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How To Treat A Blister Correctly (First, Look At Your Blister Roof)

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when it comes to blister treatment there

are three types of blisters intact torn

and d roofed and they each need a

different slant on treatment so let's

look at how we treat each of them a

blister will start off with his roof

intact how long it remains intact is

subject to many variables but on the

bright side the best thing about an

intact blister roof if there is a good

thing about having a blister

is it can't get infected if it stays

like this because the roof is intact and

that skin is keeping the blister fluid

in and the germs out so protecting the

blister roof is our main concern right

now by putting an island dressing on it

maybe a band-aid or a q-tip last

anything where there's an absorbent

nonstick pad surrounded by tape on all

sides the dressings on the right they

don't qualify as Island dressings

because dirt and germs can get in

underneath the good news is though if

you secure each of the open ends with

another piece of tape you've turned this

into an island dressing that will block

out the dirt and germs just make sure

there's no tape on your blister roof I

mean you don't want to rip the blister

roof off when you take this off so make

sure there's nothing sticking to your

blister roof and don't forget you need

to reduce pressure maybe with some

cushioning or by using a special lacing

technique to stop your toes from jamming

into the toe box of your shoe or maybe

adding a felt donut pad it all depends

on where these blister is on your foot

and you've got to reduce friction levels

like with a lubricant or changing into

some dry socks or adding an anger

blister patch again all depending on

whatever is going to work for this

blister location these things are going

to stop the skin from stretching too

much and remember the stretching in the

skin is what caused the blister in the

first place we're trying to minimize

that shear so your blister roof will

remain intact and so your blister can

start to heal even though you have to

keep standing and walking or running on

it all in all the aim of treating this

blister is to protect his roof but what

happens if you don't protect the blister

well it will tear and that's when the

alarm bells start ringing because as

soon as it tears it's open to infection

so we need to do everything we did for

the last booster plus now we need to use

an antiseptic to kill any germs lurking

around I prefer a liquid for this rather

than a cream or an ointment and betadine

or poverty and iodine is my favorite and

we need to monitor it closely for signs

of infection and a quick tip ideally

keep the torn loose the roof in place

because that skin provides some

protection to the raw blister base all

in all the aim of treating this blister

is to prevent infection now what happens

if you don't do enough to protect a torn


the answer is his roof will rub right

off and you'll be left with a red raw

saw called

a deer if mr. addy roof blister is more

painful it's more open to infection and

it takes longer to heal so do all the

things you did for the last blister but

now there's a focus on healing because

we need strong flexible resilient skin

to grow back over that raw blister base

and we need it to happen fast and that's

what the that's what your dressing

provides a moist wound environment you

can use an island dressing for this

blister or there are lots of

circumstances when a hydrocolloid

dressing like compeiied is the dressing

of choice for these blisters look the

most common mistake I see people make

with D roof twisters is letting the air

get to it if you let a diva roof blister

dry out all that will happen is you'll

get a scab over it and a scab isn't

healed skin you've still got a raw

blister base underneath that scab the

scab is inelastic it irritates the

blister base which is trying its best to

heal and is easily dislodged leaving you

back at square one with a D roof blister

so keep a moist wound environment for

the fast as possible healing all in all

the aim of treating this blister is to

get good skin healing