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How to: get rid of a pimple FAST & HEAL scabs when you've ANNIHILATED your skin by picking

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hey guys welcome back to my channel

today i am coming to you with

absolutely no makeup on to share with

you guys

how to get rid of a pimple very fast and


how to fix a pimple when you've already

picked at it when it's already scabbed

um you're probably looking at me like

what are you talking about like you


have any skin issues for the most part


i used to have a lot of skin issues and

also i had a really bad problem with

picking my skin

for me picking a pimple was very


and so when i was very anxious with

school in college or just like very

nervous about something or bored i would

be bored

i just go and annihilate my

forehead and just like

dig and pick and stuff and not only that

i did suffer from a lot of texture

and a lot of under the skin pimples and

then the occasional

red under the skin pimple that's like

hard but

you don't really know how to make it go

away so i'm going to share with you guys

some tips i kind of learned along the

way i've literally tried everything on

my face

for the longest time i want to be a

dermatologist i remember one time in

high school

i put acetone on my pimple

thinking it would just dried up like


don't do that it burned my skin i had a

huge scab

so you learn from my mistake so let's

reiterate let's start with kind of like

how to get rid of the pimple

as fast as possible for me these are my


products the saturn sulfur acne

treatment mask from sunday riley

this is so good last night i had a kind

of hard pimple

developing right there i put it on

overnight and it literally disappeared


i'm not sure if the camera is capturing

it as well as it shows

but it's not raised anymore this is my

hero product i would say the saturn

sulfur acne treatment mask

i don't use it as a mask i use it as a

spot treatment

and i don't know what's in here but

every time i put it on my forehead

and i have a big pimple coming or

something is not really feeling that


i'll leave it on overnight and in the

morning it's basically gone sometimes i

have to say that if you have

sensitive skin which sometimes my skin

is like it tends to go from normal to


it'll leave like a red mark it didn't

really leave a

large mark i mean it's kind of red but

it's not

it's nothing that you can't hide with

concealer sometimes like it left the red

mark not

not like a scab but it was just like my

skin looked like someone had pinched it

for a very long time and it was just red

but it went away within like the

within 10 hours like towards the end of

the day so not a big deal for me because

i rather have

a little redness that i can cover with

concealer and foundation

as opposed to like a pimple that's kind

of hurting under

the underneath the skin that's raised so

it's kind of harder to conceal

so this for me i love it i also have to

say they're ufo no

is it ufo hold on no yeah so that's

this is the luna so their ufo oil is

also really good

and i do find myself enjoying that

but because i don't break out that often

i prefer this as a spot treatment


but when i was having a lot of


a couple years ago a lot of texture i

would use the ufo oil and it would

really help it go away

okay i just finished my workout i have

no makeup on i wanted to show you guys

this pimple this is a good contender for

the sunday riley spot treatment yeah i

just don't know what my forehead's so

congested lately

but i'm going to show you guys that the

sunday riley spot treatment

really does work stay tuned okay so

i'm in my pajamas literally this ugly

ass shirt

that makes me look like i have jaundice

because my boyfriend bought it doesn't

fit him

he's like you have to wear it now

because i spent money on it i was like i

don't like this but it's comfortable so

i'll wear it

and then i also have his boxers

literally spent 200

on silk pajamas from luna and i don't

wear them like the set i got

opens up in the back flaps and i don't

like it and the

pants like a little shorts they ride up

and give me like the worst camel toe of

my life like versus like

these boxers from uniqlo that my

boyfriend has just like

comfort me and like hold my butt in

nicely versus the other ones just like

right up

and literally a waste of 200 so i don't


the luna pajamas like at least the ones

i purchased because

they're just like the cut does not fit

well especially for someone who has

wider hips like i do

horrible camel toe horrible widow

apparently an elevation of a camel toe

is called a moose knuckle so it gave me

like a moose knuckle it was horrible

anyways let's do my skincare routine

from when my skin is feeling like a

little congested

i'm just going to go ahead and spray

myself with the naturopathica lavender

honey balancing mist

like this but really doesn't do anything

it just feels nice on the skin

and then i'm gonna go in my curology i

