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hey everybody I'm making this video

message for anyone at you there may be

involved in a situation where you are

being blackmailed

this video message is for you now when

it comes to blackmail a person may be

trying to get money out of you or they

might request favours from you and in

the event you refuse to give them those

do those favors for them I'm sorry or

give them money they may threaten to

release information and dirt that's in

Juris or incriminating about you to

other people some of you all may be the

CEO of a company you may be the

supervisor or manager of a corporation

or a business some of you all may be a

leader in church or a ministry and let's

just be real outside of what you're

doing what people see there is another

side to you and what goes over people

heads all the time is the fact that you

may have a position of power and a title

but this does not mean you will not have

a certain hunger and lust and feeling

and desire for certain things or to

partake in certain things this is where

people mess it all up at they get it


just because you are doing certain

things does not mean that there is not

another side to you some of you are

right now you only show your

professional side to people you show

your spiritual side but outside of what

you are doing some of you are maybe a

pedophile you may do drugs you may be a

raging alcoholic you may be caught up in

adulterous affairs you may very well be

stealing money from the company that you

work for and the person that is a

blackmailer they know this about you

some of you all may have very well even

been involved with that blackmailer and

you cut them off and they see you

growing and evolving so their use

the dirt they have on you over your head

they're trying to use that against you

to humiliate and embarrass you and they

could destroy everything you have built

or it can destroy the things you are

trying to build it could destroy your

marriage your relationship your a good

name your reputation but I'm gonna give

you one thing that you can do to disarm

a blackmailer I'm not going to give you

a whole list because I don't want the

video to be very long but I'm gonna give

you one thing that you can do to disarm

a blackmailer and then it's so simple

you just tell what the blackmailer has

hanging over your head

now I'm not saying go and announce it to

everybody but what you need to do is you

need to get people that you know really

love you and care about you or friends

and family that you know would be

supportive of you and you need to tell

them what it is you are currently

involved in or something that you may

have done and that way you disarmed the

blackmailer so if they move forward with

releasing information they have against

you you can make them look stupid by

going ten or twenty steps ahead of them

and by the time that it hits the fan of

what it was you're involved in or what

you did people will say you know what I

already knew he was doing it I already

knew she was doing that I already knew

he did that years ago I know she did

that years ago some of you are maybe a

plain Jane or average Joe you may not be

a celebrity you may not be this person

that has a lot of influence you may not

be somebody who is very well-known but

you are going to a certain level for

instance some of you all may have

someone that is at this level and you

were once at this level with them but

when you begin to grow and evolve and

get your visions and your goals out

there and you are growing and things are

picking up for you for you you are

moving from this level to here here here

here and that person or those people see

that they see that you have the capacity

to be great sometimes you might not even

see it or know it but other people know

it and they want to bring you down

sometimes you've cut people off that you

were in mess with and they get mad and

they want you to look stupid they want

you to be humiliated I've talked about

this in several other videos but I was

led to make this video especially for

people who are being blackmailed

this arm that person who is trying to

blackmail you you do not have to be

afraid you do not have to be ashamed you

do not have to be scared disarm them

take their power away from them I don't

care what the situation is I don't care

what they're saying to you some of you

are you may even have to get an attorney

involved depending on the level of the

person that's trying to blackmail you

and if it goes deeper then the things

I've just discussed you will have to go

to other routes as far as going into

Council getting an actual attorney but

if it's at a certain level where they

just have information and like dirt on

you from things that you do outside of

your work area or your job or your

position in ministry or in your

community then you disarm them and you

tell the people that you know are your

real friends and you tell the people

that you know love and care about you

what it is you are currently involved in

or something that you did in the past

I know although you all will not be able

to relate to this video but I hope some

of you are able to relate to this video

and you take the information I gave you

and you use it because you do not have

to deal with somebody threatening you

and hold it over your head something

that they have

you scandal hits all the time this is

common it happens

everybody is human and just because you

have a title or position of power it

does not mean that you are a perfect

person you are supposed to conduct

yourself a certain kind of way but the

reality is this every one of us every

single one of us whether we try to cover

it with a white linen sheet or not every

one of us has a struggle this arm the

one or the ones who are trying to

blackmail you