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How to neutralize the scent of bleach on your hands

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bleach is probably one of the most well

known sanitizer and cleaner used

worldwide it leaves everything looking

brighter cleaner whiter however it can

leave everything smelling strongly of

chlorine including your hands that smell

can be overpowering to not only you but

others around you hence it becomes

important for you to remove the smell as

easily and quickly as possible here are

a few tips you can try neutralize the

scent of bleach with household acids you

may neutralize beaches based chemicals

make up with foods that are high in

natural acids some of these foods

include lemon lime orange or even

grapefruit juice just about any citrus

fruit may be used actually you may also

use tomatoes tomato salt tomato puree or

tomato paste when you combine an edible

liquid acid with bleach it is a great

way to even out the overall pH and

eliminate that unpleasant folder the

next tip that you can try is to coat

your hand with jewels or vinegar rub the

vinegar or juice into your hands and do

this for at least a minute as it gives

you time to ensure you cover every

surface of your hand that had a scent of

bleach this also allows the liquid to

soak in and neutralize the bleach