totally played myself because i had used


a lot last year like towards the end of

the year i was like breaking out really

horribly and i just canceled my

subscription thinking like oh my skin's

perfect now like

don't need it psych i do need it


it's mainly niacinamide clindamycin

and zinc so i feel like maybe i don't

need to renew it

i cancel my prescription and they charge

you like 30 bucks if you

renew after canceling so tbd on that

but when my skin is feeling really


this is what i use it really helped my

skin when i was like breaking out

horribly and had horrible texture from

the drunk elephant d bronzy i made a

video titled

products that up my skin but

basically yeah my skin was up

so after that's done i usually like to

go in

with some sort of like maybe niacinamide

on top from the ordinary and just put

some on my forehead which is like

traditionally where i primarily break

out i don't know why

only my forehead occasionally on my

cheek but like

that's very rare um

okay so now we're gonna do eye cream eye

cream doesn't really matter what kind of

eye cream you use

i'm using the sea tango multi vitamin

from drunk elephant

i would not purchase this again i don't

notice a single difference from this

and it's so overpriced and this plastic

is not recyclable so i don't like that

and then yeah because i already put on

that niacinamide

curology prescription and then i also

would probably put on some kind of

niacinamide on top but i

ran out i just like to seal that all in

with a moisturizer

and for moisturizer at night i kind of

switch off between the calendula

essential hydrating cream from


or their white tea antioxidant mask

we're just gonna go in with the


okay i'm gonna brush my teeth and let

that all soak

in and i will be back for the finishing


okay so my hero product for getting rid

of like a big pimple that's kind of

brewing underneath the skin

is the saturn sulfur acne treatment mask

from sunday riley

i don't really use this as a mask

sometimes i do

but primarily i use the spot treatment

and i just pile it on i don't hold back

and in the morning you'll see that the

dot like the red

dot that's kind of hurting underneath my

skin that's a little bit swollen

will have very much disseminated

and it'll say cyanide to my skin the

only problem with this treatment

is that somehow the sulfur doesn't burn

the skin per se but it leaves it red and

it takes about a day or so for it to not

look red

you'll see in the morning like the

pimple will most likely be gone and

not be hard underneath the skin but

there'll be a

red dot this size on my forehead but you

know what

i don't care i prefer that rather than

having something like large and painful

underneath the skin

and then my last step for

my skincare nighttime routine in general

is putting a little bit of aquaphor on

my lips

and then i get a little bit and i put


underneath my under eye i have very

sensitive under eyes so the fact that i

can do these

means it's not so bad for your eyes and

it doesn't really get in my eyes anyways

but i do this on top of the eye cream to

kind of like seal

in whatever goodness there may be from

the ingredients in the eye cream

but also because i have dry under eyes


it just helps to revitalize them and

make sure

they look nice i highly suggest you guys

try out aquaphor

i really do enjoy it i actually like it

better than vaseline i used to use a

bunch of vaseline

and then i tried aquaphor i like it much

better aquaphor and vaseline are

actually recommended by dermatologist

for like really dry skin

i randomly put it underneath my eye like

for the longest time i would keep doing

it and it really does help to improve

the texture near the eye and the dryness

but then i saw in birdie beauty that a

bunch of dermatologist

recommended it so i was like wow i am

intrinsically really good at skincare

stuff because i'm basically a


um just kidding no ah okay i must bid

you farewell

good night okay i'm ready to go to bed

uh this is literally what i look like

on a regular basis glasses retainers

and my spot treatment uh this is what my

boyfriend gets to wake up to and go to

bed every morning

isn't he a lucky man i have my

headphones in because

asmr puts me right to bed but yeah i

just wanted to showcase

that my skin isn't perfect and i do have

bad days sometimes

and also like on bad days i don't i kind

of keep it simple for the most part

because my skin is enraged at me or

something is bothering it so that's why

it was like such a simple

routine but sometimes i do mix in acids

and whatnot and i sound like i have a


so maybe i'll talk about this later on

the video

okay i have to go good night okay guys

um look at my forehead now it

is not swollen anymore it's just red so

it's a lot easier to

hide with concealer and to kind of blend


and it doesn't hurt anymore which is

what i love the spot treatment for

get a better lighting and angle from

this way

this is better outdoor lighting

