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First Aid Tips : How to Treat Blisters

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Many times throughout the course of working many of us develop blisters, especially on

the fingers or other regions of the body. Hi, I'm Captain Joe Bruni, and what we're

going to discuss is the treatment of the common blister. The common blister will present itself

as a raised, whitish patch area filled with fluid. Blisters should not be broken or popped

in any way as an opening in the skin can invite bacteria and infection to ensue. Take some

type of lavender oil and apply the lavender oil to the blister area to help add nutrients

to the skin and promote healing. After the application of lavender oil some type of small

bandage or Band-Aid can be applied to the blister area if it is small in nature. If

it's a large blister area in nature some type of gauze pad can be applied and then taped

down in place to help avoid further friction of the site or that area, placing the gauze

over the blister area and taping it down with some type of medical tape until the fluid

from within the blister reabsorbs back into the body. After a few days the blister will

heal itself and the skin will toughen up in that area so the bandages will no longer be

needed. Blisters are never fun and they are a way to invite infection if they are broken

open or popped to get the fluid out of them. You always want to avoid breaking the blister.

I'm Captain Joe Bruni, stay safe, and we'll see you next time.