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How Do I Break Free From Curses and Spells Put On Me? - Your Questions, Honest Answers

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okay this first one comes from Jean who

says I got involved with a guy who

practiced witchcraft before I knew

better we are no longer together and

he's no longer practicing however years

later I'm being followed by the

Christmas and spouse that were put on me

dark spirits are being sent to my house

how do I break free from this all right

it's very simple in the name of Jesus we

have authority jesus said all authority

in heaven and earth is given unto me go

you therefore we have all authority that

means authority over devils over demons

over sickness over death good authority

over all of it in his name now what do

you do you say Satan in the name of

Jesus I bind you and the forces of evil

and I command you to leave me alone now

they must obey the voice Lord but you've

got it in your heart believe it as well

so if you believe the Lord will give you

the power and you will be free from

these things but one thing the Bible

says don't give place to the devil so if

you continue to say well the devil is

after me or you know you give him the

credit for it he's looking for worship

any way he can get it and that becomes

worship and you don't want to do that

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