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What to do with a heel blister

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okay so now we're gonna look at what to

do when you've actually got those

fluid-filled blisters generally the best

advice is burst them yeah so what we're

gonna do is we're gonna look at first of

all let's say a blister on the back of

the heel here yeah see this is all full

of fluid now the thing we've got to do

to this is we've got to get that fluid

out and try and reattach the skin it

will make it far more comfortable for

you so the first thing you do is you get

your alcohol swab which is probably

gonna rub all this ink off so you get

your alcohol swab you swab all over that

blister area all around there make sure

it's nice and clean then you get your

your scissors and you clean the tips of

those scissors and then you've got to

think about where you're gonna put your

incisions now because it's on the back

of the heel that the force of causing

this bliss is this this friction force

like this so the best thing to do is to

put two holes here and here so you get

your little scissors if they're nice and

sharp just carefully push them in to the

blister push them into the blister then

just drain the fluid off push that fluid

away until that's nice and empty the

reason we put the holes at the bottom

here is that gravity will help let the

fluid track down also as the foots

pulling up in the shoe it will keep

pushing that fluid away once that's nice

and empty what you can do then is

straight forward tape up the heel so

what I'm going to be using here now is

just a little bit of rock tape but like

I said for free previously in other

videos any tape will do zinc oxide

anything at all

we're going to look at rounding the

edges of the tape off if you've got nice

round edges of tape and the tape won't

peel so you make sure you've got a piece

of tape that's bigger than the bigger

than the heel pick up on the blister on

the heel sorry

push on over that blister wrap it over

the heel

wrap it up the leg there's another piece

that might just be fine but I'll just

have another piece on here just to make

sure don't put too much stretch on this

tape at all you want it to be moving

with the skin then you go remember with

it you're using KT Tape Rock tape things

like that is that you have to give the

tape a good rub just to help keep the

glue up and then it will add ear to the

skin a lot better if your foots

particularly sweaty before you put the

tape on you can always put an adhesive

spray like the opsite spray on there

first to help you stick that on there