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Real-Life Witch Teaches Us How to Get Rid of Someone | This Morning

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that's us emirate let's start first

because you're about 17 weren't you and

it was through a friend who was doing

Reiki to begin with yeah that you had

this little conversation you got into

that but how did that lead to becoming

away I think that just kind of opened

the path like my spiritual path and like

just all the people I met through doing

that back there and all the years and

all the synchronicities and yeah all the

crazy people and I know no incidents

that have happened in my life have

really led me to where you are now so

this isn't like sort of witches on

broomsticks with cats this is very

different to that so what type of which

are you

I am I call myself an eclectic witch so

I take you know different little bits of

magic from all over the place and it's

all about self-empowerment and doing

rituals to help you manifest connect to

the moon and make you feel really good

about yourself English can you cast a

bad spell I wouldn't cost a bad spell

I've just about spell it's not those

that worked Oh a bad spell I mean I

thought you meant and he told me

occasionally they don't work but I just

didn't really think if they don't work

it means it's not meant to be so you

have cast spells though where they've

been so powerful that the result has

been brilliant yeah amazing landing um

the most recent one that was crazy was

that I manifested a holiday I did a

spell for a holiday it was a little

spell with a bay leaf and a sacred

symbol and I got a free two-week holiday

to Bali all expenses paid every week um

I message a friend and I said you want

to go on holiday and then I didn't hit

back from him and then he called me and

he said I've done really well at work

and I've been given a free holiday and

I'm choosing you as my guests and we've

got spending money that's incredible we

had an incredible two weeks in Bali all

expenses paid and do you make up these

bills yourself or have you got these

from some witches book found in the

woods somewhere

I've been geeking out over it for years


but you know with herbes the way that

they work they kind of work how they

might work if you're cooking so if you

would want to put chili to spice

something up or muscle to sweeten up a

sauce you know that you would put bass

all in a spell to bring money or and

then Jillian lets me make something fun

you don't drink you don't drink it or do

you drink you might make a potion that

you can drink but generally I really

like working within senses and oils sort


which now from the old days which we

find it a bit of a nightmare because I

have new you can't use that because

they're protected so you you are you are

using everyday objects mostly yeah

everything's really accessible it's

mainly stuff you can find in your

kitchen and I just love that you know

this stuff has been used for thousands

and thousands of years well this is your

army attached to it with spell book here

everyday magic and there's love potions

there's posters for heartbreak there's

all sorts of things in here yeah and

you're going to show us some of these

now aren't you what you do so what are

you gonna do first so we're gonna start

with the spell that you were talking

about to get somebody all right let's

see wait wait okay so the next part this

one is how to get somebody to call you

so this works to get a long value or

somebody rail you if you want a job to

call you generally works if you know the

person by first okay so if you write

down the name so I got a name it doesn't

have to be a lover though because I'll

say that would I don't know it's in very

nice sort of an essence person you'd

like to call you person you'd like to

call you write it down with a little

list nine times eight and nine times six

starting at the top and then going down

nine times write their name their full

name we've only got three minutes back

it's a write fast can I just put the two

marks yeah there you go five six seven


you put your name at the end yeah yeah

and you're right call me and then we've

got some attraction oil here so this has

got patchouli which works like a magnet

loads think restore which is also a

magnet and please fix the cinnamon which

signifies two people coming together and

oh you fun to be fast but what if you'd

anoint it in a clockwise direction on

the edge or open it up alright so what

you'll do is just just go round like

that and then round like that and then

fold it three times towards you oh one

yeah and then what you do is you put it

to buckle your phone will you put it

underneath your landline and within

seven days that person will call you

within seven days

okay I do write I wrote as school friend

of mine oh that's good

what did you write National Lottery ah

very good don't call ye and it's a sign

that you know maybe you shouldn't be

speaking is that I think it's a sign

from the universe we got rid of people

right okay ladies lately where's the

information on Lacey then so Lacey says

I'd like to get rid of her lazy husband

there he is

okay so she's make some black salt he's

gone he's gone to speak when he has

things to do so what would she do

she needs to make sure this doesn't

change shoes are good yeah well you can

write it down and just put it on the

paper and then just rip it you know just

kind of like rub it all over the paper

because it's powerful so this is black

salt so it's a mix of like burnt sage

which is really great for protection an

old charcoal from spells that I've used

so if you are making suppose you can

have the charcoal and salt and so what

you would do is just take a little pinch

of it like that pop it in there and then

cuz you want it to work fast you can use

cayenne pepper pepper speeds it up makes

things happen really fast so you pop a

little pinch right in there like that

yeah and then what you do is you pop it

in the pestle and mortar like that and

then you can blend it if you're blending

stuff to go away you go answer clockwise

if you want something I mean you go

clockwise you can just do a blend you

put in my shoes and then what you know

is that it's in there cuz make pepper is

gonna make everything go Orange put it

in the tip so that makes it go away and

then in the tip and then make their

shoes face the front door yeah pinch an

H in the tip and then that's seven days

they'll be gone yeah and it works fast

but also you have to be aware because

sometimes this can work in a mr. magic

works in mysterious ways so this could

be a situation where all of a sudden

something might come up but you get to

leave or you know like things come well

different ways so it might not just be

necessarily then going it could be you

get to leave or something happens so

that you have an opportunity to not oh

that's a bit low back that one isn't it

if you put it in their shoes and you go

because you might have an amazing

opportunity or you go because you've got

a free holiday or the lottery of just

rung you and you're gonna go and just do

whatever you want to do oh it's just

quite random any man with magic works as

much every smile thank you thank you

thank you very much as we said that's a