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How to Treat a Black Eye

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look as though you've been in a shebeen

battle black eyes are relatively common

especially amongst mothers of boys who

throw things

fortunately they often look worse than

they are a black eye is technically of

bleeding around your eye the blood

that's underneath the skin shows too as

kind of a purplish color and the skin

around your eyes very loose and can hold

a lot of a lot more blood and fewer than

other areas where the skin is tighter

which makes a small injury look so nasty

that looks painful say to what happened

your business my car just tell us to

make up hey I hope it's makeup

well makeup okay so imagine this is a

real bruise what do you do well first

things first grab an ice pack as soon as

possible and pop it onto your swollen

eye to reduce swelling and numb some of

the initial pain use gentle pressure

rather than pressing too hard on the eye

itself it's already been through enough

then check for any small cuts around the

eye and clean those up add some soap and

warm water and that'll help keep the

area from becoming infected with a

bacteria which would only make things


then what if you start seeing things a

bit blurry or you see four set of two

kids and if you notice there's any blood

within the colored part of your eye or

the whites that you should see a doctor

these symptoms suggest a more serious

injury to your eyeball itself yeah very

true and having a shiner may put you in

the limelight for a while but it's an

entry that it is easily treatable and

goes away with time so prod honestly sit

it out and in the meantime invest in

some really good base makeup

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