that how is that even possible I

was there for like three four maybe

maybe days so a lot of its food a lot of

its water

most of it is bloating it kind of looks

like I'm pregnant right now I'm I'm

literally pregnant you'll see my stomach

soon you'll like it it's it's pretty

funny it's a good time so we're gonna

talk about what to do to get rid of this

in 24 hours because I've got a lot of

weight on me right now it's fake I don't

want it to stick I don't want it to stay

as fat I got to get rid of it as soon as

I can and also another good thing about

this is when you come back from vacation

a lot of people lose their motivation so

if you just get right back after it you

get back into your habits you get back

into your routine it kind of sets the

ball rolling for you know you having

your schedule back you being able to

work out all of your inspiration and

motivation returns whereas when you come

back and you keep eating like you were

then you kind of hit a downward spiral

where you're now into this new lifestyle

of vacation mode that's lasted a little

too long so the first thing we're gonna

do is drink celery juice on a fasted

stomach right in the morning when you

wake up this kind of helps jumpstart

everything and get rid of a lot of the

toxins I'm gonna show you some

supplements that I use some things that

I take to kind of clear everything out

we're gonna drink a lot a lot of water

we're gonna stay really far away from

like processed foods anything that's

packaged salt we're gonna stay away from

and sugars so don't eat too much at one

time and make sure you're actually

hungry so drink a lot of water before

you eat because a lot of times

dehydration can be labeled improperly as

hunger and so you end up

when really you just needed some water

so eat small meals and eat them slowly

try not to swallow a lot of air try not

to be you know consuming too much gas

oxygen so things like carbonated drinks

stay away from those if you haven't

already it's really important to rule

out like food allergies intolerances

I know some people react to dairy gluten

wheats things like that nuts so for me

I'm gonna eat foods that I'm already

comfortable with that my body is used to

that I know I can process well if you're

eating high fiber foods that may not be

good for you I'm gonna eat a little bit

of like sweet potato that can damage

some people's stomachs eggs can mess

with some people's stomachs egg whites

are great for me sweet potatoes are

great for me I eat them all the time my

body's used to them but you should know

what works well for your body so we

definitely don't want to be constipated

we don't want to hold on to any water so

I'm going to show you some of the pills

that I take that help with that

especially after getting off of flights

and off of airplanes you're in a

different time zone you're eating

different foods you kind of want to

reset your body a little bit so we're

gonna do the celery juice we're gonna

work out we're gonna do lots and lots of

water some lemons some ginger I like to

eat like egg whites salmon a lot of

greens that kind of thing I'll have a

smoothie I'm gonna work out a lot crazy

hit workouts and high-intensity workouts

that's what I just said

high-intensity workouts and a lot of

muscle building workouts as well so I'll

do both but just take this video with

the brain of salt if you do the exact

same things that I do it may not work

out for you I was incredibly fit before

I left for my trip I had abs I was lean

so I'm just trying to get back to where

I know I can be you might watch this

video and say why did she have a food

baby and then she got apps I'm just

returning to what I was before that's

all that's happening so if you don't get

the same results don't be discouraged

it may take you longer than a day but if

you follow what I did you'll probably at

least get similar results it only takes

me about 24 hours but I'll be eating

healthy this entire week a lot of people

can benefit from a low fodmap side it's

like fod ma PS so it's just basically

helping to promote friendly gut bacteria

helps people with IBS a lot of bloating

helps with their stomach acids that sort

of thing so it's just basically saying

to stay away from like fiber carbs

anything that kind of bloats you up it's

basically staying away from like dairy

sweeteners beans high-fiber foods some

grains some veggies some fruits I'm not

gonna do that diet but I am gonna list

some information about it to the side

because I know a lot of people benefit

from that like I said I'm gonna eat

foods that I'm comfortable with so if

you're not comfortable with these foods

if you see what I'm eating today and

that's brand-new for you it may upset

your stomach so just take everything and

twist it to make it your own

side note about the celery juice even if

you don't think you have a lot of toxins

stuck in your body you're happy with you

know your face you don't have any acne

your skin's looking good you're feeling

good did you know let me tell you this

fact because blows my mind and I just

think it's so interesting and disgusting

and everybody should know the average

American has eight 240 pounds of dried

fecal matter stuck in their body now do

you think you need to cleanse you do if

you think you don't you still do ok

straight up takes me like a whole stalk

of celery just to get like eight ounces

of celery juice so I usually use the

whole stock if you watched my other

videos you'll see it for like what I eat

