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Blackheads & Milia with Dr Pimple Popper

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okay yeah good you might be able to

watch your home block itself yes so not

even the blackheads do you really like

huh that's okay I bet your friends will

have some enjoyment here oh yeah it's

gonna push against you and so do you

ever need a break you just let me know

your back looks pretty good someone's

does anyone help you at home to clean

them out a little bit so she likes to do

it there could I see some of them have

been cleaned out yeah

okay there's

is it actually relaxing for you to have

them done some people say that no it's

like whatever


I think I I mean no easy to get out so I

I didn't see you before when you didn't

have the retin-a on hand but I think I

think it probably helped yeah I feel

like company you see how you mama thinks

you know what I mean if she feels like

they come out easier these are there's

not only blackheads there like little

little like tags some of them are so

sometimes if I just push I'll find one

that I didn't see you can get whatever

we can get

give up a picture maybe on this one okay

use a little pimple there so it might

hurt a little bit that's ready to come


that one's gonna heal on its own

so this is the perfect kind of way to

pop a blackhead because you're just

going to be putting pressure and even

pressure and kind of circular pressure

around a blackhead and you don't need to

pierce the surface or draw anything red

you know yeah they just come out and

they're kind of like an hombre because

like the part that's underneath it's not

dark because it hasn't really hit the

air so they kind of come so this is what

we ideally what we look for because you

know you've been on a little bit of

treadmill and like either retinol or

retina and they help them to stop and up

yeah the retina is the retina the

retin-a that she has you want is great

because it's going to help to kind of

make these blackheads easier to extract

but also helps you helps to get prevent

you from getting new ones but the

clindamycin I think she has a rental

proc site it's like an antibacterial it

helps them prevent the red ones from

coming up or them turning red good

that's what I like to hear is why are

you down here

hey yeah they're dilated like almost

like a little dilated poorer you know

like a little so that the area around it

has kind of stretched so I think

probably the best thing is to try to you

know get them when they're smaller so

that they won't stretch out okay I feel

like if I do it and then it'll come back

yeah because they're in this opening

there it wants to collect they do they

do come back in the same place

so hopefully the retina will help

prevent them from coming back too much

that is a little scar she's got there

okay I'm gonna put one little baby pinch

on your skin here sometimes you know how

to get darker a little bit because they

it's sort of like they stain your skin

sometimes you know when they're stuck

under there here's one that might have

kind of goes a little sideways so it

kind of gets under there and stains your

skin it's a little hard to remove it

completely no you don't like that

discoloration though yeah whatever

so your mom doesn't watch this stuff

yeah let her watch she doesn't uh she

likes it probably she good sucks

no she just tolerate her hearing my

sister's like oh my goodness huh when

when it's time did your mom have acne

when she was a kid I know my dad has

really bad guy that annoying the skin


see like this kind of thing for example

it sort of stained her skin you know I

see this a lot of just darker complected

people you know because it will it kind

of affect it's just a color on your skin

that's always underneath there kind of

stains it so we try to minimize I'm

trying to squeeze it out but I don't

know if that's gonna successfully do

that see these are little stains a

little bit on her skin

yeah you just have a wiggly complexion

that you kind of inherited and kind of

makes you prone to these so using your

even in like a a wash maybe even the

shower that has a little antibacterial

can help prevent like the little active

ones from coming up because the

blackhead is like the primary lesion you

know that can turn into the active

pimples these are so small I don't never

know sometimes I've always convinced

that they're you in a blackhead see my

totally convincing things are just tough

to get out I think she's gonna try to

use the recipe using that redneck

does your mom push not as hard some

facial push harder mm-hmm when I was

younger shoe I would she was like

totally make me cry she would go running

I know Mom or he'd have to negotiate

yeah exactly

oh yeah these were hard to get all the

way out I think he isn't that resonate

I'm coming at it in a different

direction sometimes some of them are

yielding them

the more superficial something is less

trauma you're going to create

I get them like on top of mine like I