really wanted to showcase to you guys

that that spot treatment is bomb it


does in fact work it'll leave it a

little bit red

but with some concealer and a little

white foundation

you won't see it it'll disappear and i

love it for that so another

really good alternative to getting rid

of a pimple fast that does not involve


from sunday riley or their ufo oil i

don't know why this works it just does i

mean i know that honey has antiseptic

and antibacterial properties but i used

to scour the internet for at home

remedies because i was like a poor

college student

and also i was like poor in high school

so i was like okay what can i do that i


with me that i can kind of put on my

face and one thing i found was honey

now you have to get nice honey don't be

getting the little bear

honey thing like that's not gonna do

anything you need like nice thick honey

and i would mix that with some cinnamon

leave that gooey mixture all over my


all over my face and sometimes i would

put like a massive like those band-aids

i would just leave it on overnight

and it would just really really help

also it would help it would help healing

but primarily it would help an

underlying skin people

oh my god why did i sound like that an

under the skin pimple

um i did that one time on my boyfriend

he has like some back knee issues

and he had like a really like big one

over here and i did the honey cinnamon

thing and he just like did not believe

me it would work and the next day was

basically gone

because it really helps to get into the

skin and

seep that really good moisture in it's i

think in a very

very good alternative natural way to get

rid of a pimple fast

the only reason i don't love it is

because it's so sticky and i would just

wake up with honey all over my hair

sometimes like

even if i had a waterproof band-aid it

would kind of seep through

and my hair was like matted with honey

but i really highly recommend you try it

as well so now let's talk about

how to get rid of a pimple that you've

scabbed it's not a pimple anymore it's a

scab there is a wound in your

face i

know this all too well i used to do this

all the time in college like

all the time like i kind of became

really good at

hiding my acne because i was really good

at concealing it

but then also i would look in daytime

i'm like oh my god this looks horrible

because as

much as you think you are concealing it

well you can still kind of see it on the


and also like one time i got bangs

because i gash my forehead so badly i

just got bangs i was like this will

solve the problem

it did not it just made it worse because

then i was just breaking out because

there's hair on my forehead

um that being said once you have a scab

what i found that works the most

is using an antiseptic like it's not

a pimple anymore it is a wound and so i

used to use neosporin a lot and i would

leave it on overnight and i would get a

waterproof band-aid

and just put it on and make sure it

heals and so that

i would rate eight out of ten it worked

really well and if you can see i'm going

to zoom in

i don't have any scarring from all the

times i used to pick at my forehead

so if you have issues with scarring

or issues that like i did like where you

pick your skin a lot and your skin is

going to scar

using neosporin antiseptic and leaving

an overnight overnight with a band-aid

really helps to

not get any scarring i'm so grateful i

don't have any scarring because it was

really bad like sometimes i wouldn't

leave my house because

i would just pick and pick and pick and

i would just have like

scabs everywhere i look like a

meth head um

and another thing that really works

neosporin works really well

but then one time i ran out a new sport

and my roommate at the time i was like

i i need neosporin i need it now

he's like i had a i had a male roommate

he's like one of my close friends

uh he's like why do you need us born so

badly and he's like chill mal i don't

have neosporin but i have

this what is this you may ask it's boro


it's antispectic are you verdict

are you verdict i literally know how to

speak cream

basically this is from india he's indian

so he had just gotten back from india

that summer he's like uh well this is

what they use in india

i don't know what's in this but i feel

like it's so much more effective

than neosporin like so much more

effective my sister

is suffering from acne because she's

younger too like sometimes you kind of

just need to go through that

and she says that this really helps if

she picked at a pimple

or a pimple is very inflamed and swollen

and hard

she'll it won't make it go away but if

it's at that cusp of

being a wound and a pimple it really


to alleviate that and catalyze healing

so like you guys saw in the video

i tend to keep my skincare routine

pretty mellow when my skin doesn't feel

its best

because i don't want to overburden it i

used to put a lot of acids on my skin

when i was breaking out and when i went