in a day staying on a lean diet I always

do this celery juice in the morning on a

fasted stomach and if you watch my

eczema video you'll see me literally

explode my juicer because I put too much

celery in it this one's a lot nicer so

I'll link it below I highly recommend it

it's by Tec

it's just a new company you can get it

off of Amazon this one's just a lot

nicer and it runs smoother it's easier

to use and it's pretty easy to clean as



yo is this a pregnancy video no just me

just like my physique update oh that's

that hurts that is painful

okay so this is our morning lineup

people we're gonna do some egg whites

with a little bit of garlic some goat

cheese and some salmon I got this from

Publix I don't know what kind it is it's

just like smoked Atlantic salmon I think

a little avocado and starting with lemon

ginger tea yeah it's got a lot of

probiotics and hoping it will kind of

help my stomach and decrease the

bloating a little bit so this will be

what I eat for breakfast


so this is what I'll eat again I've been

eating so much in Vegas that it's really

not gonna affect me to eat this little

this is my tea that I made it's the

lemon ginger wine I tried to kind of

focus on this there it is

and then for this I did half an avocado

I did two slices of the Atlantic salmon

I did some goat cheese with the eggs and

then it's just super speckly because I

put it black pepper and parsley on it

honestly I feel like parsley just kind

of like dresses up everything so

so here are two supplements that I'm

taking today the milk thistle I'm taking

twice a day or no I'm taking two

capsules three times a day and it's

basically helping with inflammation of

the liver mm-hmm drinking and eating too

much and it also has dandelion and

fennel in it so it's trying to pull

toxins out and then Senna is a leaf so

it's all-natural it's got some other

like vegetable properties in there that

are in active ingredients but it's

basically gonna help start up everything

and get everything going a lot of people

have trouble on planes and fly it's a

lot with like travel and then if you're

eating all this crazy food and you're

drinking sugary cocktails then you may

be a little backed up and a lot of the

bloating is really just gonna be food

and water so we don't want it to store

as fat we want to kind of get everything

out and make sure that we're drinking a

lot of water and while we're taking

these we're just super hydrated so this

is the goal for today this is alkaline

water I got it from Whole Foods it's the

Whole Foods brand their each 33.8 fluid

ounces of water and I know when people

are bloated the last thing they want to

do is like fill up their stomach with

all this water but think of it in a way

as if it's just flushing everything out

and you're getting rid of all of your

toxins and just rehydrating yourself and

taking care of yourself think of it like

that and use the whole day so you don't

have to drink them immediately just kind

of sip them throughout the day and

hopefully we'll get through both of them

one of the things that I really love

about f45 is that I've gone through a

lot of changes this year with moving and

relationships and personal life and just

working in the medical field it's very

stressful and new jobs new places to

live new friends all that kind of stuff

and there's just a lot of change going

on and what I like about 45 is that it's

very consistent you know what you get

when you're going in whatever happened

to you at work you can leave it behind

you can go in everybody's in a great

mood everybody's super positive and I

think one of the things that's really

important about that is that everybody's

there for the same goal they're not

there to talk about their horrible day

or you know whatever is going wrong

they're there to work out and to give

high energy and to help you and I think

that's really important especially if

you're stressed out and you go to the

gym and you don't know what to do and

you've got so much on your mind and you

don't want to make up a workout it's

really great to go to a place like at 45

because they tell you exactly what to do

and they also

have you different alterations so it's

more than one it's not just you can

either do this push up or this push up

on your knees it's like we have all

these different fans and all these

different resistances and all these

different ways to do the workout to make

it comfortable for you so you go in it's

high energy it's just an awesome


you know what you're doing and you don't

have to worry about you know either

doing it too hard or too fast or not

having the right weight for you because

there's actual trainers there so the

trainers there they'll go around they'll

fix your form so you know you're not

injuring yourself which I feel like is

another really good part about you know

the confusion of the gym is either I

don't know what I'm doing today I don't

have a workout plan I don't know the

weight that I want or I don't know how

many reps I should do or you get tired

and your forms start slacking or you do

the right reps with the right amount

away and your form is good but you just

take away too much time in between sets

you're on your phone you're on Instagram

and you're just you're giving yourself

too much time to recover and that's the

excuse that we use to us like oh I'm

recovering but that 45 you're in you're

out you're doing a crazy workout it's

usually a hit workout and you work out

all kinds of muscles throughout your

