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How to get rid of blackheads in the ear| Dr Dray

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hey guys in today's video I'm gonna be

addressing a very common question or

concern from you guys and that is what

the heck to do about blackheads

whiteheads pimples inside your ears this

is actually pretty common because we

have a pretty high density of what's

called sebaceous glands or oil glands in

her ear especially in let's refer to as

the concho bull this little part inside

the ear all and start a little pictorial

here so you guys can see what I'm

talking about

but many people cope with blackheads

sometimes just in that area and they

want to know what can be done why do

they occur acne cropping up inside your

ears it's very similar to acne that

crops up on your face or elsewhere on

the body and not a lot of it has to do

with production of oil and the rate of

oil production which is governed by your

hormones so you may experience this

cyclically if you're a woman with your

menstrual cycle or it may be related to

you a medication that you're taking like

oral birth control pills you may notice

that your skin overall is oiler and you

start getting breakouts within your ears

there's not a whole lot that you can do

about your hormones but other things

that contribute to blackheads and acne

inside the ear are actually plugging up

of those sebaceous oil glands with skin

cells I can't quite get out of the pore

and turn over as well as bacteria that

gets trapped in there along with them

the oil and breaks it down you got a

notice of inflammation and irritation

that can cause not only blackheads and

whiteheads but pimples as well now there

are some things that look like acne

sometimes in the ear that are not acne

one of the things that looks like acne

and is in is not in fact acne is

something called discoid lupus this

actually presents with what looks like

blackheads in the console bowls but very

very scaly so if you're not sure what

exactly have I definitely recommend

seeing your dermatologist for an

accurate diagnosis but if you do have

discoid lupus as a side note the tips

that I'm giving in today

are not applicable to that type of

blackhead that has nothing to do with

acne it's just part of the lupus and

it's actually very different anyways

moving along with the advent of ear buds

I would say I have seen much more acne

within the ears and blackheads and

whiteheads on prior to ear bud use and

that makes perfect sense the ear buds

that you use with your iPhone or

whatever device that actually occlude

the pore within the ear and can trap

bacteria and skin cells in there and if

you don't clean your ear buds they can

harbor bacteria they also can trap

earwax that can get then impacted on the

on the poor opening when you put the ear

bud backyard and cause exacerbations of

blackheads whiteheads and acne within

the ear so be mindful of your ear buds

make sure that you're cleaning them

regularly I will list down below in the

description box some wipes that are safe

for your ear buds that will remove wax

and buildup so it's a good idea to wipe

them off before you put them in your

ears and after you take them out and

then another factor that I already kind

of alluded to that may be causing an

issue with blackheads and whiteheads and

breakouts in that part of your ear is

actually buildup of earwax earwax is a

wonderful thing believe it or not it

helps and cleaning out our ear canal and

removing bacteria from within our inner

ear really really an important part and

it's not a disgusting thing but when it

pulls there in the in the outer part of

the ear in the console Bowl it sits on

the skin it's very occlusive and that

can lead to blackheads and whiteheads

Plus Sizes it's coming out of the ear

it's bringing with it bacteria and dirt

and debris from within your ear and that

then can settle out there on within the

console Bowl and exacerbate exacerbate

pimples and what-have-you when it comes

to addressing the earwax situation

though whatever you do avoid the

tayshon to stick a q-tip in your ear

remove it that is actually the worst

thing you can do because what ends up

happening is you push push the wax back

into the inner ear and it gets compacted

that can actually cause ear infections

and it damages the little hair cells in

the inner ear that conduct sound can

damage your hearing so don't use q-tips

I know they're really popular but it's

actually not an efficient way to remove

ear wax you just end up pushing it back

further they sell a wah what an inner

ear wash that I recommend so let's sit

down below this is great it's just a

little solution that you put in the ear

and let's sit in there for a few minutes

and then it comes with a bulb that

you've done that you then irrigate the

ear out and it's a really nice way to

clean out that earwax that might cool in

the console Bowl and contribute to

blackheads and whiteheads it's pretty

affordable so if you're somebody who

makes a lot of earwax that might be

something you want to incorporate in

your routine outside of hormones your

body's own earwax production and your

ear buds another thing that may actually

be contributory is your hair care

products especially if you wear your

hair down if you use a lot of leave on

pomades and conditioning products that

are very heavy and oily that can

actually get into your ears a little bit

and create a film there that gets in the

way of a turnover of skin cells and

traps bacteria in the pore and causes

blackheads and whiteheads so be really

mindful of your hair care products leave

on products and if you do like to use

leave on conditioning products and

pomades try wearing your hair back away

from your ears I can help

as far as addressing the blackheads

whiteheads and pimples in the console

bowl and ear you can actually use the

same active acne fighting ingredients

that you can use on your face and body

benzoyl peroxide salicylic acid and

vitamin A derivatives like retinols

or adapt alene which is so

the counter these actually can go in the

in the console Bowl be very careful

though that you're not putting a heaping

glob inside the ear and then it's

trickling down the ear canal so be

really just use a tiny tiny fraction of

a pee just to that that console bowl

area if you're using a leave on product

a really good way though to control the

breakouts in the ear is to use a benzoyl

peroxide containing body wash or face

wash while you're in the shower that's

actually a perfect time to use it

lather it get a little bit and get a

ladder and get all around your ear

actually I'm behind your ear and then

take your pinky and make sure you get a

little a little louder within that

console Bowl and in all of the convexity

and concavities of the what's called the

helix of your ear and let it sit there

for a few minutes and then rinse it out

it's really a good good to do it in the

shower because you really ensure that

you don't leave that on the skin it can

be irritating if it's left on the skin

and a product that I really love for

this purpose is the Sarah V acne foaming

facial cleanser creamy cleanser this is

a four percent benzoyl peroxide wash and

another product that's also really great

very similar to this is pinnock saw wash

so all this those down below you can

also use a salicylic acid the acne face

wash like the Neutrogena oil-free acne

wash or any other number of cells Cilic

acid acne washes and lather it there let

it sit on the skin for a few minutes and

then rinse it off and when it comes to

your vitamin A derivatives whether they

be over-the-counter retinol or a

dappling or prescription retinoic acid

products like triton Owen you can

actually use a tiny tiny tiny amount to

the console ball to help control

breakouts and it helps in normalizing

some of that cell turnover within the

pore so in summary clean your earbuds

maybe even try and cut back on using

your earbuds and be mindful of the leave

on products that you're using in your

hair and do not use a q-tip to remove

that earwax but rather a a earwax

removing wash all this one down below

and then over-the-counter acne active

ingredients like benzoyl peroxide

salicylic acid and vitamin A derivatives

all can be used to treat acne in the ear

and around the ears and I like using

benzoyl peroxide washes as an ear wash

in the shower just make sure that you

don't get you know get it all the way

down in your inner ear be good

so yeah unless this down below as well

as everything else did I mention in

today's video but I hope these tips were

helpful to you guys maybe shedding some

light on what causes these and some

things that maybe you weren't aware of

maybe are contributing to yours so if

you enjoyed this video give it a thumbs

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always don't forget sunscreen and

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