leave yes that's a real common place to

get a Milly it's like a little pearl

underneath there what is it from like

what there are like really superficial

cysts but baby ones just come out

without a fight I got a feeling that

I'll stop it there

see if I can get that one on your eyelid

there - I'm sorry I've got nothing to

push against here I'm pushing against

her so hard

did you have a pimple here before I

don't I might have I don't remember

it's not coming out let's don't know now

if it's Lily I don't want to go you know

finding it

another one stained her skin

you have any plans for this weekend

we're going to do oh you are do you love

this man it's okay yeah me too I'm like

it's okay to especially since it's hot

right now yeah it's gonna be it's not

it's summer still so it will still be

crowded or do you think it's gonna be

later right now I don't know like

usually this California pass oh well you

had a full season yeah those are big big

time you're serious when you have that a

California adventure you can watch the

yeah I have not seen any of the light

shows they just yeah is that in town


that's all the way in the north side

though that's not that's all the way

inland yeah okay that's adventure but

because they were building out towards

there anything

you have like a cyst sorry I'm fighting

this one but it's like a cyst here

that's stuck to you underneath I'm tryna

it's like I can't pinch the skin to lift

you up but I want to hit the bottom of

it otherwise it won't come back so I'm

trying to kind of squish it up to get

these off you

but it's very hard to squeeze these out

all the way cuz they're like how much

you know you don't want to make a big

spot there but you want to better than

what it looks like right now so yeah

it's true I mean it's like such it's

like really kind of cathartic to to have

these things gone under you they're very

aggravating to people I understand you

know yeah it's like sometimes you feel

like I mean initially it looks worst

here cuz it's redder and I'm poking you

but it is better in the long run

all the time I mean I wouldn't to do the

Mystic Tan just now I feel like I smell

like tanning stuff mm-hm

yeah probably pickups thank you Ellery

here we go now I can take it out I was

thinking about how no I didn't know I

had I didn't look

she has you on a doxycycline now all

right yes

what's your favorite right do you like

to go on all the big rides on Disneyland

- you'll be okay you can go oh yeah

do you like the Tower of Terror okay

they did why did somebody die on a tour

so they redid it into it different 100

cuz I did not like that I didn't know if

he got wild and crazy ever

sometimes he's de secret he talks around

a lot

he likes I'm told he's like sarcastic

kind of like Jeff - my husband we're

talking about another one of the people

that weren't here you might have been a

few were just the guy who brought you

back mm-hmm there's another guy who

works back here stay on the pitch that's


you guys been dating long enough well

you should have seen how she first told

she didn't tell me I found out but she

was talking about this new brush was

dating as if I didn't know who he was I

was like how do you meet our mutual

friends no I didn't know that

oh I'm kidding me I would told you I'm

not like that not you keep secrets I

tell the girls I don't want to know but

then I want to know that's the problem

like a party it's a little grown-up a

little more grown-up on a party yeah

when we go we usually leave at like 2:00

or 3:00 and afternoon ah

you're there till late night then come

on this is girl time here okay well

what's done why am i behind she's on me

like white on rice last one I'm just

trying to get this stupid sex art my

armpit do you see that Arthur's driving

me crazy

okay this office is like very efficient

though oh well we did we do see people

pretty quickly yeah I don't make me wait

like a lot of doctors offices but I

don't know if I could say that I'm

really efficient I'll be mmm I'll

probably have a pretty efficient

I think we are we try to be I'm your


I'm like no mess around kind of thing

one get it before days through that's

like you can't squeeze it you can't do

this at home because this you need like

anesthesia for like poke at somebody

like this don't be like torturous oh she

does she don't mess around then yeah

sheep I'm surprised she's not here with

her so I'm gonna pull him numbing right

under there cuz it what did that hurts

more I think tip engineer oh she's got

good skin she's just got a beautiful

shape her face sees that now is this

easier then kind of like with them

because that needle there's a pinch but

it's not as bad as I think and you don't

poking at you with no yeah actually poke

it out like mmm and see they roll under

you cuz they could did like a little

ball under there

no mom's allowed to torture yeah shows

yeah she doesn't care she'll do it


all right little drama if it you

sometimes a little part will show off

maybe a little bit there but that's good