to get a facial the lady told me i was

actually breaking down my barrier my


because my skin was like too soft i was

like what do you mean there's no such

thing she's like now your skin is like

almost too soft and i was like

well duh isn't that like a good thing

she's like no ma'am so

that's one thing i learned to like

really make sure i don't

use acids too often because the problem

with was that i was using

the tlc drunk elephant a lot and then

also the solution from glossier a lot

almost at the same time and despite the

fact that it says you can use it

almost every night you cannot

so that's why when people ask me what my

skincare routine is

i it really depends how my skin is

feeling like i just it does not it's not

the same every day so i felt like

to really give you guys a more apt

description of what i do

i do smaller videos showcasing like what

i do when my skin is feeling like x y z


it's basically when my skin is lazy or

when i'm lazy

when i'm skin's breaking out when i

really want to combat anti-aging and

just really

make sure my skin looks its best when my

skin is really really dry

like those are kind of the four pillars

of my skincare routine

but these are products that i also use

in conjunction

to my curology and just a moisturizer

i love this i literally am so upset that

i can do my prescription

because i was like oh my skin is perfect

now no i think it's always nice to have

this in the background because

it works and it has really worked for me

but other products that i do enjoy oh my

god i don't know where it is i just

bought it it's in the room somewhere but

it's the niacinamide from the ordinary

i feel like that works really well for

me that being said i've only tried two

niacinamides i've tried

one from the ordinary and one from

glossier the glossier one

didn't do it was literally putting

water on my face like i did not notice a

single difference

and i definitely don't recommend the

glossier serums

they're just overpriced water like i did

not notice a single difference from them

i wanted to show you that last night i

didn't even wear sunday riley i just

used the niacinamide from the ordinary

and it really helped to clear up most of

that texture

my forehead is just looking really good

again or

much better than it was so highly

recommend the niacinamide from the

ordinary it's

literally six dollars you can't go wrong

um but then the other product is

like i said acids but don't use them too

often so

i have the ordinary mask really kind of

helps to

get rid like exfoliate and also get rid

of some congestion if you have some like

the sebum

it just helps like i think everything is

a medley of things and

skincare is finding all the parts that

work best for you

um also i really really love retinol

like this is what i use for my

anti-aging routine but also what i use

is my skin's not feeling at the best

there's something about these too it's

just it works so well i'm really

i really love sunday riley oils and


so i definitely recommend you try it i


the drunk elephant retinol cream and i

use it a few times but i don't really

have an opinion on it

because i've kind of been disillusioned

with um drug elephant products

i felt like they were making me break

out a lot of them were

like this the what is it c firma

the vitamin c serum the d bronzy

and then some other ones i've tried just


really really nothing there but i'm

gonna work my way through this and give

you guys an opinion on that okay guys

and that pretty much summarizes what i

do when i'm breaking out

also what i do when i need to get rid of

pimple fast like if i'm going to an

event and i'm getting a pimple and i can

feel it

sunday riley spot treatment i love you

so much

really really helps the honey treatment

10 out of 10 recommend it's a really

good treatment it's just a little

annoying because it's not as simplistic

as just squeezing a bottle putting it


and i've also found that microwaving the

honey i know it sounds really weird

but making it warm really also helps to

get deep in the pore

so i really do enjoy that but if you

guys have any other tips and tricks that

i need to

try for getting rid of a pimple fast or

getting rid of a scab fast let me know

i just hope this was helpful to you i

know i've scoured the internet so many

times trying to

really really get rid of a scab really

get rid of a pimple

and i hope this was helpful so thank you

guys for watching and i will see you in

the next one

bye and before i hop off one last thing

you know how i've said i tried

everything on the internet i've

definitely tried i remember huda beauty

said if you put a banana peel on your

forehead and rub it

it'll help get rid of pimples no that

does not

it does not don't try it i would just

end up with like a

banana peel that would just brown on my


it was so ridiculous so i wanted to put

that out there

if you saw that and you're like oh let

me try because it did not work for me at

least it just didn't work

anyways bye