whole body so you're good to go in about

45 minutes so honestly I think it's a

perfect class for anybody I think it's

good for any level of physique

athleticism experience I mean it's great

for me and I consider myself an

experienced person when it comes to

working out you know I even give you my

workouts because people like to do them

but I also work out with people who are

pregnant in there people who are very

beginner as it's their very first time

younger people older people it's really

good for any sort of candidate I think

that everybody could benefit from f45


I'm definitely already feeling a little

less bloated not the best though not my

favorite definitely could get rid of a

little bit of the tub eNOS I know guys I

know it's not that bad but I'm just

saying for me we can do better







um how is our sauna experience i lucky

surprised I'm not on the floor we did

the wet sauna we just shut out pretty

much any extra water weight that we had

now we feel we I mean I feel like I

pulled up check this thing right like

what is this even

bananas avocado blueberry water

glutamine what you got this is peanut

butter banana glutamine vanilla protein

powder and some coconut milk is it good

you like it we love it okay so we are

getting a little bit better here

definitely still pretty bloated but this

is after two workouts a bunch of waters

we've taken some sent us some of our

milk thistle thistle whatever it's

called um and it's not it's not too bad

trying to kind of suck in to show you

this line is gonna come through but I

can't - I'm too big right now I can't

make it but this all this all get all

this little chunk right here we're gonna

take that away we're all quick

yeah this is so much water that I drink

I got this from Whole Foods it's their

alkaline water it's just their Whole

Foods brand so it was pretty cheap you

don't need alkaline water you can really

just drink whatever you're feeling try

to stay away from like any of the salts

so that we can decrease bloating a

little bit more but these are just the

ones that I picked we're done with that

I did the lemon ginger tea I did some

green tea I did some celery juice we're

gonna continue to push some liquids and

try to get everything out here okay so

we got our turkey sweet potato quinoa a

little bit of pea is some kale just

basically threw it all in the oven and

then I put Dijon mustard on it because I

pretty much just put that on everything

with the sweet potatoes they are high in

fiber so if your body's not used to it

that could maybe not so much help with

bloating I eat them all the time so

they're safe food for me so this was a

good option for me but like I said you

really need to eat what's good for you

and just keep your portions small eat

really slow okay so towards the end of

the day now they say if things get

better with time

we've had some time I definitely feel

better I definitely can kind of flex a

little bit but I'm still feeling kind of

a puffy kind of inflamed I want it to be

a little flatter not perfect but

definitely really great like if I had to

go wear a dress tonight or go out or

anything like we can deal with this but

we can also make it better as well so

hopefully tomorrow morning we'll really

get rid of everything I'm gonna do a lot

of ABS tonight try to tighten them up a

bit and I'm gonna sleep in one of those

waist trainers to see if we can keep it

flat for like eight hours see if that

does anything so I've been in the same

outfit for like a day now kind of

embarrassing but this is the best way

for you to kind of see results because

it's the same outfit so I'm definitely a

lot more lean but it's mostly just my

stomach I mostly just flattened out my

stomach and kind of emptied it out got

rid of all the toxins um feel really

good I did a lot of ABS last night so

it's kind of like whoo hurting to flex

like killing me right now my abs are

like super sore and my stomach hurts

pretty bad but I'm gonna wake up I'm

gonna work out I'm gonna do like an

early morning fasted workout because I

know I didn't eat after 5:00 I think I

ate it like 4:30 uh so what it's like

6:00 now I mean I at least did like a 13

hour fast a probably faster or longer

and do a workout do some celery juice

and just kind of see how lean we can get

today I'll probably continue this for

about a week because I'm not exactly

where I want to be yet but this is a

great start and it's such a jump start

this is a huge difference you can kind

of tell like the different ways that I

pose the leaner I can look it's like

obviously I look super lean doing this

but this is kind of like my just my

normal right now just um I would like

walk around looking like this and then

if I flexed I could make it a lot leaner

see all about the posing the angles the

flexing so I'm actually filming this

outro at the same time that I filmed the

intro so I haven't actually done the

whole video I don't know how it ended

hopefully it turned out good I hope you

liked it drop a comment below if you did

also if you want to lose more weight

over an extended period of time I have

some like one week meal plans you can

make a whole week's worth of food in one


I've also got if you've got a week I can

help you lose 15 pounds in one week so I

take you along my journey of losing 15

pounds in 7 days that's also on my

channel so if you're looking for

something different I may have it if not

drop a comment below and I'll make it

for you well y'all have a good one

thanks for watching see you soon